“Depth” Haichu Island 39 building is removed behind: environmental protection and development game

Reporter | Huang Wei

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In the winter, Hainan ushered in a wave of travel, even if it is a sea flower island, it is also popular.

At 8 o’clock on January 4, the news reporter sat on the day, the last arrival airport bus from Haikou Meilan Airport to Evergrande Island. After traveling about 140 kilometers in the southwest, the bus stops in the southwest, the bus is on the first stop – the Island Island island.

Almost all passengers get off at Isle 2, and most of these people have real estate. Multi-digit No. 2 island property mediation revealed that many northeastern people are here, and they will come here for 3 or 4 months every winter.

In addition to the owners, many tourists have also chosen to come to Haihua Island in the near future. They will live in the Island Island Island Ointa Hotel, which is the only price hotel on the island, is also a free shuttle car in the island. Station.

The 39-year-old building that is concerned recently is only a small part of the entire sea. The rest of the residential ribbon has a lot of owners, but the overall volume of the project is not high.

The relevant person in charge of the Zhangzhou Municipal Government said to the interface news, and the administrative penalty decision of the 39 residential buildings within 10 days is required, and Evergrande has applied for administrative reconsideration on January 4.


Next, how to remove it, you also need to wait for the final resolution of the relevant government.

The dismantling of the 39 homes of the Haihua Island is a micro-shadow that rectifies the artificial island in Hainan, and it is also a problem that Hainan must face it on the road to realize the road.

Sea Flower Island Status

Haizhu Island is located in Zhangzhou City, Hainan Island, with an area of ​​approximately 7.8 square kilometers, which is equivalent to one-quarter Macau size. It is an ultra-large cultural complex of 180 billion yuan in Evergrande Plan. Contains three separate offshore islands, planning the three flowers blooming in the sea, so the name “Haihua Island”.

The 39 residential of the illegal building is located in the 2-14-1 plot of the northeast corner of the Island Island, which belongs to the three (six) projects of No. 2, original plan for residential, corresponding to the building is 388. -426, it is already a premium building. There is a large unusual workfinder between the nearest residential.

On the morning of January 5, the road to the plot was intercepted. According to the site staff, non-staff members were not allowed from January 4th.

In the interception of the intersection, there are many tourists and owners who come to the 39 building, one of the old ages from Dalian tells the interface news, her daughter helped them buy the house in the sea in 2019, when the property market was very Hot, purchase unit price reached more than 20,000 square meters, it is the most expensive, but the old couple will come to this winter every winter. I feel that the climate is very comfortable, and the rise and fall of housing prices is not much.

The information released by the Hainan government shows that the 39 building has been all pre-sale permit before, with a total construction area of ​​about 4.35 million square meters, with a total number of 2,839 sets, including 2,716 residential buildings and 123 shops.

These 39 buildings have sold many listings, some of which have been sold out before the illegal planning license and pre-sale certificate are recovered. Some of the listings have been implemented.

Zhangzhou City closed the 39-pool’s netcase registration system on October 25, 2020. After that, the 328 set of owners sold in Hengda Haohua Island Company released the purchase agreement and made a rendering or refund process. .

Evergrande said that the recent demolition decision is only directed to the 2-14-1 plots located on Island, No. 2, Island, does not involve the other plots of the sea, which is not involved in 60,567 households. And 628 units and buildings and buildings that do not collect owners.

There are still not included in this 628 households, there are many homes located in the nearest residential quarters of 39 buildings to be removed.

In this news site, in this community, there is a building with a building of 342 being constructed, and other buildings in the same community have owners.

According to the overall planning of Haihua Island, island and No. 3 is island is the residential function area, of which No. 2 island is located as just needed, investment apartment, high-rise residential, currently planning for the 5th island and low-rise foreign buildings. The popularity is more popular.

As the No. 1 Island of the Tourist Resort, it is a plate with a focus of Haihua Island. According to the plan, No. 1 island will have 28 major states of the children world, the water kingdom, the marine park, the International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the International Shopping Center, and the Hengda Play plans to fully open in 2021.

At present, the first phase of the No. 1 Island has launched a trial operation in New Year’s Day, including the style commercial street, the five Kingdoms City, Cotton Hotel and the Yacht Club.

Subsequent, Ocean Park, Water Kingdom, Museum, Sports & Fitness Center, Haili Hilton Hotel, etc.

The light show is the most popular program on the island. At 8:30 and 9:30 per night, there are two performances, the best viewing point is the sightseeing tower, located in the Wedding Manor of the Style Commercial Street and Hilton Hotel, most Visitors can only gather in the wedding manor and the sightseeing tower is not open to the outside.

According to the data released by the Everbright, since the Dante Date of New Year’s Day 2021, Haihua Island has accumulated nearly 5 million visitors. Although it is in the wind wave, the current Haihua Island has become a tourist destination in Hainan West Line.


