Automatic car washing machine, let your car wash store / auto repair shop stand out

Automatic car washing machine, car wash store, auto repair shop characteristics. Since the new century, China’s modern science and technology has developed rapidly, and the model of technology + machines is also increasingly mature in automotive production. China is used as a large country of automobile production and demand. People have also changed great changes to the awareness of the car. More and more people, the concept of car maintenance is gradually getting deep into the heart. The better the car, the longer the service life, therefore, many owners will run the car stop in three days.

Due to the rapid development of the car market in recent years, the value of the car has also rising, and various automotive beauty stores are covered with the streets. However, there are still many car beauty store service industries only stay in simple car wash or artificial wipe, other car maintenance services are not in place, even some simple sewage treatment systems or cars can’t do it. The waste of water resources, the environmental pollution has brought huge pressure to the car wash industry, and these stores rarely have professional car beauticians, and they cannot provide scientific and meticulous maintenance services for vehicles, even some mistakes. Operation can also cause serious damage to the vehicle. In such a context, the automatic car washing machine is born, quietly set off a new wave in the Chinese car wash industry, and is widely used in the automotive beauty industry.

So why is it welcomed by the car people and car wash industry, what is it?

1, safe and reliable

The automatic car washing machine is operated by a computer-specific car wash program control, which can avoid accidental and damage to the vehicle.


2, fast and efficient

Generally car wash 25 minutes / Taiwan, fully automatic car washing machine 3 minutes / table. For an hour, 20 cars can be washed, and the amount of car was carried by 120-500 vehicles per day will greatly improve the efficiency of car wash.

3, wash the car is clean


The automatic car washing machine is controlled by the computer program, using foam cotton brush, car wash effect and expectation, to ensure the quality of car wash.

4, environmentally friendly water

The automatic car washing machine uses a water circulation system, and the amount of car wash is about 70 liters per vehicle, which is less water than the artificial car wash, which is environmentally friendly, and saves water resources.

5, save labor


Automatic car washing machine – you can start without manual scanning code. If you choose a fully automated car washing machine, you can also go to the car wash shop, the auto repair store for field inspection, understand the actual car wash effect of the automatic car washing, and the reputation of the customer.

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