Arabian Cup: Qatar Gate Loosing 2-1 Oman outline, Syria 2-0 Tunisia

Arabian Cup: Qatar Gate Loosing 2-1 Oman outline, Syria 2-0 Tunisia

Tiger Put December 04, 2021 Arabic Cup Group 2nd round kicked off, Qatar relied on the last time of the injury to defeat 2 to 1 to defeat Oman, take the lead in the winner of the two battles. Syria 2 to 0 Tunisia hopes to increase.

Qatar 2-1 Oman

The first round, Oman and Iraq were atmosphere, and Qatar was a ball to win Balin. This wheel, the host front field Ali, Afifi and Haicos three arrows. In the first half of the first half, Afeff made a leading lead to Qatar.

In the 74th minute, the Alman No. 7, which was played on the game, took the score, and he staged the air to celebrate.

In the final stage of the replenishment, Ali’s headball was played in the top of Dulbin, Oman 3, and hit the beam to the ground. After the slow lens playback, the display ball is basically overall over the gate.

In the end, Qatar 2-1 kill Oman gains two consecutive victories, and the number A group of 6 points was first determined to be outline. The end of the two 1-point team Bahrain and Oman will launch direct dialogue, and the two levels of Iraq will face Qatar in advance, the Third team will compete for the remaining exquisite quota.

Syria 2-0 Tunisia

In the Syrian array, such as Soma, Herribin, Magas, etc., the first battle 1-2 is not enemy. Tunisia Manchester United min Hanni came to the first round, the first round of 5-1 wins Mauritania. In the opening 4 minutes, only 20 years old and the Ca Wo was shocked and opened a record.

Since then, Tunisia is also punished by the elbow, and the first half of the first half of the restricted area is bombarded by a football wave to expand the score of 2 to 0.

After the round, the B group of B groups of dog teeth interchanged. The last round of Syria met the two-game losing Mauritania, Tunisia will face the life and death battle with the UAE, so the three teams do not rule out the same length of 6 points.

In other competitions, Bahrain 0 is 0 to 0 Iraq, the United Arab Emirates 1-0 kill Mauritania, Jordan 0-4 Morocco, Lebanon 0-2 Algeria.