Twelfth year development process

As the largest cultural complex of the company, the sea flower island has always been the “star project” of Evergrande foreign propaganda.

The development of the entire project is divided into three stages. The first stage is the 2009-2017 investigation plan; the second phase is the 2013-2015 reclamation and stamping stage; the third stage is the comprehensive construction stage of 2015 .


Evergrande said in the evening of January 3, after more than six years of construction, Haihua Island has accumulated approximately 81 billion yuan, with more than 60,000 owners.

Compared with Hainan Province, Haikou and Tourist Resort Sanya, Zhangzhou, located in the northwest of Hainan Island, is not famous in the country, but there is a 307-kilometer coastline, about 1/6 of Hainan Province, the city in Hainan Province. The area in the county is the largest, the coastline is the longest. This is also one of the main reasons here.

Through the way of investment promotion, October 14, 2010, the Zhangzhou Municipal Government and the Evergrande Group signed the “Hainan Province Baigao Failure Project Investment Development Framework Agreement”.

Since then, the progress of Hengzhou City is very smooth, on December 3, 2012, the National Oceanic Oceanic Environmental Protection Division issued “on the construction of seafood of Baima Yaohua Island Tourism in Zhangzhou City Letter of the review of the Ocean Environmental Impact Chapter.

Only 10 days, that is, December 14, 2012, the National Oceanic Administration approved the “Sea Planning of the Construction of Baima Yaohua Island Tourism in Zhangzhou City”. Hengda said that as of August 28, 2013, it obtained the entire “sea use rights certificate” in the construction of Haihua Island.

Since 2013, Hengda is 12,000 mu in the bay area between Puang, Yugang, Zhangpu. Since 2015, Evergrande continued to obtain land use rights through public recruitment, and developed and building construction.

At the end of 2015, the first phase of the Haihua Island was sold. At that time, the sales amount was 12.25 billion, the sales area of ​​1.36 million square meters, and the opening of the opening of 100,000 people was taken. At that time, the marketing slogan “3.2 seconds selling a room” was shouted.

At that time, the price of Haihua Island was 5688 yuan / square meter, and the price of 2020 has risen to 20,000 yuan / square meter, and the increase is nearly 4 times. In this 5 years, Haihua Island not only caught up with a new round of high-rise in Hainan real estate development, the price is also high of water rising.

As an oversized filling island project, Haihu Island has been supported by the Yuxi Municipal Government in the early post, but its approach to the local government, but its circumvention policy “decomposes to zero” acquisition of land, It was buried in environmentally friendly rectification.

On January 27, 202, the “Tongct” “Sitting Life” issued by the National Supervision Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, “Borrowing the Island Faculture” to prevent the project to build a cadre, “said Zhang Qi, secretary of the Zhangzhou Municipal Party Committee, and violates the sea. The flower island project involves a total area of ​​783 hectares. Under his greatness, the Cangzhou Municipal Government and the Ocean Department divided the reclamation project into 36 sub-projects less than 27 hectares of sub-projects through “staining into zero”. Prohibited projects are approved, resulting in a large area of ​​coral reefs and Bai Butterbee permanently destroyed.

The hidden dangers of violations of the rules are the root cause of 39 buildings that are qualitatively illegal buildings on the island today.

From August 10 to September 10, 2017, the Central Environmental Protection Inspector team conducted the first round of inspections in Hainan Province. The name is criticized to the Yazhou government and the marine sector “staining into a zero” violation of the Hengda Flower Island; the marine sector The penalty of illegal acts such as unbounded first construction is not in place, and the project construction causes large area damage to coral reef and white butterbee.

The first round of inspecting schemes clearly, the illegal illegal construction project in the sea, the sea, the illegal construction project should stop construction, and it will be repaired after rectification.


However, July 14 to August 14, 2019, the Central Third Ecological Environment Protection Insugation team found a second round of environmental inspections in Hainan, and the city is in June 2017 to June 2018. Illegal acts such as unbounded first built, but did not take practical measures for illegal buildings.

After the second round of inspectors, the Zhangzhou Municipal Government began to launch the rectification of Haichuao Island. In addition to the total shutdowns of the 39 building, the 4 cities that were previously used in the pre-sale license have also started dismantling.

Since then, in order to complete the central third ecological environmental protection inspector, the task of supervision (serial number 70), the Zhangzhou Municipal People’s Government Down to the 39stons on May 10, 2020, the project is fully shut down, and the project is subject to 39 2 construction licenses for residential buildings.

On May 11, 2020, the government recovered 39 residential building pre-sale permits, and the project was fully sold. On May 15, 2020, the environmental protection department revoked the “Construction Project Environmental Impact Registration Form” of the 39 residential buildings.

On November 20, 2021, the Hainan Provincial Government’s “Central Ecological Environment Protection Inspector” has shown that Everganta Haihua Island has established a follow-up disposal plan of 39 buildings in Haichuao Island, and determines the transformation for hotel operation, office lease Four models such as employee dormitory and talent apartment, all homes must not be used for sales.

