Take the past eight years to visit! Li Min Ho wears large size sweater jeans like fresh meat, regain the wonderful past

The boy can choose the clothes in the autumn and winter season, not as rich as girls, but this does not mean that boys can’t shape well. Generally speaking, the selection of boy chooses will become more simplified, take sweater For this season, it is very attractive to keep warm, and it is very suitable for them.

Li Min Ho is a recognized male god of the entertainment circle, with a handsome face, can say a lot of female fans, now Li Min Ho rarely show, but every time, this big handsome always keeps a good state, Dress up fashionable and temperament, seemingly simple clothes have already made a new height on him.

Wear small knowledge: solid color sweater, easy to get started without error

Although the boys are not like girls, they don’t have so much attention, most of them like to be simple-oriented, after all, Huihu whistle, really attracting the public’s eye, but it will be mistaken, it will be wrong. Suggers are really, classic, if you think that clothing is simple, you can beautify the shape by mixing, and the fashion is very shaped.

The goddess of returning to the territory after 8 years, is still a relatively young, the upper is a solid color sweater shape, and the simple single is not lost, although it is not as stunning when it is going to work, but so the shape is not lost. One choice.


Wearing a small knowledge: wearing big and not wearing small, showing fashion personality


Senior or not, whether the overall shape is handsome or not, such as the current popular wear is not small, is a way that young people prefer, it is that the shape of the shape is different. It can even play a skinny effect, it is a young man who is more cloaks.

This show, Li Min Ho chose is the large size sweater, fine line knitted ultra-large version, more likely, the brother’s body is very delicate, leisure, the wind dress, it is very simple, but also a good attempt.

Wear small knowledge: sweaters with jeans, simple wear is not greasy

The mix of sweater jeans can be said to be the most common combination of boys. Although it is the basic paragraph in life, it is rich in style, and it will not be wrong. It is also a different style between the up and down. , I like the street wind, you can choose to be the styling of the biased loose type, and it is not greasy.

The goddess that is booming is, in the case of the following choice, the choice of a basic jeans, loose version of the sweater forms five five-fifth figure, stepped on the flat shoes, appears to be young and avant-garde, very nice.

Wear a small knowledge: hair is thick, still small meat


This rare appearance, the boys have returned the earth again, although the scene has already happened to change the earth, but the male god is still male god, dressed in fashion, young, a thick black hair, looks still what we are Familiar small meat, regain the wonderful past day.


QS: How is the wearing styling in Limin?

Choose TIPS: Sweater Shorts

The appearance of a suit, a mature man, but in private, Li Min Ho’s style is really like a child, plus body bone slim, appends to be young. This sweeping shorts are tied, and the color is clear, and the shoes are placed on the board, which is very personality.


Select Tips: Cool Men’s God

Although there are not many men’s style, each of them is very close. Take a classic Dan Ning fabric. Whether it is a jeans or denim jacket, it seems to be different, if you like personality Little, you can choose to be like Li Min Ho, personalized crop design, get rid of retro far, with great sense.

Choose TIPS: Mature Charm Van

The suit is a must-have item for boys in the face of large activities, but different suit selection, presented models are different, relative to young people, wear should be a short jacket with nine pants, show an ankle In order to show the charm of young men, it is not too mature, looks old, like Li Min Ho.


# 秋 好 时光 #


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