Traffic star destination Tide brand is the main reason people?

Star performers, battle the top of the tide country?

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New Year’s Day, the yuan Universe platform Ezek joint Tide brand name Jay PHANTACi limited edition NFT project Phanta Bear ( “Bear fantasy”), rushed sold out within about 40 minutes, roughly estimated revenue of about 62 million yuan.

All of a sudden, the message “Jay incoming yuan Universe” spread it on the Internet, Houjieweier music microblogging issued a statement, said Jay Chou in this event was not involved in this commercial activity, did not get any benefits.


“JVR Music,” the official blog announcement | map source microblogging

PHANTACi born in 2006, it is a friend Ric Jay co-founded the fashion brand, “Fantasy Bear” is the symbolic image of the IP Tide brand. As one of the founders of holding more than 50%, Jay is not responsible for the daily operation of the Tide brand, more conceptual and creative aspects of the role, but also said in the earlier interview, “I am the money anyway.”

The end of October 2020. Prior to this, Yang beyond with their main reason Tide brand BABT community was settled trend was BABT and released with limited edition gift box PHANTACi joint sale of news, starting with such a star brand will be able to expand joint cooperation can be said to greatly improve the visibility of this new brand, opened a good, well-head.

Yang was beyond the physical community Home

Over the past few years, “tide country” frequency linear term that appears in public view rises. Whether on campus or in the Internet community to discuss the “tide country” more and more relevant brand also mushroomed to take out.

Which, by the star performers as the founder of the brand trend of the brand can not ignore.

November 2021, the day the check App eye display, Hainan Bo far occurred change of business culture Technology Co., Ltd., the new scope of business Internet sales, toy sales, food sales, apparel research and development, Wang Yibo largest shareholder of the company and suspected actual controller. In this regard the outside world has a lot of speculation, generally considered the high popularity of the artists have to develop their own clothes tide tide playing career.

Stars create their own brand of this on a few, but under the push “Guofeng country tide”, this trend seems to be more and more obvious. It is foreseeable that, after the star of the main reason people will only increase, and because of the influx of brand culture of their numerous features and entertainment industry status quo, which will inevitably flow to star in the majority. Why do they Tide brand? These brands consumers and what kind of consumer psychology? This is a sustainable business model?


What is Tide brand?

To discuss how these star artists have started their own wave of brand, we should first clarify the concept of “wave card”.

Tide brand originated in the late last century the streets of the United States as a youth subculture, representing the symbol and logo identity groups of young people, as the Millennials crowd gradually acquired the right to speak, Tide brand culture also will burst the huge commercial value, contributed to numerous fashion brands entered into more and more people’s lives. Emphasis on original design, reflects the attitude and philosophy Tide brand is the most important feature of a few young people willing to tagging, differentiated products to pay, we are willing to accept these value-added premium brings.

How, then, the degree of adaptation Tide brand with the star artists?

Among the birthplace of the United States Tide brand, the star performers to create their own brand of a few examples, many pop culture but also the close relationship between the stars and.


Such as Kanye West and his YEEZY, A $ AP Rocky and his team another member of the founding of Vlone, these rappers by their position in the fashion circle, to dress, participate in the design or written songs and other ways to promote brand into the public view, has become a “popular” on a global scale has a great influence, there is a strong link in this context is a common phenomenon among celebrities and the tide brand.

FIG source Unsplash

Tide brand since the beginning with the birth of the “street” element, rap is an extremely important part of the work by rapper while expressing attitude is expressed by wearing the idea. Thus, the creation of its own brand directly to express their ideas will come out ahead.

By foreign cultural influences, many well-known rapper, influential country will also create their own wave of cards, can be said to further show their attitudes. After March 2019, Mars released the only album, “A Few Good Kids” opened the eponymous AFGK; rap group “higher brothers” KnowKnow, was in the “rap new generation” introduced its own wave of brand MEDM to the public; rapper C-BLOCK team effort fat opened brand store has opened in Changsha wuyi Square.

