Shaanxi Yikang Medical: Automatic Chinese Medicine Pills Self-belt Polishing and Drying Function

Automatic pill machine

Self-band polishing and drying

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This machine consists of two parts of the outlet and brake pills, the box structure, the vertical line, the structure is simple,

Easy to operate, convenient for maintenance. The pump is large, the pressure plate is turned on, in the spiral propeller

Under squeeze, the diameter of the same cylinder is produced, and more assisted drug group functions, the drug group

There is plasticity, hopper is bound by the flap axis, with the lower two open, and the turning plate can be taken out, thus

It is very convenient to achieve the cleaning angle. One, two, increase double efficiency, can be fast

Replace the diameter of the different rollers to achieve the size of various pills can be achieved. Alcohol

Drop the drug strip, the outer side of the pill knife is equipped with a brush, and it is possible to eliminate the phenomenon of sticky knives, alcohol in the pills

On the box, the size of the wine is adjusted through the ball valve.

Scope of application:

Suitable for small pharmaceuticals, large and medium-sized pharmaceutical trial rooms, Chinese medicine research institutes, Chinese herbal medicine research units,

Hospital, private clinic, Chinese medicine store (room), tonic sales website counter site processing and food factory

Pellet food development and other units.

First, the main technical parameters:

1. Production capacity: 10-15kg / h in 6mm (one out of one)

10-30kg / h in 6mm (two strips)

2. Applicable range: 4mm to 10mm pill, can choose a specification

3. Sitting size: 900mm × 600mm × 700mm (length, wide, high)

4. Voltage: 220V / 380V

Weemetric: 120kg

Second, the working principle:

The mixed or refined pharmaceutical is fed into the silo, and the feed blade is rotated, and under the pressing of the spiral propeller,

Making a diameter of the same drug strip, pass through the guide wheel slot, and the plug is synchronized into the brake wheel, after double 搓

The wheel quickly learned and made a small small pill.