Electronic childhood: How to teach children to know money?


Technology is people-oriented.

I didn’t expect childhood memories.

This is a society that tends to “no cash.”

Credit card, online banking, mobile payment, more and more payment methods are replacing cash. When you want to buy something that exceeds the expected price, you can make your credit card will make you a little better than you have, as if you don’t really spend it. Al don’t tell you that this is self-deception.

In the past, parents used a paper pen or coin such a cash checkout, and the children can visually feel the value of money. Now, the children are more looking at the parents to pay the card,


For parents, the value of teaching children to understand the money has become a headache.

New Zealand ASB Bank thought of a good way.

In order to teach children to understand the money, ASB bank invented an electronic piggy bank. This elephant profile is called “Clever Kash” and can be connected through parents’ mobile banking. Like a short film, when the child finishes the family, the parents can take the “coin” of the mobile bank into the child’s piggy bank with the child’s face, and the piggy bank will also display the inside in real time. Amount.

This idea is provided by the Saatchi & Saatchi advertising company. It is currently just a model. It has not been further planned to have no further plan in the future. For parents who don’t love to use cash, maybe it is a good gift for the child.

Source: Curiosity Daily Fei Ling Ting

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