Figure source AFGK official blog


Prices, these domestic rapper Tide brand is generally higher than most of the fast fashion brand, but also groups of students can afford range, about two hundred to four hundred yuan majority, and even some overseas Tide brand can be classified as “luxury product “category, thousands or even tens of thousands are not unusual.


In addition to rap, skateboarding, hip-hop culture is also closely associated with the influx of cards, a lot of classic Tide brand is born from skateboarding and hip-hop culture, skateboard big brother, Daniel, who is happy to hip-hop their favorite brand platform, wear them out to the streets, OG participate in various forms to the construction and dissemination of tide brand culture, formed a three-dimensional and rich popular culture.

It can be said, because it is derived from the streets, Tide brand and reach out to more artists in this field is “street culture” and, beyond this range, will have to rely on design and ability to understand Tide brand culture and business the unique charm of fashion or artists. And with the Tide brand culture spread around the world, there will be new forms of content, blending in with the culture of the country and then to further expand its connotation and denotation.

Cultural critic Herb Digby in: summarizes the rheological characteristics subculture “subculture sense of style” in the fight to alleviate, to incorporate the resistance is their only way. When pop culture has become an important part of the process of capitalist globalization spread, it can not avoid the transformation of the business was incorporated with capital in the future.

Those born in the streets, underground Tide brand culture, when they are known more and more people, plunge into the market, accept the discipline of capital, necessarily requires transferring or give up some of the original street spirit.

In this context, even the birth of a number of brands produced in full compliance with the business logic; after they become “Tide brand” of a street culture tags are diluted in the process. When too much is not in itself a “street element” or “trend characteristics,” the star of the establishment of the so-called “surge” brand, is another “misreading” of the deepening.

Who is buying these “Tide brand”?

Tide brand artists to create their own a few, it seems that the “brand” classified as “Tide brand”, the grade will be high on a lot of artists who seem enough fashion.

So, what are people buying these artists Tide brand? They adhered to the buying behavior is what these emotions? Hedgehog commune (ID: ciweigongshe) found several consumers bought Star Tide brand clothing, hoping to expand their understanding of consumer psychology.

Hedgehog commune is linked to her, she shares purchased from William Chan founded Tide brand CANOTWAIT_ of a sweater by achchen drying out on the little red book post. She thinks that she’s this consumer behavior is to pay for their own happiness, in terms of their “special significance” be a fan of the economy to a certain extent, the pricing is not particularly high, are voluntary purchase.

Achchen believes Tide brand or the pursuit of design concepts more, although it will adapt to the times, but it will express some inherent design is not the same attitude: “(CANOTWAIT_’s) like the idea of ​​young, straight ahead without waiting I feel now consumers to buy their clothes, not only because of people like him, the more he gives us a positive attitude towards life. For example, it is, I like William Chan, not only because of his long he was handsome. inherent, it is because he did not give up on his dream, dare to challenge yourself, try more likely, love life, filial piety and so on, not just the clothes you want with the money. “

CANOTWAIT_ Taobao shop


Open CANOTWAIT_ official flagship store, the most recent monthly sales reached 700 + a dress, a stamp is a chest logo pullover, priced at 799 (749 after coupon). Although the flagship store only concerned about the thousands of people, brands have also introduced some time, but clothes still a revenue of more than five hundred thousand in a month is already a good result.

Zhang first buy is Jacky Tide brand “Dangerous People”, was regarded as a fan, find activities to promote the brand at the time of his attention to it, and began to buy clothes from Jacky shop.

“After another may have spent less than 1 million dollars compared to other domestic Tide brand, (Dangerous People) pricing or slightly a little high, then buy a T-shirt are sometimes 199 or 299, for college students still can not quite cheap, “Zhang introduced the” design acceptable, but it does have some clothing materials can also be, at the time of the original element is also more and more. I think the domestic tide brand it in a very long get out of that period of time, how many cases have little other brands shadow of the design. “

Jacky Tide brand started earlier, from October 2015 the number has been more than six years of history, concern over one million flagship store, sales of high style can have on sales of nearly a million pieces, be a star in the Tide brand ” mass base “relatively good brand.

