Baby 2 month recommended parenting care, Yuesao gone, new mothers can separate posts

The first baby was born two months, new mothers returned home from the confinement center, or Yuesao left.

New mothers began to separate posts, the face of “sleeping in January, February trouble,” the baby will inevitably be some loss.

Here to share some 2-month-old baby’s care suggestions, hoping to help the new mothers to one child, we can easily, calmly face the challenges of parenting endless variety.

2 months baby changes

3 years old baby gap is calculated on a monthly basis, the gap before the baby is 1 year old by day count.

Therefore, although the baby was 2 months, but the yard and compared to two months of age have mastered a lot of “skills” are getting smarter cute.

The average male baby weight between about 4.73kg-6.50kg, while the female baby’s weight should be between 4.34kg-6.05kg; male baby of average height should be between 55.86cm-60.98cm, while the female baby’s height It should be between 54.45cm-59.67cm. Clothes shifted from 52 yards to 59 yards.


Daytime sleep time shortened, prolonged sleep at night, which means that more and more awake during the day time.

Big move has also been very significant changes, for example, overlooking the climb

Longer, head held high, it can raise 45-90 ℃, which proved more powerful baby’s back.

The baby’s legs are becoming more and more powerful, will kick more frequently, the mother can give the baby leg tie a small bell, jingle every time you kick, the mother can help your baby to discover this interesting fun connect.

No longer clenched fist, baby first month, two little hands tightly into fists, my mother broke the baby little hands need to use your strength. The second month, your baby

Finger more relaxed, unlike

So tightly clenched fist when the first month.

He began to realize their own hands, to stare at his hands to see five seconds, and start eating Bajibaji hand.


He started issuing “aoe” 3 vowels, but also giggles.

Will look for the sound source, the baby will hear the sound of the rotating head to find the source of the sound.

Daily care will do

1. breast-feeding

2 months how often to feed a baby breast milk, to vary.

In general, 3 to 4 hours to feed once, also some babies 2 ~ 3 hours feeding time. In short, it should be fed on demand, as long as the baby is feeding needs, such as the baby crying, when the mouth makes sucking action, give your baby.

Under sufficient milk, the baby is about 10 to 15 minutes can be fed. If your baby each feeding time more than 30 minutes or one hour and also finished breast-feeding infants, breast milk is not enough, we need to add milk formula.

2 months baby milk in about 600-800ml, feeding 9-11 times the number of times, of course, is a reference, not a criterion.


2. burping

Baby within three months of the stomach is horizontal, cardia relaxation, not well mastered skills suck, so the lower stomach is milk, the upper air, causing the stomach pressure.

Especially when feeding the baby, due to excessive eating too fast or crying, stomach sucked the air more easily spits, so it is necessary to give the baby burping.

In general, the baby in the stomach after six months on the development of better, it will not appear spitting, choking and other phenomena, this time basically do not have a burping.

Common are vertical shooting, sitting pat, pat prone.

Most mother is used to vertical shoot, convenient and effective.

But if you take 56 minutes did not shoot belch, do not make another mother baby are tiring.

Perhaps the baby would not breathe in too much air, in order to prevent vertical spits can hold the baby for 10 minutes.

3. AD or eating D3

Why do babies need extra vitamin AD drops eat, without the need to eat other vitamins?

Vitamin D helps absorb calcium baby, to prevent rickets, help bone development, it is well known thing.

The need for additional eating

, Is a source of vitamin D because of restrictions, not


Obtained directly from the breast milk.

Although vitamin D is the only vitamin the body’s own synthesis can, but need every day in the sun, the human skin contains a cholesterol, after sun exposure, it becomes a vitamin D3, but it is very difficult to achieve this objective approach.

For example the baby each day sufficient time in the sun, or the area of ​​exposed skin, and less air pollution and other factors will influence the effect of the baby vitamin D synthesis.

Baby born 15 days from the start to eat, it is recommended to eat 400IU (international units) a day or longer to 2-3 years old.


4. sleep head type

A nice head shape is very important, it can affect the value of the Yen.

0-3 months is the best time for your baby to sleep in a perfect little round head.

Sleeping on your side, in addition to sleep a little round finish, but also can prevent spitting choking.

Baby Ceshui head and body remain in the same direction, two hours to change a direction, you can also put a small pillow behind your baby to help fixed, do not lie flat side head to sleep, sleep easy to migraine.


Love for my mother, my mother about the position will often go to sleep if the baby to sleep;

Hold your baby when you can hold and vertical aircraft hold, so head type is very beneficial, small-month-old baby hold time to pay attention to protect the baby neck;

Train your baby do the rise of the action, so the baby’s neck to increase strength, it will not always tilted his head, often turning head, neck, even under pressure.


5. Massage massage bath


Benefits of massage to the baby often, you can make your baby happy and very safe.

Massage can meet the baby needs for love, a gentle touch stimulation through the skin of the baby is no language skills, can make baby produces feelings of pleasure, quiet, less crying, is conducive to growth and mental development, increase resistance , and promote physical and mental health.

Baby massage Note:

Many mothers prefer professionals to baby massage, but pediatricians recommend that parents own at home to baby massage, you can increase the parent-child affection;

Every massage can after the baby a bath, between two meals milk before nap or sleep at night, not in the baby crying, irritability, forced to massage your baby when hungry, it would be counterproductive;

Baby attention span is short, you can start with 5 minutes, then gradually extended;

General requirements for indoor temperature between 26–30 deg.] C, to ensure quiet room, clean, warm.


After touching a timely manner to the baby dressed, to avoid the cold;

FIG exploded pressing massage is not necessary it step by step and to be out of sequence.

6. gripes

The first baby was born two months because of colic crying so will increase, some babies are crying day and night, some crying for a fixed period of time, especially male baby colic the most vulnerable.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, in the United States about 20% to 25% of infant colic phenomenon occurs, many children are manifested as symptoms of crying, irritability, crying, especially at night will be more frequent.

Many novice parents of colicky crying baby in the face of endless, I do not know how to ease your baby’s discomfort, anxiety will worry stressful.

The face of the baby colic, parents need to keep a positive attitude, to try to relax, colic does not affect the baby’s growth and development, but also began to improve when the big 3-4 months.

Flatulence is a major cause of baby colic discomfort, so the need for appropriate help resolve the baby flatulence.

For example, to help the baby massage the abdomen, or let them lie flat in bed, leaning on their ankles, do a bike action, or you can put the baby in the baby’s legs pressed abdomen, for a few seconds.

When not feeding the baby crying, reduce the baby in swallowing air during feeding, to prevent too much gas into the body of the baby.

7. Early Learning Interactive

Mothers should continue to enrich the baby feel the learning content, such as dialogue, constant dialogue with the baby, singing. Depending on the day of the baby smile, baby’s favorite mom smile, bring joy to the baby a good mood.

In terms of big moves, but also exercise the baby prone mother looked up, at least twice a day, every 1-2 minutes.

Mom can start practicing pronunciation tease the baby, holding rattles, train baby’s ability to be able to watch colorful toys and their small hands.

Written in the last

New parents may not know how to care for your baby, but do not worry.

Because the parents, are first-time parents are learning by doing

No natural parents, only lifelong learning.