How to choose this year’s winter shirt? Buying a coat to see this warm heart article is enough

Hello, everyone is good.

Recently, Guangzhou has started to cool down, and the little sisters on the road wear all kinds of coats, where are you? Speaking of coats, really a learning, after all, the price of coat is generally not cheap, and even the most expensive single item in autumn and winter. However, a good coat is like a blue chip stock is worth investing.

So today Bennie can come to work, teach you how to pick a coat

After all, the money is going to spend on the blade ~

The version of the coat is not the point of weakness, only the most suitable for yourself.

[- H-shaped coat -]

The H-shaped coat is the most common coat style. Its biggest feature is that the shoulder shoulder position is clear, while the body is straight, there is no waist.

The lines of the H-shaped coat look very profitable and can play a certain level of prime.

The H-shaped coat is particularly suitable for the upper body, the shoulder is wide, the hip is wide, and the thick legs.

H-shaped coats can help you cover these small disadvantages.


There is also a tip of the H-shaped coat.

The most important thing is based on your own bust, shoulder widgets choose to fit the coat.

It is too small to pull the arm, too big and easy to see shoulder width, let yourself like a giant.

● Width, upper body fat apple body

Be careful not to pick the H-shaped coat with shoulder or shoulder.

● Knewing, thigh thick pear body

You can choose a long-length H-shaped coat, and the length is more than one-half of the thighs.


British wind long coat

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Double woolen coat

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[- X-shaped coat -]


The X-type coat is the waist having a clear waist coat, there are many


X-shaped coats will be made into high waist layers, so it is more likely to make the lower body slender.

Most X-type coats are very character, will not pick the body

And even creating an S-type curve for you. You can only pay attention to the length of the clothes:


● The body is relatively full, especially the lower part of the lower body, it is best to choose a coat of two-thirds of the length than the thigh.

No problem with knee or knee, too short coat will expose the shortcomings.

● Harbi people choose short or long X-coats without problems

, Because the X-type coat itself comes with high waist lines, it is possible to show up the lower body lines, so that you are significantly thin.



Wool mixed waist line with coat


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Wool wool coat


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[- A coat -]

There are two kinds of coats, one is that the shoulder wreath is narrow, and there is no waist, it is directly wide, just like a “a” word. The other is that the chest is fitted, the chest line begins to expand significantly, so that the coat contour looks to a “a” word.

The A design can be visually appeared to be thin, and the lower body line is drawn.

Even the version of some Type A coats seem to have a cute aged feeling, so it is also known as “doll coat”.


The general A-type coat will not be too long, and the length is basically above the knee.

Although the A-type coat is not picked up, it is more suitable for a more lovely girl.

If you want to enhance the gas field through the coat, the Type A coat is not suitable.


A type wool coat

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Wool sweet coat

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Price: 2072 yuan


[- 型 大衣 -]

The biggest feature of the tantal coat is that there is no clear shoulder line.

It is precisely because there should be no shoulder line where there is a shoulder, and it seems to be rounded, so it is called a tangered coat. Some of the coats are tailored by sleeves and shaded, some are made into a shoulder sleeve or a colliding design.


In addition, there are also many sleeves of the coat or the upper half of the sleeve, like a loose sleeves, bat sleeves, etc.


The cockroach coat can cover the upper body line, so it is best to match the tights or a tight skirt. and

Choosing a coat is not only to pay attention to the size, but also pay attention to the length.


The coat coat is not loose, the more weighing, and the degree of looseness is to be able to play a thin effect, so it is best to try a counter.

● Don’t choose too long, you will be short.

Long-type coat is preferably above the knee, the thigh is less than one in one in the upper leg.

Short paragraph coats are best above the hips, and then match the short skirt or the short skirt with a fever.


Urban Revivo

Splicing coat


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Double nirric coat

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Even if the version is challenged, if the material is not good, the momentum of the coat will be weakened.

Therefore, the material is also the weight of the weight when choosing the coat, which will affect the texture, version and warm problems of the whole coat.

. The material of the coat is generally divided into five kinds, cashmere, wool, horse sea, and others.

[- Cashmere -]

If there is no budget restriction, my suggestion is the first choice of cashmere materials. It has delicate and light, smooth hand, warm warmth, etc., etc., it can be said that there is no shortcomings except for expensive.

Choose a cashmere coat, be sure to pay attention to its cashmere content.


The higher the cashmere content of a coat, the better the quality, the stronger the warmth, and of course the price will double.

I usually choose the coat of cashmere content at around 50%.

The coat of cashmere ingredients are too high, but the type effect is not very ideal, and the version of the done will be soft.

A good coat, really can accompany you ten spring and summer autumn and winter, the budget is relatively large, or it is recommended to start with this ~



Cashmere lapel line with coat

Included: Cashmere 100%

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Price: 5739 yuan

[- Wool -]

Compared with cashmere,


The hand in the wool coat is rough, the price is relatively low.

So now the most common material on the market is wool.