Dangerous People Taobao shop

Later, Zhang liked rap, started to pay attention to Changsha local rapper’s brand, “such as C-BLOCK effort fat, his Burnin, then Key.L Cong Bang Bang.Burnin shop in Changsha, when I went to but too many people queuing up, very attractive to me was a necklace, not expensive, it is the shape of a betel nut, as well as joint and Huogongdian of money, have a great Hunan local characteristics. “

As consumers, the star Zhang Tide brand is a more supportive attitude: “Many stars own the Tide brand, I think it is a star himself to develop a channel for further communication with the fans, the fans are to buy clothes anyway, then if you buy clothes has a certain mental attributes, quality clothes can be, idols have money, it is not a good thing, I feel quite normal. “

Akagi just graduated, some time before the likes of a Tide brand called “BEASTER”, just to college, almost every class has a few people always wear this brand of clothes, but also good identification: at the mouth was a wavy line little devil face, always behind the eye-catching clothes. Affordable, students can afford, run into the activities preferential bigger, Akagi each season will stroll their official flagship store, although after the other like Tide brand, but he remained concerned about BEASTER.

BEASTER again into the store because in September 2020, declared the official brand ambassador BEASTER kid Wang Linkai, while offering BEASTER × imp Wang Linkai joint models, Wang Linkai Akagi, though not a fan, but also very curious about half the idol of half rapper ” star designer “what kind of design and BEASTER made.

Wang Linkai BEASTER kid with a joint declaration under official microblogging

“I think this is a good form of mature brand with pop culture closely linked with the flow (artist), communication and design results will obviously be better, right?” Akagi said. In his body in a sense, it was born two years Tide brand more and more, but really attracted him, but very few want to learn more, and to pay like a star, so he felt like what to buy, like the surrounding added value is not high Fortunately, if the premium is higher, it is completely not interested.

The endless stream of “Tide brand”, in some respects perhaps reminiscent of Benjamin’s book “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction.” Development of mechanical reproduction technology has brought a series of changes to the field of art, “art” becomes copy, sanctity, loss of uniqueness revolutionized people’s perception of art, but also in the process to modern art given the new features and the form, but in this change, the “aura” of the dissipation becomes unavoidable.

Although pop culture itself should seen as a deconstruction of art, even after modernism with color, but as traditional arts, pop culture also rely surrounds express the content of authenticity, an abstract and vague significance in attracting these lovers, this may be seen as a modern art “category aura.”

Difficult to conclude that most of the artists Tide brand can be said of the audience of fans, as the entertainment, fashion circles, circle Tide brand itself is a very strong correlation, artist outfit with goods, fashion ring, ring tide brand further cooperation It is a common win-win marketing tool, but also a natural target consumer attention mostly artists. In the artists to create their own image in the process, “the trend” element is also very little attention, when it became a label, founded his own brand tide seems to have become a viable business option.

When the artist Tide brand in a “trendy clothing market”

Then endorsements, commercials, more like a one-shot deal, to style or character artists to brand, label or branded products to further promote, relying on its own to promote their fame, celebrity, after all, can only get “their price” of amount. And set up its own brand, it is a more direct means of transformation, “no middlemen make the difference”, on the one hand the artist as a brand to maximize revenue, on the other hand also boost the role of the artist himself in the capital markets transformation.

The flow of the times before, many stars began the creation of Tide brand, from Edison’s CLOT, Shawn MADNESS, to Mayday lead singer Ashin founded STAYREAL etc., many even became a representative of the Asian pop culture, in the world have enjoyed the many pay attention to. But it can develop into “the circle” of the brand, after all, in the minority, continued to push new design to keep online need to pay higher costs, but also need to focus our efforts in order to maintain the vitality of the brand, not all artists can become qualified. ” tide brand merchants. “

FIG source Unsplash

Ashi is a poster filmed by STAYREAL |

How big is the overall trend of clothing? We can refer to the global data.


As early as 2011, Reuters expected the global tidal clothing market size of 60 billion US dollars, reaching 70 billion US dollars in 2012, reaching $ 75 billion in 2013, reaching more than 20 billion US dollars in 2017, retaining two-digit growth trend year by year. In order to now, the tidal market will reach “trillion” cognition has gradually become a consensus.

