How does the red coat do not wear a vulgar, try these matching methods, advanced and bright

American fashion master BLASS said: Red is a versatile medicine, if you have any questions, then wear red.

Ms. Chanel loves red, and creates his first lipstick with a vivid and rich red. McQueen’s favorite color is also red, this is her inspiration Muse.

Red is China’s national colors, the name “Adam” of the human ancestors is the meaning of red and life, and the red is a woman’s color, set the enchanting, charming, retro various shapes. If the New Year needs to pick a coat, it must be a red coat. And many people think

Red, rustic

The red coat is even more difficult to control, in fact. Therefore, we will talk about the trendy mode of the red coat, let’s take a look.


Wear texture

The whole body is going to wear elegant and charming feelings. First, the texture of the coat is good to be good. This texture comes from the version,


The version should be strong, fit without tight

, Comfortable and not good.

Slim version

Don’t try it easily, because the requirements for the body are relatively high, and the body is tall and better to wear the temperament of the body.


If you like a sense of curve, you can choose

A word version, A word version plus cloak design

, Famous lady temperament.


You can also choose

X-shaped coat, the belt is not

Only not expose the body or adjust the body ratio.

The type is suitable for apple-type body, and the H-type is suitable for most types of body.

In addition to the version, the fabric can also reflect the texture.

Soft velvet and tough leather

Not suitable for large-scale use, not dullness is reflective, and


Wool, suit


It is more appropriate.

Of course, the velvet or leather is not completely can’t be used, but it is better to use it in the whole body.

Material difference

Due to a better level.

Another thing is

Crash of coat detail

, The shoulder line is gentle and low-key, relatively leisure, shoulder design, formal, but the bag contraction of the woman is higher.

The lapel is stable, and the polygonal collar is a little official, more personal.

2. Wear the style

Second, the color is also very important, Huang Hao skin is suitable


High red or wine with high saturation


, More retro. But for skin yellow or priests, pay attention to the red red wine when choosing wine, it will appear to avoid purple tones, which will look special dark, and red tone vented purple regrases more compromise, it is also suitable for most people.



Wine red is not suitable for black and black


It is too dull, and advanced ash is a better choice.


And in the bright red, individual think


Orange is relatively suitable for cold white skin, and blue tone is red and more suitable for yellow skin.

Red coat has a strong visual impact,

Single items with simple colors, such as neutrophic

, Dominant, more coordinated.

1. Red black, classic

Combination of red coats and dark items, colors

Red is main, dark color

Weakened the power of red.

The dark color is the most black, and the passionate red and the restless black is a combination of surprises. When the trousers are black, not only the body ratio is extended, but also highlights.

Even so,

Small children should also pay attention to the length of the coat is more expensive in the knee.


The red coat is pure black as a inner, and the combination of the two is too strong, and this set of matching

Join classic elements, such as grille


The addition of red and white bread pants that accompanied by coats not only weakened the gas field of the coat, but also added the high level of the complete suit.

2. Red + brown

Brown is not only neutral colors, but also the color of autumn and winter, and red with brown is warm, with brown as the color, a dark, transition, natural, Huang Haiki can easily control.

for example

Light brown suit with orange red coat stack

, Brown plaid suit with brown belt, retro practicing with a brown bag with a suit color echo, a silk scarf on the neck, is a touch of the touch.


Compared to light brown, the color of the deep card has been more rich, because the red is the focus of the complete casing,

A red coat of outer red coat suggests that the saturation high brightness is low.

. In order to make the color can be naturally transitioned, the most inside of the inside is more shallow than the intermediate layer.

In addition to neutrophilia, single items with red coats can also choose

No color, such as small white pants,

A word version of the middle long red coat with white wide-leg pants, do full of bright, gas fields.

Wide legs + pointed shoes.

It is mainly tryable to choose from the choice of wide legs.

Don’t choose the trouser leg too wide

Match a long coat. Especially for small children, it is more recommended to choose nine pants version, show an ankle, with pointed heels, and have a woman’s taste.

Red coat + radish pants with small leather shoes or La Fu shoes.


Radish pants and small leather shoes are two items belonging to the British wind. When they are mixed with red coats, they are full of all white, coats open, and the segmentation of two colors, not only increase, but also better body proportion. This coat is not particularly bright red, but is red, which is more passed.



For coats, many are relatively wide range because it is convenient to overlay clothes. Open, open, can be transferred to the line, weaken the heavy feeling of the coat itself, but in some official occasions, one can


The coat that reflects the gas field is in turn of those lines

And the belt just can strengthen the line of the coat, and also highlight the body curve and more tasteful.

2. Red coat + pearl

For your grandmother, it is necessary to wear like a pearl. For example, wearing the pearl necklace or the pearl earrings in the ear, with their embellish not only


Improve the texture and gloss feeling of clothes, but also highlights the color.

And the red coat has a superposition of the pearl, but also a bruises, bright red and pearls, is the collision of light and fire.


Write to the end, this issue is over, if you have questions about the problems related to fashion, wear, welcome to leave a message in the comment area, thank you for reading, qy ~


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