The biggest advantage of wool is that the material is hard, can control any version of the coat, even if the contoured coat is completely no problem.

When the small partner is picking the wool coat, it is best to choose the wool component above 50%.

. Coats below 50% wool content are not only weak in warm, but also become electrostatic manufacturing machines in winter.

Different wool coats are not windy, not waterproof

After even the moisture, the warmth will also lower a lot, so when you go to the ice, you or will wear a down jacket.



Slim long coat

Included: Wool 100%

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Double twelve price: 879.2 yuan


Navy collar double-sided coat


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Double twelve price: 1448 yuan


[- Ma Hai “]


Ma Haifeng is actually a common jacket, many female stars have passed,

It seems that there is a feeling of “the old mother is very expensive”.

The real horse sea is actually from the Angola goat from South Africa, so it is also called Angolan wool. It is not as delicate as cashmere, and its fibers are relatively thick, and there is a small volume, which looks elastic and shiny, and touchs the feel and comfortable.

Another big advantage is not easy to start, easy to clean


And with better dyeness, you can see colorful Mahai coats.

As for the other “water fleece”, “beaver defeat” is actually nothing to do with animals,

Most of them are mixed products of animal fors and chemical fibers, and the small friends must pay attention! ~

Women’s Mahaavy


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Mahai worse


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Double twelve price: 570 yuan

There are thousands of coat colors,

But my most recommended color is a black system, dark green system, and camel.

These three colors can basically contract all of your winter.

[- Black Line -]


Black coats believe that everyone’s preferred, everyone’s wardrobe must have one or two, after all

Black wild and safe, almost can be compatible with all colors.

Although “a black in the end” looks cool, it can become supermodel in the whole package. But in fact, this kind of self-testing skill,

It is necessary to match the material through different fabric materials.


Compared to “one black to the end”,

I recommend the small friends try to match the black coat and color clothes with color.

For example, this attending the event, I chose black + red, the black deep just can neutralize the beauty, the whole person looks full.



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Double twelve price: 2794 yuan


Black woolen coat

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Double twelve price: 2170 yuan

色 -]


The camel is contained in a light colored and caramel.

Yellow camel can make people temperament gentle


Just like the bean milk tea in winter. So many Korean drama women will choose a light coat.

Caraved, it looks warmer.

Like I went to Switzerland to wear caramel coat, not only temperament, full of high-level feelings, will give people a warm feeling in winter, just like a caramece in the hand.

The safest is black and white in the coat of the camel. It is very short.

If you are a fashionist, you can also challenge your collision, such as the bright sky.


Wool launched woolen coat

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Retro coat

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Double twelve price: 855 yuan

Dark green line -]

In addition to the two colors in front, the dark green line is also one of the first choice in winter, such as green or ink green, is very suitable.

Ink green, you can bring a noble breath.


Kate Wang Hao has a classic model to wear ink green coat. This is an elegant atmosphere from the royal family from the screen.

Army is more suitable for cool Girl, which can make the popular fields.

When I went to Switzerland, I also chose a military green coat with jeans and shirt elements. Is there a feeling of the whole person instantly?

Wool double-sided wool coat

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Double twelve price: 1479 yuan



Double niger tobacco green sheep

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Double twelve price: 1569 yuan

In addition to picking out the coat, it is also a knowledge of the coat. After all, our coat bought it back, but I have a lot of money, so I will tell you some tips for the coat:

● The coat is best hanging up with a hanger.


If it is long folded or lingering in the wardrobe, the coat may be unversable.

● Coat is not suitable for frequent washing,

So you can use coat cleaning dedicated brush to remove dust.

● When wearing a coat, keep drying

To minimize the chance of dipping.

● If the coat appears, you can use the steam iron that is adjusted to the lowest temperature to iron.

Be careful when ironing, don’t leave iron traces.

● After the season, it is best to put it on the dust bag.

Finally, let Nicole class to summarize the knowledge point of this day ~

● Version:


Choose H-shaped coat

According to your own bust and shoulder width

It is suitable for a small partner that is fat, shoulder wide, knee and thick legs.



X-shaped coat picking only

Pay attention to the length

It can create a S-shaped figure for you.


A coat

Suitable for cute




型 大衣


Not only pay attention to the size, but also pay attention to the length


It is best to try on the counter.

● Material:

In the case of unlimited budget

Preferably, cashmere


Budget limited can choose wool, it is best

More than 50% of the hair




Not easy to start

And there are more colors.

● Color:


Black line


You can try and make a match with bright colors.

2. Camel is gentle

It seems more temperament.

3. Dark green is noble

It mainly looks on which green.

The content of this issue is here, I hope that the little fairy can pick the most satisfactory coat ~

Have you bought a coat that made yourself satisfied this year? Remember to talk to me in the comment area ~

If you still want to see this fashion article, don’t forget to see it, love you ~


Then let’s see you next time ~


One more

Double woolen coat

Double twelve price: 589 yuan