Middle-aged male star Earth Taste Award: Nicholas Tse loves leather clothes, Zhang Jie wears a big gold chain, and Jay Chou is obsessed with pink

Nicholas Tse’s appearance at the event really shocked Sister Feng.

At the Macao International Film Festival, Nicholas Tse won the Best Actor Award for “Furious Heavy Case”.

On the podium, he wore a suit and looked elegant and handsome.

However, when walking the red carpet, he took off his jacket and draped it over half of his shoulders, revealing a “untamed” white shirt underneath.

The thin leather belt connects with the Choker around the neck, an incomprehensible design that turns the big name into a street stall.

With Nicholas Tse’s well-maintained appearance, it is estimated that people believe that the old picture from 20 years ago is believed by anyone.

Although compared with the tricks of female stars, male stars have little room to play in styling, there are always some stars who can exceed the imagination of the melon-eating masses.

Especially many middle-aged male stars, the aesthetic taste is so bad that it is difficult to look at directly.

01, God appreciates the talent of soil and eats

Recently, Nicholas Tse has often been praised for his youthful feeling, and there is no violation of playing a newcomer in the workplace in movies.

In the same frame as Ding Zhen, who is about 20 years younger than himself, there is no obvious age difference.

However, there is another quality in him that is difficult to ignore, that is, “earthy taste”.

Nicholas Tse’s early dressing style was his own, and with his signature long hair, he would obviously be more refreshing in a simple white shirt.

But this brother is unusual, often wearing all kinds of old-fashioned leather clothes, looking a lot like a young man who has made some money to return to the village to show off.

As soon as the leather clothes are worn, the sunglasses are worn, and the high-cold temperament that no one loves is pinched.

For a while, he also grew a mustache and changed into a Hong Kong version of “Brother Sharp” in seconds.

With a wide black coat and an exaggerated necklace around your neck, you are the fashionista at the head of the village.

Taking off the sunglasses is very vicissitudes, bumping into the face of the second uncle of the hometown that countless netizens are idle.

The dress for the event is also very free-going, and the rose-red accessories on the dark green coat exude a strong local atmosphere.

The shirt with a large area of color blocks mixed with khaki pants and burgundy shoes seemed to be matched with care, and it seemed to be worn indiscriminately, and the programmers around Sister Fan were silent when they saw it.

Dressed in a red suit, he was the most beautiful boy in the crowd, and Li Yuchun next to him was instantly eclipsed.

And this strange “ripped pants”, it is too unreasonable to treat the audience as outsiders, right?

Often some netizens complain about buying the same clothes of celebrities, and they can’t wear the effect of stars at all, but, except for the same style of Xiao Xie.

His private clothes are also very willful, and he doesn’t mind the proportion of five or five points.

The fluorescent color makes the already not white skin even darker, and no one dares to recognize it.

Such an ordinary straight male pairing is already a rare extraordinary performance.

Even if the clothes are fresh, he will toss his hair to create a jing (tu) heart (wei) hit (shi) and play (zu) look.

However, in the face of the “chicken crown head” like the hair salon brother, Sister Fan just wants to say: You don’t have to…

Although with the improvement of the overall aesthetic level of the entertainment industry, he finally got rid of all kinds of overly cumbersome designs, strange hair colors and hairstyles.

But his sense of fashion is still heady, it’s 2021, and you can see such a bright down jacket on the red carpet, which is worthy of our dashing brother.

The soybean sauce-colored jacket when recording the show was difficult for even my own fans to accept.

Some netizens asked curiously: Did he buy the most unsellable clothes in the big brands?

The same question can also be taken to ask Zhang Jie, who walks the entertainment industry under the name of “leap soil”.

In the early years, the outfit was also too complicated, and I couldn’t wait to pile together all the pieces that I thought were trendy.

As if he was cooperating with the gesture of the Statue of Liberty, people feel the confidence he exudes from the inside out.

The large chain around his neck, the floral suit on his body, and the faintly shiny inner layer made him look a lot like a night host.

Are the bells and whistles checked shirts wholesale at the 39-piece sale?

The whole body is blingbling, the neckline is still lace, and when the light is on, it ensures that the audience can see no one but him.

He also wore skirts on stage, took a closer look, and even sheer gauze skirts…

When attending the event, how to pierce the eyes and how to wear it, if you don’t believe it, you can’t be the focus of the audience.

In fact, Zhang Jie is very pursuing fashion, and often flies abroad to buy fashion fashion items.

But when several trendy items appeared on him at the same time, the scene was quite lively, and we didn’t know whether to look at the hat on his head or the pointed heels under his feet.

He also showed everyone a variety of ways to wear leopard print, such as a leopard print jacket with a shirt of the same color, and a large gold chain around the neck, full of nouveau riche domineering.

Rip open the collar and let the tie hang naturally over your chest to create a standard “wild boy”.

He also likes to toss his hair and experiment with different hair colors.

There is smoky makeup with red hair.

Undress against the “forgiveness color” evil charm.

There is also “granny ash” that contrasts with the old cadre’s style coat.

And often dye hair, in addition to rustic, you will also encounter the embarrassment of color loss if you are not careful.

However, Zhang Jie is now dressed much more refreshed.

If you restrain your confident smile and contrived posture, you may be able to move further away from “rustic”.

Some netizens said that Zhang Jie’s soil is “dry soil”, and Chen Sicheng’s soil is “greasy soil”.

This man who can lining “leap soil” into a fashionista really has something.

When the fluorescent Zhang Jie bumped into the orange Chen Sicheng, he could feel a hint of freshness from the former.

The look of his eyes confused, tilted body and kneeling on the ground, is simply earth-shattering.

Moreover, Chen Sicheng’s difference lies in his exquisite soil.

