Men should choose cool, younger and more fashionable when wearing cotton clothes, and men in their 30s are more suitable to wear

Winter for men is often a black coat, accompanied by one

Black sweater

can be passed. After all, it is too brightly dressed, and it will look if you are not careful


The way to solve this problem is to learn the matching skills of cotton clothing.

Men should choose cool clothes when wearing cotton clothes

, younger and more fashionable

Fashionable, men in their 30s wear more appropriately, men also need to choose a way to dress that can make them young, just matching this

When it comes to cool and fashionable cotton clothes,

It is also necessary to add mature elements,

Show yourself reliable masculinity

, believe me, such cotton clothing matching is easy to learn.

Promise me that men don’t wear this hairstyle when they wear cotton clothes, how handsome the clothes are and difficult to control, and the sense of fashion with them is

Reflected in every way.

Looking at the way male star Yin Zheng dresses, you can find that his cotton clothes are handsome and fashionable, and his hairstyle is also well organized

, is a very careful way of collocation,

It’s just that with such long hair, there are a few people who can handle it as easily as him, and it’s better not to keep it.

Yin Zheng’s hair is getting longer and longer, and he looks like a cotton suit


, It’s quite difficult to match, but he did a good job, the details of the clothing are well chosen, and the style of the cotton suit is relatively simple, and it is easier for everyone to imitate.

The handsome daily matching sharing of cotton clothing

Army-green cropped cotton suit

Short cotton clothing is suitable for every man of different body shape, and short cotton clothing can easily present a cool feeling. Long cotton clothing also has advantages, such as atmospheric and high-class temperament, but also more


, but there are certain shortcomings that are easy to show short legs.

Because short cotton clothes will not make the height appear

Not high enough

, which helps a lot to show the handsome side of a man. Men can’t let their outfits show their short legs anyway, this is in

Wear any outfit

The first thing to pay attention to when it comes to time.

The secret of color selection

When men choose cotton clothes, they like to wear cool and handsome styles, to choose army green, the color is generous and the effect of repeating antiquity, with a short design is cool, with a long design is

Generous and steady.

The dark blue cotton suit is designed to be short

It is relatively stable and low-key

For 30+ men, the army-green short cotton suit is handsome and mature and age-reducing is very good, than

High note in black

Also than

Color calmness

Matching tips for army green cotton clothing

The difficulty of matching cotton clothing is actually very low, just choose black pants, with black wide-leg pants temperament is more free and generous, match

Pipe pants are more handsome

Black pants with a coat of what color

It’s all suitable,

However, when choosing a bag, you should pay attention to the fact that there is no problem with simply choosing a black bag, but it is not recommended to match it

Bag with gold chain

, the temperament of the bag is relatively expensive, with a cool army green cotton suit

Very contradictory.

The army-green cotton clothing style design is very simple, with an age-reducing effect and a sense of stability, so that you can easily match the sense of fashion, even if the matching clothing is simple

, and it won’t be ugly.

The taboo match is the long hair style, and the handsome and tall man is

Very random hairstyle,

However, a little lazy, did not take care of his hair, how handsome men are easy to show


。 The choice of shoes should also be careful, you can not choose snow cotton, you can only choose black boots or black sneakers, the army-green cotton clothing is still a little retro, with cotton clothing, wear out

The effect of the military coat is possible.

The difficulty of matching army-green cotton clothing is low, but you can’t choose a top with a complex pattern, which will make the man’s stable temperament be suppressed


The way cotton clothing is worn is still very simple, even if it is a style with a unique design, it is not difficult to match.

Other cotton clothing selection tips and matching methods

Black sports cotton suit

Black cotton clothing is common, men

The version is still recommended to choose a short one, and the short cotton suit with a simple color of black can also be presented

Full of movement

, At this time, add a little sporty color pattern to the cotton clothing, and the temperament will be very good


However, when wearing black cotton clothing, choose one

“Features” of the top,

Colorful tops, white tops are OK, when wearing black tops, it is better to choose cotton clothing to distinguish the layered design,

It’s like a matte knitwear.

Cropped cotton suit with black, white and gray panels

A cotton suit made of three colors: black, white and gray, The temperament is cool and calm, suitable for matching sweatshirts of different colors,

It shows the coolness of the clothing and maintains its versatility.

Spliced cotton clothing is generally a combination of multiple colored fabrics, color

The contrast between colors is cool

, It is quite rare to choose black, white and gray clothing for color-blocking design, but it is cool and versatile, which is enough to prove the clothing

Pros too

Men who like sunny and handsome temperament can wear light-colored colored sweatshirts, dark sweatshirts or sweaters, the temperament will be more stable, are cool, but

The temperament is slightly different.

Styling suggestions for long cotton clothing

Long cotton clothes are a must in the cold winter, warm enough and atmospheric enough, except for a little short

There are no drawbacks.

The length is controlled in the calf

Position left and right

, and don’t worry about being short.

I chose a fluffy style with tight legs underneath

Ripped jeans

, the contrast effect looks more fashionable, there is

The cute feeling of wearing it out of season.