85m2 beautiful Mediterranean two, there are extended bar table!

The large area of ​​the large area is accepted, free romantic, bright and comfortable feelings make the Mediterranean style decoration in China.

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Area: 85 square meters: Mediterranean style

Household: Evjuyuan Fee: 5 ~ 80,000

▲ Blue background wall, mosaic collage tiles are more common decorative elements in the Mediterranean style, and can easily create romantic atmospheres, mainly using small stones, tiles, shellfish, glass, glass beads and other materials, cutting After making a creative combination.

▲ In the furniture, try to use low-color, simple and trim round wooden furniture, this Mediterranean decorated site is wooden, the table naturally extends, with mosaic tile horn, especially beautiful and creative.


▲ In the indoor, curtains, table towels, sofa sleeves, lampshade, etc. The white storage cabinet door of the exchanging space is particularly innocent, which is characterized by the characteristics of the Mediterranean style.


▲ Furniture is in color, it chooses the gentle color of nature, pay attention to space matching on the combination design, take full use of space, without the development, no atmosphere, liberate open free space.


▲ The Mediterranean style is on color, blue, white as the main tone, looks bright and pleasing, one of the bedrooms is white, with a thin yarn’s curtains and floral spinning elements, especially warm and romantic.

▲ This bedroom is blue, giving people a fresh natural feeling, and the small fence window of the bed is particularly standard. On the furniture material, the natural log is used to create a romantic nature.

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