PPT remote control: Control the page pages of the slide with iPhone

Currently, this software is known to support PowerPoint and Keynote. Most importantly, it compares “fool”.

For those who are engaged in the product manager or in the education industry, the slide show usually an important tool for displaying products, reporting, and classroom teaching. Most of the classrooms, the office will be equipped with multimedia equipment, so use a slide, which will play a half-time role in exhibitors.

In the past, we control the slideshow of the slide, all through the mouse on the computer or a special PPT laser pen (turn push), but the mouse has a common problem, that is, the controller has to stay in the computer, the wireless mouse is okay. But you can’t always take a mouse to go in the demo. Laser pen is not this problem, but in general, add additional purchase costs.

At this time, have you ever thought of your smartphone?

Today, I have to introduce you to a small cleaning software called “PPT Remote Control”, just sweep by mobile phone, you can implement the page pages and playback of slides. At present, this software is already compatible with the Mac platform, allowing you to control the whole game through your iPhone.


First we need to download the PPT remote control at the MAC side, which is less than 1m, very small. (Test Environment: OS X 10.11.2)

Then we can open the PPT (slide) software and PPT remote control clients in your computer. After testing, Microsoft’s Office PowerPoint (2003 and above version) and Apple’s Keynote, other third-party software have not tested .

At this time, we have to confirm that your iPhone and Mac are all available in the Internet, and the PPT remote control is not an app, nor does it need to open Bluetooth for pairing, and do not need computer and mobile phones in the same Wi-Fi environment.

At this point, take your iPhone, scan the client on the Mac on the PPT remote control, here Xiaobian uses WeChat self-scan, and other QR code scanning software is not tested. After the connection is successful, there will be a simple control interface on the iPhone. You can start playing the slide, you need to point out that when you use it, please lock the iPhone screen direction.


The PPT remote control currently only provides playback, up and down, and can also display the current slide showing the current slide, which is convenient to control the demonstration / speech time, and it is more human in this area.


At present, the PPT remote control is relatively limited, but in future updates, we may see more new features, in addition to the Mac platform, the PPT remote control also supports the Windows platform.

There is no big problem in the testing process, but some users have said that although the connection is successful, the slide cannot be controlled. If you are interested in this gadget, you may wish to download here.