Don’t dress too much at thirty or forty! These solid color shirts are durable and versatile and will transform you into a temperamental woman

When many people pursue fashionable outfits, they will fall into a certain misunderstanding, thinking that the more gorgeous they are decorated on the appearance, the more they can show a good temperament. In fact, the simplest pieces are the ones that can stand the test of time and maintain a high frequency of appearances. Overly fancy clothing at a glance, although there is a sense of novelty, but when matched, there is not much room for showmanship, you may as well

Use a solid color shirt that looks good and is easy to match, and quickly transform into a temperamental woman.

When it comes to shirts, people naturally think of the most common white shirt, which is indeed very suitable for creating light, fashionable items.

White shirt

There are plenty of options, and you can start with two aspects: loose and tight. Like this white shirt, it will help women relax when dressing, loose design, without exposing too many curves. With the green wide-leg pants, it also looks natural and fresh.

Different colors of shirts determine their different styles of presentation. White is intellectually sexy and will also amplify the charm of simplicity, but black will have more sassy and cool feelings than it, and more importantly, it has a significant modification effect on the overall body contour.


Black shirt with black trousers

, it can enhance the original aura of women by more than ten times, but the choice of pants is suitable and not too strangled.

The charm of the shirt is that as long as the fit is clean, any solid color can find a suitable matching scheme or find some reasonable color matching. Like black has a sense of stability, blue will exude a fresh charm.

This one

The blue shirt is paired with army-green pants

, its pants are even more relaxed on the leg shape. This combination of fresh colors can also energize women.

The blue shirt comes in both lengths and shorts, so if you feel that the style is too draggy, you can tuck it into the waistband, and if you like this design with the hem open, it can also enhance the construction of the casual atmosphere.

For example, this collocation method is still worth learning from many people. Scattering the hem of the shirt and undoing the bottom button will help women dress comfortably and look natural without wasting too much time or struggling to shape various waist lines.

However, most people are still more suitable for exposing the waistline, because too much fabric covers this area, which will cause the proportion of the body to become unclear and not slim.

For example, this collocation is a case that many women should focus on learning. The black shirt on the upper body enhances the modification of the arm, shoulders and other lines, and then tuck the hem into the matching slacks of the lower body, which can use the connection between the fabric of the garment and the contrast between the prominent colors to help the waist line get emphasized.

The reason why the solid color shirt can firmly occupy an important seat in the wardrobe is that its colors are changeable, and the matching is also different, whether it is combined with crisp and neat trousers with a shape, or with a skirt.

A black shirt can break through many matching restrictions, as long as you have enough inspiration to dress, you can use it to complete. If you choose a light gray step skirt for the lower body, it will be more professional.

The black shirt will not highlight the femininity in the design of the appearance, if the style is open, and there are no curves to show, you can enhance the lower body line by matching it with a skirt.

Like this black shirt, it combines a hip-wrapping skirt, which in addition to forming a sense of wrapping at the hips and outlining the full hips, it can also enhance the extension of the body shape through the form of a high waist.

There are many ways to wear shirts, wear them alone, layer, as a coat, and become an underwear, all of which are the reasons why they can win many fans, and the plasticity of the clothing is strong, and the flexibility of matching will be higher.

Like this dark blue shirt, it is paired with a T-shirt to form a layering technique, which will naturally look more casual than wearing a shirt alone, and it will have a more sunscreen effect than directly putting on a T-shirt.

A black shirt with a single color but many advantages is difficult to defeat in the matching, regardless of the underwear, no matter how the lower body clothing cut changes, it will not prevent it from having extremely strong compatibility.

Like this black shirt, it is completely interpreted as casual. In fact, it is a bit similar to the design of skirts, but it can be combined with pants to highlight the layers or reflect the casual feeling.

Black shirts naturally have many drawbacks, some people dislike its color is too dull, some people feel that its layout design is not focused or recognizable, the way to solve these shortcomings is very simple, you can match a shawl with a different color from the shirt at the shoulder position.

The contrast between black and white is the most prominent, the most vivid, and the most able to show the collision between shades and shades. Tying a white knitted shawl into a knot casually can also create a bit of laziness, and a black shirt will not look too serious and stiff.

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