Dress | Early spring 2022 new fashion long-sleeved Korean version waist mid-length fake two-piece dress

Today I will introduce you to a very design dress that looks so fashionable that it is indescribable, and I will take a look at it directly on the picture!

The off-white workwear dress has a very good fit, slim and thin, the fabric is a more textured woven fabric, super breathable and comfortable, and the waist is made of fake two-piece design

The buttons are small and delicate, and the sleeves are full of design;

With a split design that elongates the proportions of the human body, this dress can be easily handled for multiple occasions!

Wear it normally, wear it to work, wear it on a date, or wear it on a date!

In winter, you can wear a coat or down jacket, and you can wear it directly in other seasons, which is versatile and not picky

What seems to be two pieces that are separated from the top and bottom is actually a fake two, smooth dress

The design of the upper body is the workwear-style shirt that the brand has loved in recent years

Epaulettes and large pockets are very classic

Coupled with the embellishment of the matte metal buckle, it is very temperamental

Lower body skirt, three-dimensional cut, the upper body is huge and thin, especially for the pear shape of the flesh is very friendly, the lower skirt is not a tightly wrapped skirt, it seems to be slim, the upper body has space on the hips and abdomen, sitting and standing without any pulling and tightening;

The split shows the long leg and the proportions are charming and elegant

New in 2022, new year, your beauty no longer allows you to wear old clothes! A must-have for the New Year!