“Review” high-quality all-round design office good choice! Philips 279C9 display evaluation

With the growing demand for video production, high-resolution high-color domains cover high-color performance display products have now become the target for content creators to first consider when purchasing monitors. So how do you choose a monitor that meet your needs in many monitor products? Today we have to test the Philips 279c9 display is a very good performance.

Si-side zero comprehensive screen, the interface is rich

Reference price: 2999 yuan

It is undeniable that color value is often a very important status in the player’s selection decision, and the Philips 279C9 monitor has received 2020 Red Dot Prize and IF Design Award, and the color performance does not have to worry. From the sense of sensory, it is more “slim” more than the ordinary 27-inch monitor. This is because it adopts new full-screen construction technology, hide the side frame under the panel, creates four zero comprehensive screens, Players have brought more wide pictures, with stronger immersion, while gaps when multi-screen splicing, better experience.

The back surface of the display has a streamlined curvature design, with a brushed process, and creates exquisite texture. The display of the display is more exquisite, and the seemingly slender bracket makes the whole machine more elegant. Of course, the players don’t have to worry about the overall stability, and the components of the support rod are still very strong, and work is also very solid. A small tailor cash on the bracket is designed to facilitate players better storage. The seemingly protected square base is subtly designed with a circular hollow in which a full level is created by a combination of scrub and brushed texture, and there is also a certain storage attribute and more practical.


Brackets support multiple angle adjustments

The support of Philips 279C9 also adopted human engineering adjustment, which can achieve 90 ° vertical rotation, 0 ~ 130mm high and low lifting, ± 175 ° left and right rotation and tilt angle adjustment of -5 ° ~ 20 °, players can be better adjusted to It is suitable for your own position. The display also has a VESA hole of 100 mm × 100 mm specification, and the player can freely choose the use of the VESA rack or desktop bracket.

The back interface is very rich

In terms of interface, Philips 279C9 has 2 HDMI2.0 interfaces, 1 DP interface, 1 Type-C interface, 4 USB interfaces (two yellow USB interface support charging) and 1 3.5mm audio interface for easy players Dressing multiple input sources. The TYPE-C interface is a full-featured Type-C interface, in addition to supporting video and data transfer, 65W PD charging, can also provide uplink data transmission function for 4 USB interfaces, thus between notebooks and mobile devices To achieve KVM switching, better solve the problem of insufficient notebook expansion skills.

High-color domain LGD original factory 4K panel, Type-C function is very convenient


For content creators, the importance of the display panel is self-evident, and the high-color domain coverage and high-color ratio must be guaranteed while the demand is higher. Philips 279C9 uses LGD original 4K IPS technology panel, which can achieve higher pixel density performance while achieving high transmigration, brings more delicate viewing. Specifically, the display is equipped with LGD LM270WR7-S1A3 original plant 27-inch panel, with a resolution of 3840 × 2160, support 10bit (8bit + FCR) color deep, with better color transition performance, can effectively reduce photography and adjustment Color tomographic problems often appear in the scenes such as color and other applications.

The display has a visual angle of 178 ° / 178 °, a nominal color gaminum volume of 109% SRGB, supports HDR400 and passed the DisplayHDR 400 authentication, and can better reduce the darkness and brightness details, while lifting the grayscale and grayscale of the display. Contrast, bringing more realistic color performance. At the same time, the display is also pre-colored, and ΔE <2 (SRGB color gamut) can provide the player to provide precise color performance.


We tested the actual color performance of Philips 279C9, ​​which allows the monitor to perform warm-up before starting test, and then tested using the Spyderx Elite Color.

In terms of color gamut coverage, the display can reach 99% SRGB color gamut overlay and 83279 c% DCI P3 color gamut overlay. In the red spider 48 color precision test, its ΔE is up to 5.99, the minimum is 0.33, the average value is 1.06, and the overall performance is better, and the intended target of ΔE <2 is achieved. It has a level of 100% SRGB color gamut and ΔE <2, indicating that it satisfies the video clip of the content creator’s video clip, coloring, and other color requirements, there is not much problem.

For a long time, the user who faces the display will encounter the problem of dry fatigue. Philips 279C9 is equipped with blue-ray-free screen eye protection technology, and the filter Blu-ray technology can effectively filter the harmful short-wave blue light, better protective vision. In terms of non-flashing technology, the display uses DC non-flash dimming, which can intelligently adjust the brightness, reduce flicker, effectively reduce visual fatigue, relieve eye pressure during long-term viewing, and better protect users’ vision.


In addition, the display is also very intimate to provide an EasyRead Electrical Paper Reading mode for office users. After the OSD menu is turned on, the display will present a similar paper-like black and white display mode, which can effectively reduce the color to the eye. Stimulating, bringing a more comfortable text reading experience, making it easier when performing document class.


Although Philips 279C9 is not a display that is positioned as a game, it still provides a variety of game modes, players can shoot in the FPS shooting game, competition game and instant strategic game mode, one-button switch, quickly optimize display performance and Targeted color performance, which also supports Adaptiv Sync synchronization technology, which enables FREESYNC to bring smoother display effect, and provide a better gaming experience.

In terms of function, since the Type-C interface of the display is full-featured Type-C interface and supports 65W PD charging, a notebook that supports PD charging on the market is only available to use the Type-C line when connecting to the monitor. The cable connects the display to charge while the display screen, reduces the cable, the desktop is more tidy. In addition, mobile phones that support video output (such as Huawei P Series / MIX series, Samsung S series, millet MIX series, etc.) can also directly output video to the display via Type-C video lines, which is very convenient. When I use Huate 400 Pro to connect to the display, the phone mode can also be smoothly turned on. At this time, in the USB interface of the display, the keyboard mouse can be used, that is, the keyboard is operated on the phone, and the user who has this aspect It’s very friendly.

Summary: High-quality value is more high-color, design office is good

Overall, Philips 279C9 first is a very “beautiful” display, four-sided microbide frames, all-sided comprehensive full screen with exquisite brackets, let the monitor are full of design in simple, while paying down the red dot prize And the IF Design Award is the best proof. Second, the overall quality of the display is also very good. It is equipped with the LGD original 4K panel to bring more detailed picture display effects and more excellent color performance. The measured color gamut is also very good, suitable for content creation requirements Purchase. In addition, as a product of the main office and design, it is equipped with a full-featured Type-C interface and a rich USB interface that supports 65W PD fast charge, which is more convenient to implement a notebook, mobile phone “first-line pass”. Double eleven approaching, players who have intend to purchase high-resolution high-tone domain displays may wish to pay more attention to Philips 279C9.