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We know that is a textile wool winter essential bedding, wool is a good brand? This problem is most consumers care about, the key is also an option, then the wool textile brand is to introduce it. Textile wool everyone know how much the price? We buy textile wool in addition to being concerned about the brand or the time to look at prices.

Wool textile brand was introduced

1. Carolina textile

Price: ¥ 1779

Brand: Carolina Life Technology Co., Ltd., well-known textile brand, Shanghai famous brand, the domestic textile fashion trendsetter, listed companies, R & D, design, production, sales of large-scale integrated textile company in 2015 began to enter the field of intelligent home .

Recommended reason: Quilt feels very comfortable, packaging is also very on the grade, workmanship is also good style is also nice. First-class quality, workmanship, details and considerate.

2. Mercury textile

Price: ¥ 559

Brand: Mercury Shanghai Household Textile Co., Ltd., began in 1987, textile – bedding well-known brand, famous trademark in Shanghai, Shanghai famous brand, its core products are high visibility, earlier involved in the formation of the advantages of home textiles and branded large-scale textile enterprises.

Recommended reason: looked very thin, but quite weighty, very good quality, hand and heavy, a little slippery, do not fit.

3. Arran textile

Price: ¥ 199

Brand: After nearly half a century of continuous efforts, has now successfully developed into mattresses, bedding, furniture production and management, real estate development, hotel management, production and operation of electric power development and toys and other manufacturing industries in one group of companies.

Recommended reason: soft quilt itself, or, this is not the kind of core surface very soft cotton packaging, it will be as people move rustling.

家纺羊毛被品牌介绍 家纺羊毛被价格

4. Jalice

Price: ¥ 698

Brand: famous brand enterprises in Fujian Jalice Home Textile Co., Ltd., well-known (famous) textile brand, Fujian Province, Fujian Province, brand-name products, Longyan City, Fujian textile backbone enterprises, professional design, production and sales of home textiles, Fujian scale than one large textile enterprises.

Recommended reason: While wool was feeling thin point, but it really comfortable to sleep, do not stick quilt quilt, warm and good.

The more popular

Price: ¥ 599

Brand: more like home textiles Co., Ltd., well-known bedding brands, wool was drafted by well-known brands, Hunan Province, listed companies, Association of antibacterial nano-silver antibacterial products industry standards.

Recommended reason: cheap, covered more comfortable, but not silk, cotton and only in the long, relatively thick section, suitable for spring and autumn days.

家纺羊毛被品牌介绍 家纺羊毛被价格

6. Anna Rich

Brand: Shenzhen Fu Anna Houseware Co., Ltd., well-known textile brand, began in 1994, Guangdong Province, famous, Guangdong Province, listed companies, a model of artistic life at home, R & D, design, production, sales integrated textile enterprises.

Recommended reason: looked pretty good, just the thickness, bulkiness is good, and silk quilts are a little bit harder than feeling, but warmth is the best.

7. Tongxin home

Price: ¥ 169

Brand: Xin Tong home brand innocence under the Shanghai Electronic Commerce Limited, the company was founded in 2008, is a research and development, design, production and sales of integrated textile enterprises, products are now involved in home bedding, jewelry, household items and other series, thousands of consumers to lead a unique artistic home life.

Recommended reason: the quality is really good, really big smell, the smell of a big big buy more than before, indicating that the process has been the lack of wool processing, but work better than before to buy, mainly pressure line, and not easy run hair, especially thick, holding to feel warm.

8. Bo Yang Home Textiles

Price: ¥ 299

Brand: Bo Yang Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 1995, it is a subsidiary of Ningbo Bo Yang Group Holdings Limited. Bo Yang textile first in the country dedicated to the production and sale of home textiles, first proposed the “textile” concept, is also the first to enable the textile brand spokesperson.

Recommended reason: It looks high-end atmosphere on the grade, and the price is not expensive. Carefully sniffed nor smell the smell, work is also very delicate. But it looks very thin, do not know how to keep warm in winter.

9. Xin and music textile

Price: ¥ 539

Brand: Shenzhen Fu Anna Houseware Co., Ltd., Xin and music textile BRAVO, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, brand-name products, a series of British style, preferably textile brand “Man Life” brand philosophy advocates, urban upstart family fashion consumption .

