Japan’s most powerful lifestyle kol, of course, the spring tree in the village

What song is listening?

What dress is wearing?

What whiskey is best?

Where to travel?


Looking for lifestyle kol than in Little Red Book

The Spring Tree in the Village of the Polyker Village may be more reliable

Murakami Spring Tree 2016 in Andersen Literature Award

Today, Kol has become a wind direction of how people live better, but with a wide range of KOL, this word has become less commendable.

However, this person we have to say today is definitely true and opinion leader.

As a world-famous writer, the village is very close to the reader in a contrary. He is very happy to share his life on his own book.

Listen to jazz, drink whiskey, stick to 10 kilometers every day, and open the convertible.

Diet less rice, less meat, more vegetables, sauce, with natural, favorite or pasta.

Village spring tree and translator Lin Shaohua

There are also payments on clothes. After a famous name, the publisher launched a T-shirt with “Norwegian forest”, the monk of the monk in the monk, “Although I am very grateful, I will not wear.”

He likes Ivy Style, when you are young, use the human stripe double-bread suit with striped collar, step on a pair of Bullk carne shoes, which can be called the tide of the 60th and 1970s.

It is not admitted old, and the award ceremony attended the Andersong Literature Award in 60 is still the dark-grain suit plus red striped tie, which is not very good.

Diet, dress, travel, fitness … These lifestyle on the village are not borrowed in numerous times, and even form a new style. Even the most popular Iceland travel in recent years, I also added a firewood in the village.

Although he will not teach you how to dress a better look, how to enrich your life, the answer to the spring tree in the village is very diverse.

It is said that he is a “lifestyle kol” that is famous.

Village on spring tree in Greece

Recently, the village has launched a special show in his radio “Radio”.

In the show, he recommended the “beautiful tomorrow music” in the village on the village.

The village of “Do not work” is on the spring tree, and once again warms global Wen Qing.


“If there is no obsessed with music,


I may not be a novelist “

In 2018, the village began a sub-industry: hosted Tokyo FM radio program “Radio: Run & Music”, he often shared his favorite songs in the program, and there will be a few words.

The spring tree is on the radio show


In the village, Spring Tree love music, especially Jazz, in this respect, he is the unsuccessful expert.

After graduating from college, he opened a jazz bar Peter Cat by his father’s money. It is not important to make money, it is important to circulate your favorite music in his home court.

Also, he wrote a virgin “and listening to the wind.”

“Norwegian Forest”, “Dance! dance! dance! “The title of” West “in the South Sun is from the same name Jazz. “Norwegian Forest” is a different piece of music over and over again, and Jazz is the concert in his love and fate.

Peter Cat

Last year was the 40th anniversary of the village writer, and the “Village Radio” has organized an open event. I have invited the jazz pianist to perform performance.

I’m visiting the valbity of Jazz.

40th anniversary activities, in the middle of the village


This time, there are 9 songs in the “beautiful tomorrow music” song on the village. The first capital is the classic of jazz, full of human care. He hopes that the listener can keep a positive attitude in the epidemic, looking for hope and do itself.

The writer can also say another good story when listening to songs.

Talking about Nina Simone’s Here Comes The Sun, he recalls the experience of previous volunteers.

Once he wants to accompany the partner of the visual obstacle to run 10 kilometers, you need to use the rope to take two people with the rope.

Partners can be guided by this rope. The village needs to be controlled according to the situation of the other party, and the road is correctly guided. Although running locations in the US Army airport, the ground is very rough, and even the village must be cautious.

Because the blind people are difficult to travel, most of the time villages are running. Sometimes I want to be lazy, he will ask yourself, “You don’t want to run because you are tired today?”


The village said, he will always feel sorry for his idea.

Compared with the blind, ordinary people’s lives are prone to many. The epidemic is not a small thing, and I hope that everyone will not only complain, and still have to do what you have to do according to the plan.

The sun still rises.

Village and his collection


Bob Marley is also recommended on the village.

This story took place in Hawaii.

Many years ago, the village leased a car at the Maui Island of Hawaii, and the car was left on the car.


I like it very much in the village, so I didn’t return it when I returned.

Two years later, the village found a kind of Natural Mystic CD Shell and lyrics in Hawaii Fireon Runlu. He believes that someone will forget the CD in the car, so only the outer packaging is donated.

The village has bought them in the village, and she has a complete Natural Mystic album.

“I believe in good luck in life.” The village said, and Sun is Shing came from this topic.


