The combination case of desk integrated cabinet cleverly saves 10 square meters for small apartments

For small apartments, it takes more thought to achieve some of the functions they want in a limited area, and cleverly build a 5m² space into a 10m² sense of sight.

The writing desk is more common in the bedroom, in addition to real writing (such as children’s room to write homework for children), such as using a computer need, such as can also be used as a dresser; Cabinets are more indispensable needs, bookcases and wardrobes are needed in the bedroom.

The desk cabinet can integrate the functions of desks, bookcases, wardrobes, displays, and even booths, and multi-function is equivalent to saving space.

Design based on room type

Regarding the comprehensive use of space, I think the most important thing is to make good use of the wall space above the countertop as a hanging cabinet or use the space under the countertop for storage.

If you feel that the grid is monotonous, you can also do some styling.

Regarding color matching, it is possible to unify one color.

Adding a little highlight is eye-catching.

The bedroom frees up the study

Make use of the small space at the TV stand and bay window, and put the desk top on the TV stand and bay window. Such a desk is not bad to make a dresser!

Using the tatami bedside cabinet and wall space, it extends to one side and is designed as a computer desk, designed for lazy people. Take advantage of bright yellow to decorate the bedroom space and feel sunny.

The relaxation area is combined with the study

The desk is in harmony with the style of the overall space, and the chair lift in the tatami lounge area is also used as a small desk for leisure time, and the wall combination cabinet can be used to store small objects that you have carefully collected, as well as a large number of books.

Make full use of every inch of space and board, and there are multiple storage cabinets under the tatami lounge area to meet the storage of different objects and keep the study tidy.

Place the desktop above the bay window, and the empty space at the junction between the desk table and the bay window can be used for storage.