Little gopher: how to choose a robot vacuum for high-grade wooden floors

Now many people will choose high-grade wooden flooring when decorating houses, compared with tiles and stone, solid wood flooring is relatively high-end, and its own sense of heaviness can give people a sense of dignity, and the home paving of solid wood flooring even once became a symbol of the decoration grade.

I believe that many people have been entangled in the use and maintenance of wooden floors, in addition to daily waxing maintenance, furniture leg wrapping anti-scratch, sunscreen, moisture-proof moth-proof should pay attention. Some people are entangled and afraid that buying a sweeping robot will scratch the wooden floor, today, the little gopher sweeping robot Xiaobian will teach you how to choose a sweeping robot for the wooden floor.

Little gopher sweeping robot X5

The first thing we need to determine is whether the wheels of the sweeping robot will scratch the wooden floor, the top three wood hardness are rosewood, dragon and phoenix sandalwood, and sandalwood, and the lowest wood hardness is African balsa wood and basswood. Our common red oak flooring has a Jane’s hardness of 1290bf, and the general sole rubber and the upholstery of the furniture legs will not hurt it at all, but the hardness of pet nails and home appliance shells can leave scratches.

We know that the general sweeping robot is driven by a wheel shaft, and the part that touches the ground is mainly the main drive wheel and the universal wheel, and if the wheel material is made of hard plastic material, it will leave scratches on the floor. According to the survey, hard wheels are currently only used on some low-end models of the hundred yuan level, and there is no such phenomenon in products above 1,000 yuan, and everyone should pay attention when buying. We take the little gopher sweeping robot as an example, the data shows that the weight of the little gopher sweeping robot is 2.5kg, the tire is a flexible rubber material, the bottom of the main brush is equipped with a cushion, and the outside of the universal wheel is also wrapped with flexible material, which will never damage the floor under normal use conditions.

Little gopher sweeping robot X5 functional parameters

In addition, some people are worried that the main brush of the sweeping robot rubbing back and forth will scratch the floor, this worry is also superfluous, the main brush of the little gopher sweeping robot is nylon wool material, the hardness is far lower than the wooden floor, will not cause any scratches.

In fact, the sweeping robot moves gently and cleans regularly, which is more suitable for wood floor cleaning, but be careful not to choose products with wet mop function, because whether it is composite wood flooring or solid wood flooring, avoid wiping with wet mops, too much water will penetrate into the wooden floor, causing mold and even rot of the wooden floor. Remember, keeping it dry and clean is the king of wood floor maintenance.