At the Chinese market, “2019 China Trend Consumption Development White Paper” shows that the consumption increments in the 2019 tide market is amazing, and the cost of young people in the tide card is expected to reach 350-38 billion US dollars. The value of the domestic product brand reached $ 20 trillion, the market size is the world’s second, and the growth rate of 40% annually.

The growth rate of luxury goods slowed down, and the “tidal brand” is rapidly growing in the past two years. With the erase of Zendai young people, personalized aesthetic concept spread, unique, new tide cards to meet the emotional needs of their consumption. In this context, relying on the “congenital” advantage of public figures to seize the market, these star artists have played the tide cards, and they will comply with the trend. The stars are the things that many young people love dried, so this is “accurately put”. .

From the beginning, the main marketing strategy of the tidal card is the star upper body, hunger marketing and brand joint name. Through the joints of the stars and the brand, they have attracted traffic, and they will attract more consumers, and then further allow consumers to create a stronger cognition and purchase desire to create a loyal fan through social marketing, hunger marketing. .

By the present, its business model, etc., there is no fundamental change. If the compared artist, non-art tide card and traditional costume industry, the tide card is more like a “IP” trafficking from start to end, but the artist tide will be a star IP, the non-art tide card is the concept and expression; The traditional costume industry represented by the fashion is completely followed by business logic, relying on channels, industrial production to create their own advantages, or new and fast, or the store system is perfect.

Image source unsplash

Changed the background of the entertainment industry with the commercial market. Domestic “Flow Economic Age” is capitalized, and also left an indelible brand for many industries. The flow star may be more likely to be seen as a “product” in a macro level. Although everyone is There is aesthetic or unique aesthetic orientation, but commercial mapping is still too obvious.

For artist tide cards, due to its frequently relying on fans in the early stage, it is not able to rely on the product to truly go to the public, relying on the brand’s innovation, consumers, over time, star itself Inevitable decline, the brand’s vitality is obviously difficult to last. Just like the Internet of play, draw, drainage, activity, retention, transformation, and then form a user usage habit, improve revenue, and new drainage methods, but the way to leave is only sufficient! Content and service.

This is also the main aspects of the outside world. Do you want to cut a leeks in the current traffic? Just one of the secondary industries that open? Still don’t understand the trend culture, I want to appear my brand’s high-level “tidal card” tag? The answer to these questions is naturally only known to know that even decided, this is a “tide brand”, or a “star traffic economy” product.

It is unavoidable that these many domestic tidal cards “You sing me debut” behind, but there are many old-fashioned workers’ worries.

“Street brand is dead”?

Herberge said that “the weapon is the essence of subculture”, once it lost this kernel, it is often meant to die. Trends to the public, compromising or changes made by business and communication may be a symbol of “weapons” sharp gradually disappearing.

Such changes are certainly the source of those senior trend fans that cannot be unknown.

“Virgil has said a word, I am still very recognized, he said the ‘street brand is dead”. “Wang Yu said to the hedgehog Society, he has a well-known tide card, responsible line part, Includes operations, content and activities. In his opinion, the concept of “tidal card” has been generally generalized in this information explosion, no more cultural meaning.


Wang Yu began to get in touch with various trend culture, and started from Chen Guanxi. He slowly learned from Japan’s trend culture, such as Bape, Fujihao, and then started to contact some American brand, like stussy, supreme this type of brand They are all in-depth at this stage.

The “Virgil” he mentioned refers to the trend of the trendy Virgil Abloh. The founder and designer of this fashion brand OFF-WHITE, which serves as the artistic director of the Louis Vuitton Men’s Series since March 2018, 2021 At the end of November, due to cancer, the world’s countless trend enthusiasts expressed in the Internet.


