Hungry? Pilot intelligent helmet in Shanghai: Integrated with Bluetooth headphones, winter mirror can also resist fog

One month ago, Yangpu District was hungry. Blue Knight Li Sen received a new helmet.

Regardless of the appearance or weight, it is not very different from ordinary winter helmets, but it is not only waterproof, anti-fog, but also can be called through Bluetooth links.

In fact, this is hungry and a smart helmet of Shanghai pilot, hundreds of knights are experiencing with Li Sen.

At first, I will also believe in a will, I didn’t expect it to use it, and the surrounding brothers came to ask me to buy.

Li Sen said that he likes the Bluetooth headset function of the smart helmet.

In the past, Li Sen was first wearing a blue-tolerance headset, used to pick up the phone, and put the helmet out of the helmet. Short-term, for a long time, it increases the pressure of the ear.

I have to wear a mask, sometimes the ear hurts.


After having a smart helmet, Li Sen can connect the left button to the left button on the left side of the hand with the hand helmet.

When making a call, you can also use the helmet as a Bluetooth headset, and the call standby time is up to 20 hours.


It is hungry. For the survey of the knight, the helmet has built-in Bluetooth, the microphone, and the order operation is performed through the voice command. It is the highest voice.

Hungry, the person in charge of the Knight Operation Department, said that in order to improve the accuracy of speech recognition, the smart helmet is equipped with independent noise reduction control chips, and the voice recognition can be more accurate after reducing environmental noise. In addition to Mandarin, the smart helmet can also identify multiple dialects such as Northeast, Cantonese.

At the same time, the anti-fog function of the smart helmet has also been welcomed by many knights. The smart helmet experience designer Chen Peiming said this upgrade, and it was an advice of a knight.

Previously, there was a knight suggestion, and the winter wear masked helmet lens was easily fog, which would affect the sight.

After using the anti-fog material, no matter how rainy, it is cold and hot, the lens will never rise again.

In addition, this smart helmet can be worn by built-in sensors, wearing testing and collision detection, if a dangerous situation can call emergency contacts.

In addition to the above functions, hungry is also tested to interconnect the smart helmet with the knight to the knight, extending more features.

For example, use ai intelligent voice assistant to answer the rider’s daily problem; encountering an abnormal situation such as users, by identifying whether to make a user call, help the Knights automatically report, no need to manually submit an application.

It is understood that hungry smart helmets are expected to cover hundreds of thousands of active knights nationwide this year. The first batch of smart helmets use the form of targeted invitation, free of charge to the knight.

Chen Yanxia said, after the next purchase, hungry will subsidize each smart helmet to ensure that the smart helmet prices and existing ordinary helmets are flat. The knight can choose whether to use the smart helmet according to the needs of yourself.

She also revealed that in addition to smart helmets, she will launch a smart restaurant and other equipment this year, so that smart equipment has become a good helper in knight distribution.

Our original intention is to hopes to protect everyone through intelligence to protect everyone during the delivery process, and improve delivery efficiency, and also protect everyone’s health.

Source: thoughtful Shanghai