© ️ 村 春 春 春

In addition, the village also recommended Look for the Silver Thing (The New World Show Orchestra), WAITIN ‘ON A Sunny Day (Bruce Springsteen), RainDrops Keep Falling On My Head (Ronald Isley), You’Ve Got A Friend (CAROLE KING), WHAT A WONDERFUL World (Louis Armstrong) and Happy Birthday Sweet Darling (Kate Taylor).

One of the last one is the song that is often listening to the birthday, and he specially gave a friend who had no good birthday during the epidemic.

“It must have a good thing in this time next year.”


Wear CDG, also wearing second-hand T-shirt

In the dress, the spring tree is not a one-minded person, but he has its own style.


When you are young, you like Ivy Style, wear a suit and tie, especially Brooks Brothers, and also take a special trip to its flagship store in the United States.


However, in daily life, it is very casual. In the summer, wear T-shirts and shorts, and don’t wear socks directly. But when he went out, he would bring a long trouser shirt in the bag, which is a clothing etiquette.

If you are in dress, he likes Comme des Garçons, because he is getting decent, he often goes.

Comme des garçons

You can see the trendy in his book: Comme des Garçons, Ralph Lauren, Charles Jourdan, Junko Shimada … There is also a tide name and very much.

He also collected a lot of second-hand T-shirts, wrote a column for the Japanese fashion trend magazine Popeye.

There is a T-shirt story in the village of Maui has a story.

Still a charity store on the island, a yellow T-shirt is discovered on the village, printing “Tony Takitani”.


Takitani is a rare Japanese surname, meaning “Waterfall Valley”, with Tony to make the village feel very interesting. He spent $ 1 and bought it.

Every time I wear this dress, I feel that Mr. Tony is in a short story “Tony Fallow”.

In 2004, “Tony Waterfall” was directed by the city of Sichuan to shoot into a movie “Dong Niku”, from Yizhan, Qi Zihui, and Xijun Xiun.

“Takata Takata”

If you have the opportunity to go to Maui, please be sure to go shopping!


“I ran for an hour a day.

For my mental health,

It has become an important homework “

I wrote “When I talk about it, I talk about what I am talking about” is a recognized runner.

He is not a three-day fishing, two days, and he introduces his own running plan in detail.

“Sixty kilometers per week, that is, I will run six days a week, run ten kilometers every day. It is the best every day, it is the best every day, but some will rain, some will be too busy I can’t take a time, and I feel that when my body is exhausted, I have set a day “rest day”. “

For ordinary people, I can stick to 60 kilometers per week and absolutely very great.

He also has two very famous running.

From the picture, the body of the village can’t say more bodybuilding. But then look at him recently (below the picture in June 2019).

In the birth of the birth of 1949, it was 70 years old. But I can’t see the old state, more like a four or five middle-aged people.

Dressed in black, the village of purple casual pants

For the village, running is not only strengthening body, but also hobbies, is an effective combustion under personal limitations – this is the essence of running, but also a metaphor.

This makes him diligently, enjoy the exclusive, and let him maintain a young heart and a young body.


Running can be said to be good.

If your running or other exercise plan always gives up because lazy gives up, please take a look at the village who is running every day!


“If our language is whiskey,

It shouldn’t be so hard “

On the village, spring trees, especially whiskey, he is drinking whiskey in this life.

The Scottish Ire Island is the holy place in the heart of whiskey, and there is “Mecca”. The village has traveled to Air Reeds on the village, and taste the famous single malt whiskey.


So drink whiskey, follow the village less than error.

Ai Lis Island

Ire Island is located in the south of Scotland, scratching the sea breeze, but all the year round, the wind is blot on the island of the seaweed flavor.

The single malt whiskey here is known for the mud coal flavor. The so-called peat is the “strange taste” on the village.

“When you drink the first port, you are likely to feel weird: What is this? But you will probably think like this: Hey, it is a bit blame, but not bad! It’s so, I can use considerable Probability assertion – You will definitely become Aili pure malt whiskey when you are in the third port. “(The original book translated Ire Island as Ai Lei)

There is a single malt whiskey on the 7 of Ire Island on the village, and I made a list according to the peat flavor.


1. Ardbeg (20 years, 1979)

2. Lagvulin (16 years)


3. Laphroaig (15 years)

4. CAOL ILA (15 years)

5. Bowmore (15 years)

6. Bruichladdich (10 years)

Sign in. Bunnahabhain (12 years)


In addition to this list, there is a few suggestions on the village.

1. Single malt whiskey can’t make ice, then the mud flavor is gone.

2, good drink and no absolute relationship with the age, “there is only the years to make it, and there is a year of rejoicing.”

3, no matter what wine, drink the most enough taste in the origin, the closer the governance. Wine, Japanese wine, beer is all.