Off-white classic elements | map source unsplash

No one can say what is the street culture. The street costumes on the narrow sense include hip-hop culture represented by Singing Street, as well as the skateboard, etc., which is expressed in this context, which is the “street” kernel. However, with the development of commercial culture, “capital” began to invade “street”. In 2017, the luxury brands who have been uncomfortable with the tidalists have begun to “put down the body” and the tide plates, joint, equity transactions, etc. Frequent form of cooperation. Just as Virgil Abloh became the artistic officer of LV men’s clothing, “high luxury” has also begun to have “street flavor”, and the boundaries of the two gradually disappeared.

German sociologist Georg Wen Merr has made the “fashion” to argue: “The fashion is only used by some people in a particular population, most people are just on the way. Once a fashion is widely Accepted, we will no longer call it fashion. “The” fashion “here may be equivalent to” street tidal culture “.

“Just when we are small, a” Yoho! “Tide Month Magazine can watch a month, I will buy some Japanese magazines. At that time, I didn’t even look for someone (help myself). A magazine turned out Look, it is basically back. Some things you like, you are very important to know what this brand is doing, what is the culture, what he wants to do. “Said Wang Yu,” But the child is here. ” The era of fragmentation, everyone does not care about culture, just like Virgil transforms LV into explosions, as long as it is a burst, someone pays, culture is not so important. “

“YOHO! Tide” | 图 源 网

“Explosive models” represents mainstream culture many times, and it is also the success of the business world.

Now these so-called national tide culture may be more business culture. They are not like the home and impact of the Azruity of Azadia, whether it is the cultural value of the clothes itself. Still price, design, communication, etc., have been reshaped in the domestic trend market. As the practitioner, Wang Yu also believes that the cultural soil that has been lacking in the tidal card in China, no cultural support, and there is a hole, and now the trend market should be seen as a “pan-trend”.

As for the star tide card, Wang Yu felt: “It is only to recognize this person, I think there is nothing special, it has a good traffic, do this (traffic) business, I think it may not be able to count the tide card, Maybe he is looking for a group of people to help him do this. “


He can feel more “limited” when the appearance of the young people, the macro context of the new crown epidemic, the conservatism trend is spread in the world, and the barriers between cultures become more obvious.

“If there is no epidemic, there may be overseas stars to come to the performance, there will be some foreign things they can go to contact, not to say foreign countries, but others must do it in these aspects? You will Understand what is the future trend, “Wang Yu added,” Of course, this thing is favorable, this may also be one of the reasons why the national tide can develop rapidly in these years, and the national tide brand is also very strong, and consumers Take it up together. “

In the trend industry, it has been deeply cultivated. Wang Yu is now in the industry has entered the platform. The head brand is basically fixed, but it is also a very cruel killing period. The market has been smelling the taste of money, capital and traffic have been involved in it, trying to squeeze into the head. Department. At this stage, the survival of the fittest, these national treasures will inevitably face more difficult to protrude, which means that the tide names like Wang Yu have entered the mature operation period will face many new brands. Challenge.

“If you have traffic, or if there is a capital, there is no capital if there is no traffic, because the market has entered a relatively stable situation, so we will not be particularly worried, and their survival will be very low. I want to do the position of the head, it is actually a difficult thing. “Wang Yu said.

Regardless of the situation, Wang Yu still has a higher expectation for the future: “We will still do a lot of cultural things, inviting the potential and powerful Rapper to hold more young people to participate … including us Some visual things to do, but also want these young people to understand some cultures more deeply, let them know what something may be better. “

Wang Yu talked about the tide name of the traffic star, expressed understanding; calmly facing the “street culture of” dead “, missing something that you have loved; he continued to do his own tide cards.

It is not to say, star, traffic artist began to do the tide name “Let this world get involved,” which should not be simply guilty. The trend culture is a strong inclusive, which can accommodate multi-aesthetic existence, and everyone can find their “trend” from it. However, business is a place with traditional culture, which can be represented, so that everything goes to be trained “false unique”.

Perhaps people should realize that when I realize that “tidal card” is, it is already in the decommissioned fingers of this kind of culture. A modern person who lacks attribution, inner, unless, through chasing stars, feta to achieve the “romanticism” in the new era, essence is harmless, just a combination of business culture.

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