How many types of watch luminescence? Which is the best?


The emergence of people can always accurately calculate and arrange time, but at night or other dark places, the time cannot be read at any time, and the time cannot be easily “controlled”. Time is sometimes life, success or failure is instantaneous, and opportunity is fleeting. The luminous watch is a shining pearl in the dark night, illuminating the way forward.

Usually when buying a watch, I pay attention to what movement, waterproof performance, brand, and origin of the watch are used, do you ignore the luminous light? Today, send an intern girl and everyone to learn about the luminous watch materials that are actually closely related to you.

What are the traditional fluorescent coating materials?

Traditional fluorescent coating materials can be divided into two types: self-luminous type and light storage type. Self-luminescent fluorescent agents mostly rely on the release of trace radioactive substances to excite fluorescent agents to emit luminescence.

Light-storing fluorescent agents basically do not contain radioactive substances, as long as they absorb and store enough intensity of external light to store energy. When the surrounding environment is dark, the fluorescent agent begins to glow. However, the light-accumulating type itself does not carry a radio-excited material, so the afterglow durability is temporarily inferior to that of the self-luminous type.

What are the self-luminous fluorescent materials?

Radium is the use of radioactive radium salt as an excitingant, emitting α and γ two kinds of rays, through a certain synthesis can produce a certain brightness of self-luminescence, relatively suitable for close observation of luminous materials.

However, because it is radioactive and harmful to the human body, and due to the closed effect of watchmaking technology at that time, water and air will chemically react with radium after entering the watch, making the luminous effect of radium worse, limited in use, and now it has begun to be gradually phased out. But there is no denying that radium is the first light to open the night reading time, which is a milestone.

Panerai Panerai Radiomir series

PAM00573 Mechanical men’s watch

Price of 140,592.00

In the 60s of the last century, the subsequent emergence of tritium tubes soon replaced radium as the main material for luminous displays. Tritium tubes do not require external energy or external light source reflection, can be stable all the time, and the brightness intensity is 100 times that of traditional luminous paint. And the radiation of tritium is small, as long as the tritium tube is not broken, it is harmless to the human body.

Left: Normal light VS Right: Tritium light

The Swiss-T<25″ in the watch is the safe range for tritium content, or it has the word “T Swiss T”, where T stands for the radioactive element tritium. However, after 12.5 years, the luminous effect of tritium deteriorates, begins to age, turns yellow, and gradually loses the luminous effect.

But as a memorial, Panerai’s two collections are named after Radiomir and Luminor, paying tribute to the outstanding contribution of radium and tritium to the brand.

Panerai Luminor series

PAM00632 Mechanical men’s watch

Price of 10,000 watches: ¥30,450.00

When it comes to tritium, we must know that the miniature tritium trachea is an advanced version of the use of tritium technology. The advantage of tritium tracheal luminous light is that the wearer’s eyes can easily see the moment on the dial in the dark without adjustment. In 1991, the tritium trache watch was officially equipped with the US military and was widely used in the first Gulf War, officially becoming known to the public.

For the utilization and development of tritium, Divos in tritium luminous is worth mentioning. High-tech T25 tritium luminous without light, continuous luminous for 10 years; High-precision orange gansilicate syringe, high safety performance, cool and chic.


Military tritium T25 luminous

16152060 Mechanical men’s watch

Price of 10,000 watches: ¥5,030.00

Divos diving series military tritium T25 luminous effect

What is special about modern non-emissive fluorescence materials (light storage type)?

Although the radiation of tritium is small, people now need safety psychology and environmental protection requirements. As a result, there is a new type of long-afterglow light-storage type rare earth-based alkaline earth aluminate fluorescent material that does not contain radioactive substances, which does not contain any harmful elements at all, and has more stable chemical properties, high brightness and long afterglow time.

Among them, Nemotoand Co Ltd.’s registered patented technology Luminova and Superluminova materials are widely used in the watchmaking industry, this new fluorescent material after the external strong light irradiation, the residual glow effect will last for several hours or even ten hours.

Luminova luminous material

Luminova means “bright night” in Latin words, and the basic chemical composition is inorganic aluminate, which has strong light resistance, does not produce discoloration for a long time, and has relatively good chemical stability. After 10 to 20 minutes of natural light, it can continue to glow in the dark for 8 to 10 hours.

Longines Admiral series

L3.666.4.56.0 Mechanical men’s watch

Super-LumiNova is a non-radioactive luminous material, which produces brightness greater than tritium tubes after ten minutes of irradiation with a light source, and can also be combined with various colors to create a colorful luminous effect.

Omega Seahorse series Mechanical men’s watch

Glow-in-the-dark effect

Especially in the field of diver watches, Super-LumiNova matches the visibility of the dive watch through a variety of color combinations and fluorescent coatings, which can help divers see the time more easily and accurately. For example, the IWS Aquatimer Deep Sea III indicates the current dive depth during the dive through the use of rich colors.

Universal Ocean Timepieces Series

IW356802 mechanical men’s watch

Where is the innovation of the fluorescent material Chromalight?

In terms of watch luminescence, Rolex also continues to show its unique charm and innovative ability, Rolex’s luminous dial display, using an innovative fluorescent material Chromalight. The so-called “Chroma” means “chromaticity, saturation”.

Compared to standard fluorescent materials, Chromalight almost doubles the luminescence time. Its luminous intensity remains stable for more than 8 hours during a full dive.

▼ Rolex Oyster Perpetual Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA 116660 mechanical men’s watch

In 2008, Rolex first applied the Chromalight fluorescent material – blue light glow on its diver’s professional watch Oyster Perpetual DEEPSEA, which is waterproof to 3900 meters, which has become the signature color of Rolex diver’s watches.

Sea Dweller DEEPSEA luminous rendering

Having seen so many luminous materials, watches with radioactive elements precipitate with time to have a better taste; The modern new fluorescent material has strong stability and does not change color.

Now that the time for the multiple-choice question is up, do you prefer that the radioactive elements will decay over time and slowly turn into yellow luminescence, or do you prefer a new luminous material that can maintain the original appearance of the luminous effect for a long time?