Children’s painting tutorial | Qiji material expressions “Gorgeous and exquisite Tiffany Lighting”

Course preparation


Lesson type


Material Creative Art Courses

2. Reference class

90 minutes

3. Tool material

Tin foil paper, black paper jam, mock, color chalk

Course Concept

Children, have you seen the lamps used in the Republic of China in the Republic of China? In that new old alternating age, the art also violently occurred. The second industrial revolution will facilitate light of the light, at the time, Tiffany lighting leadership. Tiffany launches Mr. Tiffany of the 19th Century Art Master Tiffany, which will integrate exquisite modern crafts and elegance, classical taste, and embellish a gentle Wenya, antique style. Tiffany-style lighting is more high-grade color glass inlaid, with colorful, delicate workmanship, generous pattern, soft and beautiful, with a strong sense of time and design. Unlike ordinary luminaires, Tvanni has become independent individuals due to their pure hand-made reasons. On a rich dyed glass cover, it is a beautifully varied pattern, and the lamp designers will show the imagination of Tiangao in the glass, bringing their vivid to thousands of houses through light. With elegance classical shape, there is a colorful pattern, with a bright and beautiful color, Tiffany lamps make countless people. Children, do you like this style of lamps? In today’s art curriculum, let us design a beautiful Tiffany tower! So, what kind of material can reflect a gorgeous lamp effect? We will use tin foil paper, and we can show the effect of shiny and clear on tin foil paper. Let’s take a look at the reference tutorial!

Scenario description

You see, it has a black silver elegant base, a colorful glass lampshade, warm lighting through colorful lampshade, beautiful, warm, dreamy. So beautiful Tiffany tower! Children, have you been brach? Let us use materials, colors, painting to design a unique Tiffany tower light!


1. Appreciate Tiffany lighting, understand the characteristics of Tvanni lighting, and use tin foil paper with painting to show the unique beauty of Tvani lighting.

Appreciate the picture of the Tiffany lamps of different styles, play your own ideas, design your favorite table lights. In the creation, we can use tin foil paper to express glass lampshade, carry rich pattern design and bright color matching on tin foil paper, showing a shining effect. Combined with the base, the painting and decoration of the curtain, eventually present a beautiful and exquisite Tiffany lamp.


2, use toner hair to show soft halo effect, add a reasonable decoration to the picture, show beautiful, complete picture.

In the creation, we can use toner chalks, wipes, and rub the techniques, showing the warm lighting effect of Tiffani table lamp; on the desktop, you can also play your own creation, add books, potted plants, teacups. The object makes the picture full of life, showing a quiet, warm picture atmosphere.

Painting tutorial

Prepare a tin foil paper


(Convenience store Barbecue tin foil paper can be oh)

Draw the shape of the lamp cover with a marker


And design beautiful and rich pattern in the lampshade

Apply the macker painting

Apply a rich color block for pattern


Prepare a scissors

Scars the lampshery along the painting border.


On a leather paper

Draw the base with a marker and a watercolor pen

Will cut the lamp holder and lamp cover

Paste on a black paper paper

Oil painting rod or metal pen

Decoration detail around the table lamp

Draw a desktop with oil painting stick

Some placed small still life can also be designed on the desktop


Finally, use the yellow toner to rub it under the lampshade.


Forming a flyzing lighting effect

Post-class Review

In today’s art classes, we use the Tiffani Table lamp to design a beautiful table lamp with a material combination of painting, exercise the color matching capabilities of children, and learn to use a variety of materials and techniques for creation.