4. If there is a chance to go to Ire Island, be sure to use the local whiskey to raise oysters. Pour the whiskey on the oysters in the shell, so delicious. It is delicious to have sighs at the village: “It can be said to be a paradise! Life is so simple, and it is this brilliant.”



“I cook past for the continuation of life.

For the sake of cooking, you will continue your life. “

No one prefer to eat, “Jazz Promotion Ambassador”, “Running Ambassador”, “Whiskey Promotion Ambassador”, the name “Pasta Promotion Ambassador” belongs to him.

Numerous novels referred to the plot of the protagonist to do it, you may wish to substituting the figure on the village into it.

In “Sheep Man Adventures”, boil the pasta to “put a large pile of squid and cream, and white wine and soy sauce”.

“dance! dance! dance! “Medium,” fine noodles, the thick cut two garlic is put in, stir fry with olive oil. You can take the pan, make the oil concentrate, slowly stir it with the fire. Then I throw the red pepper. , Stir-fry with garlic, take out garlic and pepper when the bitterness has not yet come out … and put the ham into the film into the fire, it is necessary to fry the born. Pour, roughly stir, sprinkle with a layer of detailed parsley. “

He also wrote a short story “past year”, the inside is the type of Parma cheese, the Pasta, the sputum pasta, olive oil garlic, pasta, cream bacon pasta, beef tongue spaghetti……

On the village, he will give the pasta with black tea, do a simple salad in advance: mix lettuce and cucumber.

When you eat, you have to slowly, enjoy your leisurely, and you will finish eating.

In addition, the taste of the village is light. “The food is mainly based on vegetables, the protein mainly rely on eating fish, I have never like to eat meat, more you eat less, eat less rice, reduce the amount of alcohol, use natural materials Conduct, and sweet things, I don’t like it. “


“If you travel, if you have fun, you will be smooth.

It’s not called a trip. “

In order to drink a special trip to Scotland, I can see the village, I don’t like wine, and still love to travel.

Since the 1980s, the spring tree on the village began to run around the world, and he likes to write in different places.

In the Greece, he wrote “Norwegian forest”; in Boston, he wrote “Qi Bi Dynasties”, and other “distant drums” in the form of semi-tourism, “border, near “”

In the past few years, I have published a travel notes in the past few years, named “If there is a time”, I recorded him in the United States, Iceland, Laos, Italy, Greece, Kumamoto County, Greece, Japan.

I have ran more than half of the village. If you really transform, you can do your travel blogger, and you are not afraid.


Village on spring tree in Laos

If you want to learn his tourism, there are two points.

First, we must give up the obsession of taking pictures.

The village thinks that the beautiful scenery is cut by the camera lens, which will become a scientific color-pair. Only a longer time, use your own eyes to appreciate it, engrave it in the brain, and finally save it in memory, is the meaning of travel.

Take Iceland as an example.

Icelandic Aurora

Compared to the pursuit of ordinary people’s “beautiful travel”, the village is more in Iceland in Iceland, how to think about the local people, how to live, and the style.

He found that locals love reading, can speak fluent English, and various animals have different features in other countries. Natural scenery is also very beautiful, whether it is an endless green moss, huge green ribbon, has left a deep impression on the village.

This impression belongs to the eyes, belonging to the brain, and the meaning of the photo is not big.

The second is to look down.

Travel, especially long-distance travel, is not easy. Not only doing many preparations, there may be a lot of variables in the local area.

In Finland travel, “visit Xibeius and Kora, Village” Spring Tree said that he went to Helsinki for a year, but it made a bitterness on the village. When the morning, the village was running in the morning, but suddenly raining, it was very cold. Who wants him to express, and forget what the hotel is called, there is no way to ask.

“Almost cry”, the village wrote.

He also recorded his painful experience in Mexico from “From Bayalta to Wahaka”. In Mexico travel, you have to take five or six hours of bus, and these buss are in a noisy folk song.

Therefore, the village always praying on the sound of the car. It is a pity that the air in the mexican bus will be bad, the chair will be bad, the window will be bad, the instrument panel will be bad, the speaker will be bad, everything may be broken. The sound is not broken once.

Even so, the village is still said.

If he regards running as an hard work, travel is also a more expedition, and there is a few distinctive tastes.

© ️ 村 春 春 春

Most KOL always teach you where to fight, what you must buy, you must pursue what life.

But the village said that he never advised others to run: because the things you like can always stick to it, don’t like things, even those who are strong will not be able to perseve.

The important thing is to do what you like, your right thing, not to live with the wind.

As recommended by the village, you like the best, don’t like it, no hurt.


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