These Wenshan specialties, you may not know when you say it!

When it comes to the specialties of Wenshan, everyone is more familiar with Wenshan Sanqi, Qiubei pepper, Baishapo embroidery, Yanshan agate, Laoshan tea, Funing star anise, Wenshan zongzi, Maguan grass fruit, Xizhuo Yanghe, Guangnan eight treasure rice, but I don’t know that in addition to the above, Wenshan has many specialties. Today, the editor will briefly introduce a few!

Nalang wine is a product of Guangnan Nalang Liquor Industry Co., Ltd. of Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, named after the village of Nalang. The traditional production of narang liquor has a history of nearly 100 years and has been sold to Vietnam, Laos and other countries, and is quite famous.

Yuerbei mineral water is a specialty of Malipo County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The source of Yuerbei mineral water is in the vast primeval forest of Laojunshan National Nature Reserve in Malipo, located in a gneiss granite area on a half-mountain at the southern end of the Laojunshan mountain range.

Greasy foot wine is produced in Qiubei County, Tiredfoot Yi Nationality Township, Putty Foot Village, named after the place. “Tired foot” is the Yi language, which is a homonym of the Chinese word “Lijue” or “Yuejue”, meaning yellow earth. Bordering Kaiyuan, Maitreya, Luxi and Yanshan counties and cities in Honghe Prefecture, Jijiao is located in the center of the four mountains in the mountainous area, and the terrain is said to be “five horses returning to the trough”, and people from the south and north have to pass through here. Another location advantage of Putty Foot is that it is right on the Tea Horse Road, which runs from Yuxi Panxi Town in the west, passes through Maitreya in the east, crosses the Nanpan River into Putty, and then goes east to Qiubei, through Guangnan to Funing Peeling Pass and straight down to Liangguang. The unique geographical environment has promoted the development of individual industry and commerce, and shops, horse shops, silver shops, iron shops, etc. have developed rapidly. According to historical records: In the 55th year of Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1790), the Zheng family succeeded the Liu family (a native of Guizhou) to open a winery, and “brewed wine prospered” during the Jiaqing period. The wine is clear and transparent, mellow and sweet, with a refreshing taste and a long aftertaste. It gradually developed into a local good wine in Wenshan; It has also been trafficked by horse gangs for a long time, and has been sold to Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and other places, which is quite famous. Li Tiancai (Yi nationality), the governor of Huguang and general of the Xinhai Revolutionary Army, when he returned to his hometown and province in 1922, after drinking greasy foot wine, he said: “Wushuma has drunk a lot of good wine in his life, in contrast, greasy foot wine can be called a good wine, and it does not dishonor the Yi countryside.” ”

Xizhou toon is a specialty of Xizhuo County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Xizhou County has always had a tradition of planting toon, and the young shoots are edible, delicious and nutritious.

The name of the toon comes from a beautiful “toon tree” love story. According to legend, a long time ago, in the sea of land orchids in Puran (named after orchids everywhere in the mountains and wilderness of the Western Domain), a beautiful flower fairy named Empty Valley Youlan appeared, and many beautiful young people from officials, merchants, celebrities, social sages, and literati came to meet for blind dates thousands of miles away. Some of the suitors promised grand wishes, some gave pearl agate and gold, some offered antique calligraphy and paintings, and some wrote poems and lyrics on the spot, all of which were rejected by Youlan. The favor of Empty Valley Youlan was a good-looking young man who came to the door with a sapling in his arms to ask for a relative, named Huaichun. Huai Chun told the Youlan family that he was a poor boy, without the aura of an official family, nor gold and silver jewelry, nor the talent for poetry, but only the sacred tree in his arms, which was praised as “the vegetable on the tree”, and a sincere heart of sincere courtship, which he found after tasting a hundred herbs. The young shoots of this tree are mellow and delicious when fresh, and can be used as a delicacy after drying, and ground into a fine powder after drying for seasoning… If Hollow Valley Youlan can accept his love, he will let this tree take root and multiply everywhere in the land of Puran, saving one side from poverty. The kind-hearted Empty Valley Youlan originally had the desire to help the poor and save the world, but there was no good remedy, and after listening to Huaichun’s words, he was very moved, and immediately worked with Huaichun for life, and planted the first tree behind his house with him. In honor of their sincere love, people called this tree Toon Tree.

Tangfang orange is a specialty of Tangfang Village, Nanlao Township, Maguan County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Tangfang orange has been cultivated for more than 200 years, and has the characteristics of thin skin, tender meat, unique aroma, juicy residue, sweet and sour, and late ripening.

Diwei bamboo tube tea is a specialty of Dixu Township, Guangnan County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Bamboo tube tea is bamboo tube shape, close internal texture, with tender tea buds, white and many, yellow and green soup color, clear and bright, rich aroma, fresh and sweet taste, and long aftertaste.

Pingba buckwheat is a specialty of Pingba Town, Wenshan City, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Soba is sweet but not greasy, crispy and delicious, it is a common snack food, and it is also a must-have product for Wenshan people to visit friends on the street.

Quang Nam Batam Chicken Hot Pot Dining Table

Chicken is a traditional and delicious dish unique to the Zhuang people in Guangnan County, Wenshan Prefecture, and is a must in Yunnan.

Pink kidney beans are a specialty of alpine mountainous areas such as Qiubei County and Shede.

Xizhu bayberry is a specialty of Xizhuo County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province. The planting varieties of bayberry in Xizhuo County are Dongkui plum, black charcoal plum and Ding Ao plum, and the planting areas are mainly Xisa Town, Jijie Township and Xingjie Town.

Maguan banana is a specialty of Maguan County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Bananas are the main cash crop in Maguan County, and Maguan’s bananas are sold to Sichuan, Shandong, Liaoning and other places in China. Since 2010, Maguan bananas have also been sold to Russia and are loved by Russian consumers.

Yunling Baihua camellia oil is a specialty of Guangnan County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Yunling white flower camellia oil is bright in color and delicious.

Qiubei lotus root is a specialty of Qiubei County. The edible lotus root planting varieties in Qiubei County are Eilian series varieties, which are mainly distributed in Badaoxian, Jinping Town, Yuji Town and Shuanglongying Town.

The “flower rice” of the Maguan Zhuang people has a long history and is an indispensable delicacy in the daily life of the Zhuang people.

Flower glutinous rice is often dyed by the Guangnan Zhuang ethnic group’s festivals, sacrifices, and hospitality, and there is also a flower glutinous rice festival in the area of Jifu and Narun in the third month of the old calendar.

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