Which mop is easy to use and clean? Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of rotating, collodion, flat plate, and twisting mop

What mop types are currently available? Which mop is more practical and useful in home cleaning? Common mops are collodion mops, rotary mops, flat mops and wringing mops, which of these mops is cleaner and more durable for cleaning the house? Today, the editor of the honeypot ant decoration network will give you a detailed introduction to these mop types.

1. Collodion mop

Collodion mop is the most common type of mop, now many families like to use this mop, Xiaobian home is the use of collodion mop, the biggest advantage of collodion mop is good water absorption, the water on the ground can be well absorbed into the mop, and then pull the handle to squeeze out the water, collodion mop for hair, and small things have a suction effect, for stains can also be wiped clean, is a very good mop type. But this mop needs to occupy the mop pool, and the mop head needs to be changed frequently.

2. Rotate the mop

Rotary mop is a type of mop that does not occupy the mop pool, many families do not have a mop pool at home, it is very difficult to clean the mop, and the rotary mop has a dehydration basket, this cleaning and dehydration can be solved by itself, do not need to occupy other places, this is the biggest advantage of the rotary mop. But there are also disadvantages that the price is generally higher, and the rotating mop is easy to break and difficult to use.

3. Flat mop

Flat mop is a scraper mop, generally a microfiber flat mop head, this mop is relatively light and small, clean and hygienic can also be easily wiped clean, this flat mop type disadvantage is that there is no bucket, need to use a bucket or mop pool to clean the mop.

4. Squeeze mop

Squeeze mop is an old mop, that is, a rod plus some cloth, the most simple and practical, the previous rod is wood, now the rod is plastic, the mop head is rag or cotton thread, this biggest advantage is cheap, easy to use durable, but this squeeze mop is used often washed, and cleaning is not so clean, long time is not easy to use, in winter easy to freeze.

The above is honeypot ant decoration network Xiaobian to you to sort out what kind of mop is easy to use and clean related answers, Xiaobian to introduce you to rotary mop, collodion mop, squeeze mop, flat mop these common mop types of advantages and disadvantages, hope to be useful to everyone, if you think this article is good, you may wish to share this article with your friends!