Double-sided coral fleece pajamas, soft and warm! 80~140 pounds can be worn

Now after taking a bath, wearing thin short sleeves or autumn clothes already clearly feels cold.

At this time, a comfortable and warm autumn and winter pajamas become a priority.

When it comes to choosing pajamas, I never settle down.

There are many pajamas on the market, silk, cotton, flannel, plus a variety of different shapes, there are many … But really pick it up, in fact, there are very few suitable ones.

The same cartoon print, which now really looks a little childish.

This kind of pajamas with hats, cute is cute, but such a big hat, sleep really will not be the head?

Cotton pajamas, which are not warm and easy to wrinkle, are very out of grade; There is also silk, the heat preservation is average, it is easy to draw, and it is not durable!

A good pajama should be warm, comfortable, and cost-effective, such as this [Bornas coral fleece pajamas].

Both sides are made of coral fleece, the whole outfit is fluffy, and the body is wrapped in soft fluff, which is very comfortable and warm to look at.

The thickness of the fabric is moderate, and you will not feel bloated and heavy when you wear it to sleep.

Double-sided pile design, very warm, you can also wear it as a home wear, very suitable for friends who have no heating in winter.

And wearing this kind of plush pajamas in front of boys, the cuteness is bursting, and the desire to protect is up at any time!

In order to meet the needs of different groups of people, Xiaobian also brought another fashionable model

【Gold velvet lace pajamas】

If you’re a little girl, try this super feminine pajamas.

The first time I saw it, I was very impressed.

The lace + velvet design is simply amazing

The addition of lace perfectly balances the bloated and rustic pajamas, giving the pajamas a touch of fashion and intellectual femininity.

And with gold velvet fabric, the gorgeous “gold wire” texture is no worse than that of silk. Keep warm without losing grade, perfect!

As soon as I received the goods, my colleagues couldn’t wait to put them on. Let’s take a look at the pajama show of colleagues, it is really salty and sweet, super good-looking~


Double-sided coral fleece pajamas

This coral fleece pajama is made of moderate length and thickness, and it is not bloated like flannel, so it is easy to wear a youthful and cute girly look.

And due to the design of double-sided flulee, the warmth of pajamas has not decreased.

The girlfriend wears it on the body and transforms into a little cute in 1 second, which is both warm and good-looking~

Let’s take a look at what the friends have to say:


The sweatshirt shape looks thin and neat

In order to appear thin and slim, the designer made many adjustments in terms of fit.

For example, the hem, cuffs and cuffs are all designed with a cuff. Sleek and stylish, thin and warm.

Large crewneck design, according to ergonomic design, not slack. And without the addition of the neckline, it will not appear that the neck is short.

The slightly dropped shoulder design makes the shoulder line smoother, and it is suitable for various shoulder widths.

The pants and clothes are elasticated waist, and the elasticity is very large, so even MM with a small belly does not have to worry about the discomfort of leather.


Double-sided coral fleece fabric

The fabric of coral fleece should be familiar to everyone, and almost all four-piece sets and blankets at home are made of it.

It is characterized by thick, soft, and extremely tight surface fluff and strong heat preservation.

The thick coral fleece forms a warm layer on the surface and prevents the loss of body heat.

According to the official introduction, the minimum can be suitable for indoor temperature of about 0 degrees.

The fluff is very firm, and the editor deliberately used tape to stick it fiercely, and it really didn’t shed hair at all.

In addition, there may be many people who are worried that such a thick fabric will not be stuffy after wearing it for a long time.

Take a look at the breathability test of the fabric and don’t worry at all. In addition, coral fleece itself has the characteristics of moisture absorption and breathability, so it can keep the body dry and warm even under warm conditions.


With 5 versatile colors, there’s always something for you

The clothes are minimalist solid color designs without fancy patterns.

A total of 5 colors, all of which are simple and atmospheric solid colors, do not pick skin tones, do not pick people.

A minimalist brand embroidery in front of the chest as an embellishment, no threads and burrs, unconventional neat.

The waist and cuffs are evenly routed, without a little wrinkle or arch.

The size of this coral fleece pajamas is a uniform size, and anyone with 80~140 pounds can wear it.

2 gold velvet lace pajamas

As a close-fitting garment, the most important thing is, of course, comfort.

The lace pajama large body fabric is made of single-sided gold velvet, the fabric feels delicate, the surface is smooth and soft, and the drape is full.

Gold velvet is a fabric originating from the European court, because it shines in the light, it looks very classy, and is loved by aristocratic ladies in the last century.

So far, velor fabric has been popular for more than 2,000 years, and now it is often used on the stage of supermodel catwalks, and the fabric is not only high-grade, but also more durable than silk material.

Light luxury gold velvet fabric

After getting started, the fabric is warm and delicate, there is no feeling of pinching, and no matter how you knead the fabric, it will not wrinkle.

The thickness is moderate, and it is slippery on the body like a feather or cloud, so it will not feel heavy even if you wear it to sleep.

Wearing it on the body is both warm and high-class, plus sexy lace, with a lazy retro style, really like a 19th century aristocratic lady.

1 second to cover the flesh, visual weight loss of 20 pounds

The gold velvet pajamas have a loose fit and wide cuffs and hems that are not only comfortable, but also cover the worship meat and small belly.

The length of the clothes can cover half of the hips, covering the thick waist and wide crotch, and it will also show a more slender figure when worn.

The neckline is a large V-neck, which can quietly expose the collarbone, plus the lace hemming, super feminine.

Coupled with the unique drape of gold velvet, there is a touch of agility between walking, even if it is a slightly fat MM, the upper body can get rid of the fat and rustic in 1 second.

Environmentally friendly active printing and dyeing, not easy to fade

Finally, looking at the details, the overall workmanship and quality of the clothes are very high.

The lace texture is soft and elastic, and the print is detailed and clear, which is very textured compared to ordinary lace.

The high and dense knitting process at the waist is very flat, no pimples, and it is comfortable to wear on the body.

This gold velvet pajama has a total of 4 colors, all of which are versatile colors at home~

Each model is reactive and dyed, which is not easy to fade. After soaking overnight, I picked it up without losing any color.

Similarly, this pajamas are one size fits all, regardless of size, and girls from 80~150 pounds can wear them.

Almost all of the friends who have passed through are praised:

Two types of pajamas, you can choose according to your actual needs.

And the price of less than 100 yuan is really very affordable, take advantage of the event to prepare a set for yourself and your family~

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