The well-dressed cardigan jacket was worn by him as a close-fitting underwear, and there was a large thick chain above the looming chest muscles, as if the hair that had not been washed for several days also blocked the eyebrows messily, and he interpreted what greasy was.

A blazer with black flowers on a white background, the style is a little too soft, as if stealing mother’s clothes.

The red suit with a large back and velvet and leather panels does not show the slightest luxury. At that time, Tong Liya was not very white among female stars, but Chen Sicheng was still several degrees darker than her, as if she had just come out of a sauce jar.

There is also this British-style suit, which is wrinkled by his little belly, and the pleated turtleneck undershirt inside is also slightly bloated. If there was no Tong Liya next to her, Sister Fan thought that this was a fellow villager who was going to eat in the village.

Now Chen Sicheng, who is behind the transformation scenes, has not given up his pursuit of fashion, and the Japanese lazy pleated long jacket seems to be one size smaller, and the buttons are almost unable to be buttoned, not only has no slimming effect, but also looks sloppy.

Of course, the essence of Chen Sicheng’s “earthy taste” is not only dressed up, but also the corner of his mouth is raised, and he seems to be smiling.

No matter what clothes you wear, you can be turned dirty and oily by this evil smile.

02, when he was young, he was a trendy man, and his painting style was wrong when he reached middle age

In addition to male stars who have been very stable for many years, there are also some stars who are either refreshing and neat or leading trends when they are young, and they are rustic as they get older.

Edison Chen has been a hipster since he was young, and he has many ways to wear that have been imitated by young people.

For example, shirts, T-shirts layered, loose jeans pulled up half of the legs, etc.

When he reaches middle age, he has lost the spirit of his youth, but he still wears bells and whistles, looking sloppy and rustic.

Like a checked shirt, jeans and slippers, it looks starless.

The flower top and cropped pants, the figure became five and five.

He also likes colorful pieces, as if he went out with pajama pants, which made him look short and short.

He also wore “granny pants” printed with leopard print to attend the event, but the overly loose pants looked like a whole person.

The combination of this black vest and red pants also explains what “the tide is the extreme”.

If you don’t say that this is Edison Chen, Sister Fan still thought it was the fitness version of Nicholas Zhao Si.

Stepping on the yellow earth, the sun above the head, the big brand wears out a down-to-earth sense of intimacy.

When Jay Chou was young, he was a refreshing Japanese teenager, and a simple white T-shirt was good enough.

A light-colored sweatshirt, jeans, and a silk scarf tied around his neck, are comfortable and foreign.

The striped shirt and gray suit pants with clean lines and simple styles are simple and elegant, and they are very high-end.

But I don’t know when the clean and rebellious teenager became a middle-aged uncle with bells and whistles.

Big gold chains, low-cut suits, floral suits and small leather pants, the level of clothing catches up with the director of the hair salon.

Silk scarves were also used, but other items were replaced with small leather jackets, purple leggings, boots…

Match it very carefully, please don’t ride it again next time.

He also has a variety of floral suits, either all over the body with patterns, or large-area printed suits and brightly colored pants, which hurt people’s eyes.

He lives with a “little princess” in his heart, and he does not forget to “dress tender” in middle age, and it is estimated that most of the wardrobe is pink, right?

Long inner and short jacket are also his favorite ways to wear, the body is divided into three parts by the clothes, and the proportion directly becomes six or four points, which is too short legs, right?

There are also crotch pants of various colors, every time you see it, it will remind people of the “non-mainstream” era that will never return, and fans are eager to form a group to burn this pile of pants.

As we all know, a certain Lan House can be said to be the exclusive wardrobe of “earthy straight men”, whether it is Yin Xiaotian’s magical dance,

It was still Du Chun’s stiff smile, which was so earthy that it was impossible to look at it directly.

It was not until the appearance of spokesperson Lin Xinxin that these ugly clothes full of “daddy” flavor were worn with a hint of high-end.

But after Jay Chou, who is becoming increasingly broad-hearted and fat, became the new spokesperson, the painting style seemed to go back to many years ago.

The significant difference between foreign qi and earthy taste made netizens exclaim: Milk tea really dare not drink indiscriminately.

Chen Zhipeng, who often causes controversy over his dress, has actually been aesthetic online in his early years.

When he first debuted, he often wore fashionable suits or flowing shirts.

Later, as he got older, his dressing style became more stable.

When attending events, they often wear a simple black suit.

The combination of trench coat and shirt also makes him full of aura.

But later, his painting style gradually deviated, it is difficult to define it in terms of earth or tide, and it is purely a random dressing of self-indulgence.

Green hair and sheer shirts are already a relatively accepted outfit.

Pink hair, sheer underwear and ripped socks challenge the audience’s bottom line from head to toe.

Is this wearing a transparent raincoat and going out? The sheer outfit and shorts underneath are simply invisible.

The sheer tights and platform shoes were quirky enough, and he put himself in a “plastic bag”.

This long shirt, which looks like plastic, is already relatively normal at first glance.

Who would have thought that he actually had torn stockings inside, which was really spicy eyes.

Put on this fishnet patchwork leopard print outfit, and the leader of the square is yours.

Although after watching it for a long time, I still admire his whimsy, but I still dress well so that my state can be more comfortable and natural.


Usually, everyone likes to complain about the dress taste of female stars.

In fact, the clothes of male celebrities cannot withstand pickpocketing, and one is worse than the other.

It seems that even if there is a professional styling team that often wears a variety of trendy brand clothing, it may not be able to cultivate a good fashion taste.

Although some people are just not very good at dressing, or more concerned about comfort and personal preferences.

But I still hope that male celebrities can also “roll up”, dress as much as they want to be happy in private, and dress appropriately when facing the public.

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