How about rosewood furniture rosewood furniture latest offer

Solid wood furniture has always been an irreplaceable and important position in the hearts of Chinese people. Among them, rosewood is the best choice among solid wood furniture. Why is rosewood furniture so popular? How exactly to raise rosewood furniture? What is the latest offer? Let’s find out together.

How about rosewood furniture

As the best wood for making furniture, rosewood has extraordinary characteristics. This characteristic is not easy to crack, not easy to deform, easy to process, easy to carve, clear texture and fragrance, etc., coupled with the exquisite skills of craftsmen, rosewood furniture has become a model of classical furniture in China and the United States. Today, collectors at home and abroad are proud to have collected rosewood furniture. Rosewood furniture has also become synonymous with the “beauty of classical furniture”. The preciousness of its wood is higher than that of rosewood, and has medicinal effects, can lower blood pressure, Chinese medicine “fragrance” refers to the heartwood of the yellow rosewood tree, the price of yellow rosewood has far exceeded rosewood, dozens of times higher.

The main production area of yellow flower pear is Hainan Island, natural resources have been nearly exhausted, there is no natural forest, now Hainan, Liangguang and even Fujian, there are many plantations, but although yellow flower pear grows fast, but can be used for household appliances The growth of heartwood is quite slow, the tree in ten years can hardly see heartwood, with the growth of trees, heartwood slowly becomes larger, to be able to make utensils of the tree, basically more than 4, 50 years. The yellow rosewood is golden and warm, and the heartwood is dark reddish-brown or dark brown, with a texture. The specific gravity of yellow rosewood is lighter, perhaps lighter than mahogany (sourwood), and it is semi-sinking when put into water, that is, it does not fully sink into the water and does not fully float on the surface.

The most special thing is that there are many wood boils common in the wood grain, these wood boils are also very flat and not cracked, showing the texture of fox head, old man’s head and old man’s head hair, which is beautiful and lovely, that is, people often say “ghostface”. Most of the high-end furniture made in the Ming and early Qing dynasties was made of yellow rosewood, which was drastically reduced and endangered before the middle of the Qing Dynasty due to excessive logging in the previous dynasty, so it was later replaced by rosewood. Pear wood is not easy to dry, sapwood and heartwood chord shrinkage difference is large, corrosion resistance and friction resistance, rosewood nail grip is strong, mechanical strength is very good, and easy to engrave and process, smooth shaving surface, good gluing and finishing performance.

Rosewood furniture latest offer



Price (RMB)

Golden mahogany

African rosewood Chinese seat



Desk, large chair



Dragon and phoenix bed


Washington Supreme

Tai Shi chair



Prince sofa



Burmese rosewood bunk beds



Sectional sofa


In addition to practical value, rosewood furniture also has a high collector’s value. Correspondingly, its market price is not cheap. If economic conditions permit, buying rosewood furniture will be a very good choice, you may wish to consider it.