Yang Mi is really a “Queen”, rustic knit cardigan thick bottom boots, wearing retro modular

The people rely on the clothes and horses, and the fashionable wearing will always add points to a person’s temperament. But there is also an abnormality, which is high, the body is good, and the rustic clothing can also wear high-level. For example, Yang Mi, each of her wear is struggling to imitate, becoming a veritable “goods Queen”.


In fact, Yang Mi’s dressing is not suitable for everyone. After all, Yang Mi has a beautiful face, and more proud figure, a pair of fox’s foxes are especially extra hooks. Even the earth is full of dressing, in her body is also extraordinary. Let’s take a look.


Yang Mi is really a “Queen”, rustic knit cardigan thick bottom booties, wearing retro modern models. The earth is full of wearing, and it is also very fluent in Yang Mi. Knitting cardigan is relatively common in the spring and autumn season, the warmth is very good, and special soft and comfortable, there is also a good age.

When choosing a knit cardigan, more people like some soft light, soft and sweet colors, with girl’s breath, extraordinary people like. In relatively, it is not so easy to control, and the retro and deep color is easy to wear out of the earth.


Yang Mi chose a bit of retro knitting cardigan, with brick red, hidden blue, and the three kinds of colors of rice, rich in the year. Although it is the embellishment of three colors, it is not so bright. After all, there is a brick red, the blue and rice white color is not so high, and there is a dull and low-key feeling, highlighting the retro feelings.

If you like retro wind, you can try some darkness of a dark system. For example, bricks, blue, khaki, caramel, dark gray, etc., are more likely to wear the color of retro style.

Yang Mi’s retro knitting cardigan, which is also very simple in clothing. Three colors are interspersed in retro sweater, a simple white T-shirt. This kind of dressing in white is a peer-based style, but also a bit of simple and generous beauty, the overall style is not too messy.


In daily matching, the sweater can be equipped with a simple T-shirt, or with a sweet sling, the temperament of the presentation is not the same. Yang Mi’s team wearing, the most outstanding place is a pair of thick boots, not only no cumbersome, but there is a retro model, and the temperament of the whole person is more prosperous.

The retro wind knit cardigan, with the thick bottom boots, full of retro modularity, and more natural showed a pair of thin legs. This loose knit cardigan, naturally played down disappearance, highlighting a more embarrassing body, the whole person’s body is more graceful, and the white legs have long slender and amazing, but it is enviable.

The long hair of the microcomposite is more soft. In fact, the curly hair is also very modified, if you feel that your face is not round, the line feels are not so smooth, you can choose the appropriate curl shape, showing a more elegant side.

Yang Mi as a veritable belonging person, is also super strong for the driving power of clothing. Not only can they play the shape of the ancient wind, but also play a sexy home style. The black susceptor of the silk fabric is outlined out of the abundant figure. Black fabric, lining Yang Mi’s skin color is more white. The cardigan embellishment with lace elements, presents a romantic and generous posture.

Naked pink dress, elegant and sweet. Compared with the bright pink line, naked pink is a more easy to control color. With naked pink, it integrates exquisite lace shape, showing a more sweet gesture. The skirt is dotted with a light tulle modification, and it creates a more strange style. Such wearing, simple, and exquisite, is a pair of gods.


Simple white dress, how can we wear a monotonous? If you want to be two, you can choose the waistline to embellish the exquisite belt. But if you think that the belt is too handsome, you can also use the girdle or pattern modification. Like Yang Mi’s white dress, the waist embelles the modification of the red pattern, so that the temperament of the whole person is more prosperous.

Ok, the above is the fashion information to share today. Yang Mi’s stylish is still looking like LOOK, which group do you think is more beautiful? Share the fashion trend of fashion trends every day, pay attention! (Text original, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact delete.)


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