Huawei P50pro mobile phone tempered film protective film, you don’t know the tempered film knowledge

Basically, everyone knows about the mobile phone tempered film, but they don’t understand, I also knew little about the mobile phone tempered film at the beginning, which led me to step on a lot of pits when buying the tempered film, I believe that friends who do not know about the tempered film must have stepped on a lot of pits. It just so happened that my friend got a Huawei P50pro, and I relied on it to introduce the types of tempered film and which tempered film you should buy, so that Xiaobai can no longer step on the pit immediately.

Curved mobile phone tempered film type

Mobile phone tempered film can be divided into two categories, one is soft film (plastic film) and the other is hard film (glass film)

Soft film: It is the most common soft film made of various materials such as hydrogel film, and they all have the same advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: good feeling, cheap (and five pieces of three free shipping, five-star praise cashback), light and easy to fit, high coverage, good light transmission

Disadvantages: short life, poor drop resistance, easy to scratch, inferior film will have the smell of plastic, easy to foam, white edge.

Hard film: glass + tempered + AF + explosion-proof + PET, tempered glass film produced by these processes

Advantages: the surface is hard enough, scratch-resistant, not easy to scratch, no bubbles, good light transmittance, good smoothness, the film surface with electroplating oleophobic layer process is more resistant to use, and the service life is longer than that of soft film

Disadvantages: the lamination is difficult, the coverage is not as high as the soft film, the inferior film is very brittle, and the thicker film will affect the use

Functional film: anti-privacy, blue light, antibacterial, scrub, etc. are mostly IQ taxes, all for eating marketing premiums

Classification of curved tempered film adhesive layers

The adhesive layer of the mobile phone has edge adhesive film, full adhesive film, and UV film

Side adhesive film do not buy, IQ tax. The full film basically has no shortcomings, that is, it is difficult to paste, but now there is a film artifact, basically have a hand, and then go to the master of the ancestral film. UV film must pay attention to the overflow of glue, once it flows to the gap of the mobile phone, earpiece, slot, button these places are bad, after solidification, the maintenance cost is very high, Xiaobai is best to find a film master to stick.

How to buy the tempered film you need?

Try not to buy those functional films. If you want to apply the film and don’t want to go so deeply to buy soft film, soft film buy casually, that is, when buying, you must pay attention to the peculiar smell and quality problems I said

If you have certain requirements for mobile phone protection, you can buy glass tempered film, preferably full glue, learn more about how to apply the film, quality is very important. After my own various tests and screenings, I recommend everyone to buy crystal engraving coating (type), which has all the advantages of hard film, has a film artifact that is very sticky, gray transparent edge conceals ugliness, the quality is also very good, basically no shortcomings. You can try it