Old man’s head: high-quality men’s shoes to highlight the strength of national brands

The brand belongs to Laotou Shangpin Co., Ltd., after more than 100 years of persistence and innovation, inheriting the traditional and fine leather shoe making technology, integrating modern innovative technology, and creating a unique gold medal time-honored brand. For us, shoemaking is not only a business, but also the protection and inheritance of local culture, with the focus of one needle and one thread, humble and calm perseverance to write a profound and rich brand culture belonging to the old man.

A century-old gold medal brand

In the process of various trend iterations, the old man brand has been firmly making shoes. If you mention the long-standing footwear brand, the public will definitely think of the old man’s head. As a national brand, the brand culture of the old man head is very deep.

The old man’s head brand began in 1899, the founder of the brand, Chen Guangzu, inherited Rooney, the descendant of the famous Italian shoe designer Ande Perugi, and opened the first handmade shoe shop in Shanghai. At the beginning of its establishment, Old Man Tou was firmly rooted in the Italian handmade customization expertise, and stood out with its unique shoemaking skills and innovative ability to become an aristocratic brand in the eyes of the people.

The old man always respects and persists in traditional handicrafts, adheres to extremely strict shoemaking standards, and continues to develop products, processes and materials, and continues to break through the boundaries of shoemaking skills. After years of precipitation and polishing, it has become today’s Zhejiang gold medal time-honored brand in the footwear industry, and a high-quality footwear brand worthy of the public’s trust.

The old man’s head and a pair of shoes inherit a century-old heart

“Fine workmanship, generous quality, hard work and dedication, integrity first, good for people” is the “ancestral motto” of the founder of the old man’s head, each generation of heirs adhering to the concept of making shoes first and being a person, passing on from heart to hand, so that each pair of shoes embodies the craftsmanship of the old man’s head.

A pair of scalp shoes for the elderly needs to go through more than 70 processes, and then go through hundreds of processes to polish. Starting from the selection of materials, the quality is checked layer by layer, and the road is ingenuity.

A pair of old people’s scalp shoes is not only a pair of shoes, but also holds memories of the past, containing a national culture and complex.

A timeless classic

Times are constantly changing, popular elements are changing rapidly, and consumer needs are also changing. Some trends will pass over time, others will gradually settle into classics. In the long river of changing trends, the old man head has always been obsessed with the pursuit of classic style, comfortable and practical perfect quality, and the loyal users of the old man head always relish its classic elements.

Men’s dress shoes, just inherit the classics, no need for redundant design. The formal gentleman’s men’s shoes of the old man’s head, classic and timeless design style, super high quality. It not only withstands the test of the years, but also carries the dreams of life, suitable for every man who loves life and pursues taste. Choosing a pair of comfortable and classic business men’s shoes is not only a dress, but also a life aesthetics, which precipitates the years and tells the bits and pieces of this man.

Take the pulse of the big era, the national brand is reborn

With the enhancement of China’s comprehensive strength and cultural self-confidence, domestic brands are ushering in an era of blooming. Consumers’ acceptance and recognition of domestic products have greatly improved, and domestic brands are moving to the center of the stage.

As a national brand, Laotou has always adhered to the business philosophy of “quality first, service first” since its establishment, and has developed the business territory belonging to Laotou down-to-earth. In the face of the opportunities of the times, the gold-medal time-honored brand “Old Man’s Head” actively innovates, continues to enrich the product matrix on the original basis, builds e-commerce operation and content operation capabilities, opens up online and offline and enters social networking, actively deploys new retail, constantly promotes brand rejuvenation and upgrading, creates a new brand image, coexists and prospers with the times, and blooms the brand power of national brands.

In the face of the new consumption era, the old man brand still takes into account inheritance and innovation. Always firm in the ultimate product, the ultimate consumer experience, the ultimate operation. With profound Chinese cultural self-confidence, we will bring consumers a better footwear and wearing experience on the road of brand development, and also contribute to the inclusive development of the footwear industry in China and the world.

In the context of domestic products and national tides, the old man brand will focus on the long-term development in the future, use its own advantages, raise the ceiling of the shoe industry, and realize the long-term development of the brand. Work hard for the rise of national brands!