The key in the bottom of the shirt is in color, these three kinds of winter can’t be less, and wear more elegant fashion and thin.

Speaking of the most practical items in winter, I want a lot of people to think of the bottom shirt. After all, a basic color sweater can be used in all kinds of autumn and winter jackets, so that you will take into account elegance and comfort, and it will not be wrong. Of course, the color of the bottom shirt will also bring a slightly different visual experience. If you want to play the bottom of the bottom shirt, or choose the color system.


The key in winter bottoming shirt is in color, these three kinds of winter can’t be less, and one clothes are more elegant and thin, let us take a look!

Basic versatile: black stripe

Before choosing the bottom shirt, we need to understand what the bottom shirt is. It is very simple to act as a variety of autumn and winter coats, and the most basic requirements are comfortable, low-key and concise, neither 既宾, robbing jacket The rays, it is also possible to highlight the clothes level, and the black high collar bottoming shirt is such a low-key and comfortable single product.


The black system belongs to one member of the foundation, strong plasticity, which can be inevitably and uniform, and it can just highlight the masculine. Leaves and elegance, winter work commuting and daily travel.

Deep gray h version long coat stacked black high collar bottoming shirt, white vertical shirt played and highlighting the hierarchy effect, a blue high waist straight jeans, doing so worn, don’t lose the official sense.

In addition to being able to match all kinds of autumn and winter, there is no requirement for women age, body and skin color. .

In addition, when wearing a black bottoming shirt, women can also make adjustments as needed. If the commuter can be stacked in a shirt or a suit, you want to increase the gentleness can overlay the knit cardigan or knitted shoulder vest.


Black long coat stacked black high collar bottoming shirt, plaid suit acts as a single product, take a high waist nine split tricks, black Martin boots echo coat and bottoming shirt, leaving rate.

Gentle and elegant: White stripe

White strips should be more gentle than the slightly lending of the black high-end collar.

Although white is not like black, it is a magical color, and any colorful single product can become soothing and clean after a white bottoming shirt.

Shallow khaki color long windbreaker stacked white high collar bottoming shirt, camel V-neck pinned cardiac between windbreaker and white bottoming shirt, camel white colorful and high, take a light blue high waist straight nine pants, Gentle into the bones.

Although the white system can resolve the deep sense of darkness or bright colors, it is advisable to play the advantage of the white bottoming shirt and clean this. It is recommended to use the same color tie or match the light-colored jacket.

Milk tea short windbreaker wear cream white half high collar bottoming shirt, beige system V-neck buckle knit dress increased clothes, the outer light column is a perfect interpretation, what is gentle, Bai Fumei is full.

On the warmth and advanced, how can I miss the blue white color? Whether it is a smog blue coat, Baby blue down jacket or knitted cardigan, it is easy to advance level in a white bottoming shirt.


The smog blue sweater with POLO-colored haze is mixed with white bottoming shirts, and nine-point white trousers echoes each other, and it is simple and refreshing.

High-level style: big land color stripe

The big land-oriented large-end color based on khaki, camel, brown or caramel is a magic weapon for winter to create a sense of atmosphere.

The camel colored small suit is laminated in a deep-one camel bottoming shirt, the upper half of the colored high waist knitted semi skirt adds a light sense, the boots and Berets echo each other, the whole body color is maintained. Advanced unlawful.

In addition to using the same color sheet to take a large-colored strip, such as grille, rhodes, etc. It is also optional.


Black long H version coat stacking coffee color high collar bottoming shirt, Lingzi V-neck needle shoulder vest easy to increase clothes, and add a few more retro and hipster breath for LOOK, coffee color short boots echoing shirt And praise.

It can be seen from the top of these groups, and the winter bottoming shirt wears the key in color, choose black, white or large-scale, which is both practical, wear more, and can build a winter atmosphere. To meet all your needs and commute!


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