But this rectification program did not receive the relevant government departments. Until December 30, 202, the Cangzhou Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau issued the “Administrative Punishment (limited to Demolition) Decision”, clearly submitted the 39 residential buildings at the end of the next day.

In this resolution, if the relevant developers did not agree to demolish decisions, they can apply for administrative reconsideration to the Zhangzhou Municipal People’s Government within 60 days from the date of receipt of this decision, and may also receive this decision according to law. I have filed an administrative lawsuit to the people’s court with jurisdiction over 6 months.

Since then, Evergrande has applied for administrative reconsideration on January 4 this year. How to remove it, you need the relevant government departments to eventually resolution.

But the result of dismantling is still surprising. “As early as 2019, I heard that the 39 residential buildings belongs to the rules of violations, but they did not expect the final result to be demolished.” An industry insider in the sea flower is telling interface news.

Say goodbye to the “Filling Island”

In Hainan, there is still a lot of surrounded sea projects that are ordered to be demolished like Haizhu Island, such as Sanya City Phoenix Island Phase II Project, Wenchang Nanhai Resort and Eastern Suburbs Coconut Bay Artificial Island Project, Wanning City Merry Island Project Hano City, Huludao Project, etc. At present, these projects have entered the stage of demolishing illegal construction.

In the “Central Ecological Environment Protection Inspector,” Central Ecological Environment Protection Inspector, the Hainan Provincial Government is mentioned that overcoming the fact that the owner refuses to cooperate with difficulties, the demolition project of Wanning City Merry Island Project has been launched, as of June 2021, the demolition project has been completed The total progress is about 5.5%; Huludao project in Haikou City is accelerating the advancement of demolition, and the total investment of the project has been completed by 33%.

Since the province in 1988, Hainan has risen the climax of the landlord, and in 2008, it has entered the “Greater Leap Era”, with a total of 12 artificial island, with a total area of ​​about 4,700 hectares; 2013-2016 The average annual holiday area of ​​Hainan Province is 550 hectares, which is 5 times the area of ​​the year before 20 years.


Hainan Provincial Ocean Monitoring Center has issued a document that Hainan Province is active year by year, which provides land and space resource security for the implementation of Hainan International Tourism Island Development Strategy, which can bring large social and economic benefits, but fill in Severe activities is also a human ocean development activity that completely changing the natural attributes of the sea space. It is not easy to trigger marine ecological environment damage, and the natural resource damage of the sea area, the ocean development and utilization order is confusing, so that the coastal areas Sustainable development of the economy.

In the past few years, there is a lot of illegal construction in Hainan Province and has repeatedly banned. A susceptor told the interface news, economic development, the economic development cannot be considered for the disruption of ecology, and illegal construction makes a few people, violating the legitimate rights and interests of most people, bringing serious environment, security issues, and destroying the rule of law. Government credibility. In recent years, illegal construction management is to maintain planning authority, promote the development of transformation, which is conducive to improving governance mechanisms, improving the human environment, and enhancing sustainable development. Between environmental protection and development, it is impossible to develop, but should pay more attention to environmental protection, especially for the cruel project, and the importance of the preliminary environmental assessment is more prominent.

Since the 2017 Central Environmental Protection Inspector, after the first round of inspections in Hainan Province, the entire Hainan has set off a “environmental protection storm”, and Hainan Province requires various violations mentioned in the provision of central environmental protection inspections. The island project implements “dual pause” (suspended construction, suspend business).


After the number of rounds of the central environmental inspector, “the Era” in the “Floor” is officially ended in Hainan, which is also a pulse of the real estate policy of Hainan.

In recent years, Hainan Self-trade-Hong Kong policy issued to landing, Hainan also synchronized the real estate all-life purchase restriction in 2018, and strengthened the supervision of real estate violations, it was determined to change the land-based industrial structure.

Some of the artificial island filled out of the rules were remedied. In recent years, Hainan land transactions are mainly based on industrial land, commercial nature land and anger room land. Hainan’s real estate development model has undergone fundamental changes.

Chen Minghui, general manager of Hainan Jincheng Consulting Center, said that the difficulty of housing and enterprises in Hainan has become more and more difficult, and the development scale is limited.

Hainan goes to real estateization. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, Hainan real estate development investment has fallen from the peak of 205.3 billion yuan in 2017, and the total amount is reduced by 35%. Real estate development investment accounts for the proportion of fixed asset investment in the whole society decreases from 49.8% in 2017 to 38.7% in 2020, down 11.1 percentage points.

The sales area of ​​commercial housing, the amount of sales also declined. The sales area of ​​commercial housing has dropped from 2.292 million square meters in 2017 to 7.51 million square meters, down 67%; sales amount fell from 2713 billion yuan in 2017 to 12.3 billion yuan in 2020, fell by 55%.

Hainan is constantly advancing on the road of trade-wide construction, “sitting in the earth” will eventually pass.