Recommended reason: very thick and heavy, covered with very warm, the fabric is feeling some hard, the other good.

10. Heng Yuan Xiang

Price: ¥ 649

Brand: Heng Yuan Xiang (Group) Co., Ltd., duvet – wool is well-known brand, founded in 1998, Shanghai Famous Brand, China Household Textile Industry Association, vice president of the Shanghai Household Textile Industry Association, the larger global one of the wool manufacturers.

Recommended reason: original authentic Australian wool, fine workmanship, feel good, perfect packaging, high quality, cost-effective, preferred to sleep four seasons.

Textile wool price

Wool price is not cheap wool was also due to have a good warm, moisture absorption, breathability, flexibility and resilience, cool, all seasons feature, which is the value. Fluffy cotton processing using far-infrared, 8-15 mm can emit far infrared, nuclear magnetic resonance vibration frequency in line with human cells, accelerate blood circulation. Wool prices are generally more than 500 yuan.

1. Mercury textile silk wool combo double thick quilt is the core winter is picture

Price: RMB 3648 yuan –4068

Brand: Mercury textile

家纺羊毛被品牌介绍 家纺羊毛被价格

Space: Bedroom

Bed size: 1.5 m –1.8 m

Wool Features:

1.100% cotton fabric, soft, breathable;

2.100% silk filling, skin-friendly and comfortable;

3.100% A grade wool, temperature and humidity, warm soft;

4. Combo match, a quilt to spend the money, get three quilt. Using both silk and wool, affordable and quality, with three being a meet seasonal demand.

2, Mercury is 100% wool textile core is thick warm winter blankets Genuine winter was sub Cheap

Price: 266 yuan –581 yuan

Bed specifications: 1.2 m –1.8 m

Wool, only 266 yuan! Wool has excellent absorption and desorption moisture, can continue to absorb moisture emitted from a human body and sweat, and discharged into the air, so that the bedding remains dry, and comfortable.

3, wool

Price: 1248 yuan (for reference only)

Size: 240 * 220cm

Color: White / Pink (random distribution)

Fabric: 133 * 100 sheep-ray powder printing (light pink / bleach) 100% wool

Net weight: 2.6KG Details: wool * 1 Packaging: exquisite carton packaging * 1


Mercury textile wool 100% pure new wool, after rinsing, degreasing, disinfecting, drying and other refining processes, has excellent on-wet gas, is 1.4 times the normal warm wool, can preserve their comfort; Sheep In addition to hair light weight, small size, warm and good, it does not cause allergic reactions. 100% cotton fabric, comfortable, breathable, fabric is not smooth drill hair. Advanced needling process, so that a reasonable cross between the fibers, uniform thickness, greatly improving the fastness flakes, its function and aesthetics is superb, warm home is your ideal choice.

4, Australia imported wool

Price: ¥ 750.0 (for reference only)

Bed specifications: 1.8 m

家纺羊毛被品牌介绍 家纺羊毛被价格

Fibrous tissue and unique manufacturing process, so that the lamb’s wool with good elasticity, not compacted, strong wool fibrous tissue, anti-pull, moisture permeability, free of impurities, prevent bacteria and mold characteristics.

This paragraph is 100% Australian wool. Italian technology, after rinsing, degreasing, disinfecting, drying and other refining processes. Natural animal protein fiber, pure quality, flexibility, mildew moth, is not easy to harden. Derivative having excellent wet gas, is 1.2 times the normal warm wool, can preserve their comfort; therefore this section wool because of its material is so expensive than other quilt.

In addition to light weight, small size, and so warm and good benefits, there is a very important advantage, it does not cause allergic reactions, asthma or some elderly patients with duvets or blankets finer fibers will have an allergic reaction, wool would not have their side effects. Mercury textile wool imported Australian wool is both warm effect, there are fibers of smooth supple, comfortable and has a fluffy quilt.

These are being introduced and textile wool brand-related content on the price of wool textile Xiao Bian today to introduce now more and more wool is loved by the people, but now small series to remind wool on the market there is no-name many, we have to be careful at the time of purchase, hoping Xiao Bian today to introduce content can help to you.

Price: ¥ 599

Wool Features:

Wool Features: