July 20 big Jewish scientist

The number of Jews in the world has not reached 1% of the total number of people, but the Jews often become people’s topics, and they are concerned about the world. Global Jews only 15 million, accounting for only 0.2% of the world’s population, but Jews in the scientific, ideological, art, economic, political circles, contributions and business wealth achievements and shadow. The Jewish nation has more than 5,000 years of history, and it is known for the celebrity in the world.

According to incomplete statistics, the Jews in the world’s most viable entrepreneurs in the world, 200 most influential celebrities in the United States, Jews have been half; Forbes, the top 40 in the top 40 in the United States is a Jewish, the top of the United States One-third of the famous university is a Jewish (there is also one-third of the data); the Jews in the United States, the Jews of the Jews, the Nobel Prize, Jewish people account for nearly one-third. US President Roosevelt sighs “there is only more than 200 companies that affect the US economy, and only six or seven Jews of these enterprises.” The following is the following, respectively, the scientists who have Jewish blood are as follows:

1, Albert Einstein – the greatest physicist and century great people

Einstein was born in a Jews family in Ulm, Germany (parents all as Jews). Graduated from the University of Zurich, Jewish physicist. Einstein was born in 1879 in Ulm, Germany (the parents are Jews), graduated from the Zurich Federal Institute of Technology in 1900 to enter Switzerland. In 1905, he won the Ph.D. of Zurich, Einstein proposed photon hypothesis, successfully explained the photovoltaic effect, so the 1921 Nobel Physical Award, found a narrow relativeism in 1905. In 1915, it founded broad relativity. Einstein laid the theoretical basis for nuclear energy development, created a new era of modern science and technology, which was recognized as a greatest physicist since the endon. On December 26, 1999, Einstein was selected as “the great people” by the US Times Weekly.

2, Westodo von Carmen – scientific talent in the aerospace era

Theodore von Carmen is Hungarian Jewish, in 1936, in the US, he is the greatest space engineer in the 20th century, created the application of mathematics and basic science in aerospace and other technical fields, is known as ” Scientific talent in the aerospace era. ” His California Institute of Technology later became a US National Aeronautical and Aerospace Jet Laboratory. It is worth mentioning that the famous scientist of the world is great, and Qian Xuesen, Guo Yonghuai is its “pro-disciple”.

3, Aubenheim – the father of the atomic bomb

Famous American Jewish Physicologists, leaders of the Manhattan program, professor of physics, Berkeley, University of California, known as the “father of the atomic bomb”.

During the Manhattan Plan, 1943 Aubenheimer hosted the Creative Loss Alamos National Laboratory in the United States and served as Director, and later, in July 1945, the world’s first atomic bomb was killed, so known as “the father of the atomic bomb). “. After the Second World War, the Aubenhe Mo was temporarily taught in the United States California Institute of Technology, and later came to the US Princeton High School (IAS) and served as Dean (1947-1966).

On February 18, 1967, O’Hom Malinong Cancer died in Princeton, New Jersey, USA, and 62 years old. In December 2006, the Aubenheim was named “The Atlantic” was named “The Atlantic” of the Atlantic “.

From 1947 to 1966, the Aubenheimo served as Dean of Princeton High School, New Jersey. In 1947, he served as Chairman of the General Advisory Committee of the Atomic Energy Commission, and this committee and Einstein opposed the trial hydrogen bomb, and believed that it would cause a military competition and threaten the world peace.

The Auben Sea has a deep understanding and guilt for atomic bomb hazards. It is enthusiastic to implement international control and peace use through the United Nations to implement the international control and peace use of Atomic energy, and advocate the exchange of nuclear science intelligence with the major powers, including the former Soviet Union. Agreement and against the United States take the lead in manufacturing hydrogen bombs.

4, Edward Taylor – the father of hydrogen bombs

Taylor lives in a Jews family in Budapest in the Austro-Hungar. Edward Taylor, the original Hungary named Teller EDE. It is a famous American theoretical physicist, which has long been teach in the famous California University Berkeley Branch, Chicago University. In 1952, he clicked with Onester Lawrence, found a National Laboratory of Lawrence LaMore, 1959 hosted the establishment of Berkeley Space Science Laboratory. Edward Taylor is known as the “father of hydrogen”. In addition to hydrogen bombs, he also has considerable contribution to multiple fields of physics. Taylor immigrated the United States in the 1930s and became an early member of the Manhattan program, participating in the first atomic bomb, and is also keen to promote the initial nuclear combination weapons.

Taylor has considerable contribution to nuclear and molecular physics, spectroscopy (ginger – Taylor and Rena-Taylor effect) and surface physics. He provided an important pedal stone for this theory application for the extension of Fermi beta decreasing theory (its form as a so-called gamof-Taylor transition). Taylor Effect and Bet theory still retain their original formula, still being chemical and physics pillars. Taylor also contributed to the Thomas Fermi theory. Theory is the pioneer of density functional theory, and is the standard modern tool used when complex molecules are treated with quantum mechanics. He wrote a papers in 1953 with Nikolars Metropolis and Marshall Lawson Blufu, which is the standard starting to statistically mechanically in Monte Carlo method.

5, Lev Davy Dovich Lang Dao – the world’s last Almighty physicist


Lang Dao is a Soviet scientist who believes in Jewish. Keeping the last Almighty physicist in the world. On the occasion of his 50 birthday, the Soviet journalized his top ten contributions to physics as a birthday ceremony to call the title “Lang Dao Ten Command”: Sexual theory, was awarded the 1962 Nobel Physics Award.

Langdao thought kens, learning broad booth, many branches of the theoretical physics. He has introduced a quantum of electron magnetic magnetic resistance in quantum mechanics (1930); 1930); 3)

Secondary phase change

Theory (1936 ~ 1937); 4) Interpretation of the magnetic domain structure of the ferromagnet (1935); 5) Superconductive mixed state (1943); 6) Atomic nuclear statistical theory (1937); 7) Liquid state Quantum theory (1940 ~ 1941); 8) Vacuum on charge shielding effect Theory (1954); 9) Quantum theory of Fermi liquid (1956); 10) Composite inversion theory of weak interaction ( 1957). Especially in the theory of quantum liquid (see liquid helium), his contribution is more prominent.

Lang Dao is a physico-recognized person who has genius my mind. He publishes many unexpected topics, such as low temperature physics, magnetic different types, macromag motion, impact wave, turbulence, explosive explosion, spectrum line analysis, and quantum theory, etc. Lang Dao’s contribution to physics is almost all areas, such as nuclear physics, solid physics, plasma physics, cosmic, high-energy physics, and more. In these areas, there are many terms crowned with his last name, like Lang Dao Damping, Lang Dao, Lang Road to magnetism, and so on.

6, von Nuiman – 20th century mathematics giant, the father of the computer, the father of the game


Outstanding achievements:

Von Neumman is one of the most important mathematicians in the twentieth century, and has an outstanding contribution in pure mathematics and application mathematics. Vonnoyman can say that it is the most influential mathematician ever. Von Noyman. December 28, 1903 born in Hungary Budapest a Jews. He has one of the greatest sciences in many areas such as modern computers, game theory, nuclear weapons and biochemical weapons. It is called “the father of computer” and “Father of Game Theory”.

Von Noyman is a Ph.D., University of Budapest. I was teached to the University of Berlin and the University of Hamburg. In 1930, we went to the United States and later in the United States. He has a member of the Agency Committee of the Institute of Advanced Princeton, a Princeton University. Academician of the National Academy of Sciences. Early research on operator theory, coincidence, quantum theory, collection, etc., created von Nogan algebra. During the Second World War, the development of the first atomic bomb was contributed. Provide basic solutions for developing electronic digital computers. In 1944, the “game theory and economic behavior” with Morganstere, which is the foundation of the game theory discipline. In the late year, the automaton theory was studied, and there was a copy of the copy of the human brain and computer system “computer and human brain.” Von Neuman’s greatest contribution to human beings is the pioneering work of game theory of computer science, computer technology, numerical analysis and economics.

7. Nord – the most important creative mathematics genius since its inheritance of women from higher education

Nord is growing in the family professor of Jewish mathematics, likes mathematics. In 1903, 21-year-old Nord was tested to the University of Göttingen, where she listened to the class of Klein, Hilbert, and Fukksky, etc. Her student’s era has published several high-quality papers, 25 years old, has become a female mathematics in the world. =.

She has made outstanding contributions in the research of differential inequality, and ideal subgroups. However, due to the low status of women, she can’t even alien that in the strong support of Hilbert, the Mathematician Hilbert, Norda is the first female lecturer in Göttingen University. . Next, because her scientific research results were remarkable, it was the qualification of “Compared with the foreign professor”, she was more powerful than many “professors”.

During the World War II, under the obscenity weight of Hitler, Nord was forced to leave the University of Coringen and went to the United States. She is also respected and loved by the students in the United States. In September 1934, the United States established a postdoctoral scholarship named by Nord. Unfortunately, Nord is less than two years in the United States, and it dies in surgery, 53 years old. Her died, so that many mathematics colleagues around the world are unlimited. Einstein was in the “New York Times” said: “According to the judgment of the current authoritative mathematicians, Ms. Nord is the most important and mathematical genius since women suffered from higher education.”

8, Winer – the father of control

The full name of Vina is Norbert Wiener, 1894-1964) is the founder of American mathematicians and control. Vassona was born in Colombia in Missouri, November 26, 1894, died in Stockholm on March 18, 1964. Versa believes that his father is a natural scholar, collecting the idea of ​​German, the Jewish wisdom and the spirit of the Americans. From childhood to youth, Versa has been in a father, and gradually grows into a scholar. Washen in its 70 years of scientific career, it has been involved in philosophy, mathematics, physics and engineering, and finally turning to biology. It has achieved fruitful results in various fields. It is called Engels. And learning profound science giants.


He has published more than 240 papers in his life and 14 books. His main works have “Control” (1948), “Vinated Collection” (1964) and “Vina Mathematical Thesis Comments” (1980). There are also two autobiography “former prodys” and “I am a mathematician”.

Wanner is the first mathematician who has deeply studied Brown movement from mathematics. In 1920, Wana will extend French mathematician Freres for the general theory of limits and differentials to vector space, and give a complete axiom collection. The results of Varina were published in Panan ‘s papers in Poland Mathematical issue after several weeks.

Winer continued in a short period of time to provide a foundation for the axiom method of Hilbert space in 1927 and the Operators in Hilbert in 1927. Wanner’s basic contribution to the theory of position. The exact general group is obtained for Diilikre issues for a given continuous boundary value. Wanner and astronomer Hopf work together to study a class of singular integral equations that give a differential nucleus in semi-infinite intervals. Such equations are now referred to as Wiva-Vapk equations. Winer is one of the founders of informationism. He issued research informationism, independent of Shen Nong, and laid the theoretical basis of information theory of communication engineering, which introduces statistical methods into communication projects from Shen Nong.

The biggest contribution to the scientific development is to create control. This is an edge discipline that is formed by mathematics as a bond, linking research automatic adjustment, communication engineering, computer and computing technology, and the common concern of neurophysics and pathology in biological science.

9, Metena – Nuclear Science

The Jews have traditionally dried physics, especially theoretical physics, has attracted numerous Jews. Perhaps, it is interested in physics from a small infection. . She has worked hard in 1906 to obtain a Ph.D. in the University of Vienna in 1906, and became the second woman of the University of Vienna.

Since Berlin is the center of world science, many famous scientists and outstanding students are gathered there. Mertna has also reached Berlin in 1907, engaged in theoretical research under the guidance of Dr. Max Planck, in Berlin 3 years. There were many famous scholars who met: Famous Einstein, Renneste, Stadathama. Einstein once called her “our husband”. Due to the contribution of Meta in the nuclear fission, she was invited to participate in the nuclear fission bomb team being studying, but she refused.

In October 1945, Mertina was selected as a foreign academician of the Swedish Academy of Sciences. Since the establishment of 200 years since this academy, women have won this honor, except Meta, only two people. One is a Women in Sweden, and the other is Herry’s famous Currena. In 1966, Mertna was awarded the Fermi Award issued by the US Atomic Energy Commission. He is the first female scientist who is awarded this honor.

10, Kurang – Excellent mathematician

Kurang, American German mathematician. Born in Lublinz, Stroke, New York, in Poland. On January 30, 1933, Hitler came to Taiwan. Because Kurang is a Jew, it was brutally persecuted, and he was forced to move his family in August 1934, and then added to the US. He developed the principle of Digekre, and applied it to the boundary value of the mapping, the mathematical physical equation, and the index of the boundary value problem was the extreme value function of the secondary function. He also systematically studied the characteristic function of the boundary value problem and the extreme value of the eigenvalue.

Kurang has made outstanding contributions in application mathematics. He led an application mathematics group (AMP) in New York State University. The group studied underwater acoustic acoustic and explosive theory; the solution of double-type partial differential equation was obtained by finite differences; the error design of jet aircraft nozzles was also corrected. Due to more and more problems in AMP, the reputation is large, and later people say AMP is “Kurang Warehouse”.

Kurang is also a mathematics educator and is engaged in mathematics education. Through his writings, teaching or individual cultivation, a large number of outstanding mathematicians have been created. In 1966, he was elected as Academician of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. Kurang is also an academician of the American Academy of Sciences. Kurang has won the Mathematical Association of Mathematics Excellence.

11, Ferman – World Theory Physics

American physicist for the world. 1965 Nobel Physical Award Winner. He is considered to be the most wise theoretical physicist after Einstein, but also the first person who presents nano concept. Ferman is the descendants of the 19th century, Russia and Polish Jews to the United States. He proposed the calculation method of Femann, Ferman rules and emphasis, which is an indispensable tool for studying quantum electrodynamics and particle physics. Ferman also discovered this singing skills, and he has always expected to go to the origin of 麦 麦 – Tu Watt, but eventually failed to go.


In 1942, 24-year-old Ferman joined the US atomic bomb research project team, participating in the secret development of the Atomic Bomb Project “Manhattan Plan”. The famous scientist Aubenheim has evaluated: “He is the most talented young physicist here.

12, Frank Welchek – Establishing a large physicist of quantified atoms

The famous American Jewish theoretical physicist, due to the achievements of the theory of Quark Particle theory (strong role), 2004 won the Nobel Physics Award in 2004. Honorary Professor, Zhejiang University of Technology, chief scientist of Vercheck Quantum Center, is currently the director of the Institute of Li Zhengdai, Shanghai Jiaotong University. According to the official website of Nobel Prize, the Nobel Prize Committee of the Royal Swedish Academy has awarded the 2004 Physics Awards David Gros, David Polyz and Frank Virzek. The Swedish Royal Academy said in the award of the three scientist Nobel Physics Awards, they were awarded this award due to the achievements of Quark Particle Theory (strong role). It is worth mentioning that quark is the smallest basic particles in nature. These three scientists have the study of Quark, making science closer to achieving the dream of “all things build theories”.

13, Neilles Bol – World Atomic Physics and Quantum Power Founder

Jewish Danish physicist, Master / Dr. Copenhagen, academician, Danish Royal Academy of Sciences, was awarded Danish Royal Sciences Gold Medal, the Honorable Ph.D. in Manchester University and Cambridge University, 1922 Nobel Physics Award.

Bohore proposed Boir model to explain the hydrogen atom spectroscopy by introducing quantified conditions; proposing complementary principles and Copenhagen interpretation to explain quantum mechanics, the founder of Copenhagen school, has a profound impact on the development of physics of the 20th century .

On October 7, 1885, Bol born in Copenhagen, Father Christine Ball is a professor of physiology at the University of Copenhagen, and the mother is born in a rich Jewish family, from a small family education. In 1922, Bohr received a significant contribution to the research atomic structure and the radiation of atoms and won the Nobel Physics Award. To this end, the entire Denmark is immersed in the joy, and the whole country has been celebrated, and Boir has become the most famous Danish citizen. In order to support justice and peace, Boho donated his Nobel Gold Medal to Finland War. Later, people raised a gold recast for him, exhibition in the Danish Museum.

In June 1924, Boir was awarded the University of Cambridge and Manchester University, and the Cambridge Philosophy of Philosophy was accepted him for official members. In December, I was selected as a foreign newsletter of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Einstein evaluation


As a scientific thinker, Boore is so amazing, it is a rare integration of these two qualities of bold and cautious; rarely have this intuitive understanding of this intuitive thing, while also There is such a powerful critical ability. He not only has all the knowledge about details, but also always focuses on the basic principles. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest discovers in our era.

14, Poether – Laying the world’s new natural view foundation physicist

One of German Jewish Theoretical Physics, one of the quantum mechanics, the 1954 Nobel Physics Awards for the basic study of quantum mechanics, especially the statistical interpretation of the wave function.

Benn was born in Breslan (now Poland, Poland City, Wroclaw, December 11, 1882). Max Fol, learned from all universities such as Breslan, Heidelberg, Zurich and Göttingen, and was first mathematics, physics and astronomy. 1907 did a doctorate. In 1912, the famous papers “on the vibration of space dot matrix” have begun in the future, since then, he has begun to create a dot array theory in the next few decades. In 1921, he became the Director of Physics, Corona. In 1936, he served as professor of Edinburgh, in 1937, is elected as a member of the Royal London London. The signator of Poethers or Declaration of Coringen.

Poether is one of the founders of quantum mechanics. The main achievement of Poether in physics is to create a matrix mechanics and make statistical explanations on Schrödinger’s wave function. Basic research, especially the statistical interpretation of quantum mechanics, and Bothe shared the 1954 Nobel physics bonus. Guano and Frank (1882-1964) have a very famous international theoretical physics research center together with Göttingen. At that time, only Bohle established Copenhagen theoretical physics centers can match it.

It is worth mentioning that Banyang once cultivated two Nobel Prize winners: Heisenberg (1932 Nobel Physics Award); Bubble (Because the incompatibility principle of 1945 Bell Physics Award).

15. Sird – one of the founders of the first nuclear reactive pile of human beings

Leio Sirar, Budapest, Budapest, American, Nuclear Physicians, University of Chicago, participated in the US Manhattan plans, and actively advocate peaceful use of nuclear energy after the Second World War, opposing the use of nuclear weapons.

Leio Sirad concealed a nuclear chain reaction in 1933, and in 1934, I applied for a neutron-based nuclear reactor patent. I moved to the United States since 1938, in the University of Columbia, the basic research and application of Nuclear physics in Chicago University, 1939 assisted Albert Einstein to the US President Franklin Roosevelt (Shi called “Einstein” The letter of Rade, which promotes the Manhattan plan of the United States. In December 1942, he was established with Engelk Fermi et al. In Chicago University, the first nuclear reactor “Chicago Pile-1)”, 1955 with Fermi won the new neutron nuclear reactor patent .

Lei Sirad was “Albert Einstein Award” in 1958, “Atoms for Peace Award”, was selected as academicians of the National Academy of Sciences in 1961. .

16, Shi Wen, one of the founders of the world quantum electric power

Julian Shi Wen, Jewish American Theoretical Physicist, founder of Quantum Electrodynamics. In 1965 with Ferman, I won the Nobel Physics Award in Yongzhen Lang. On February 12, 1918, born in a US Jewish family in Manhattan, New York City, New York.

The quantum field in the 1920s has successfully described the radiation and absorption of atomic light, Raman effect, Compton effect, photoelectric effect, and positive and negative electronics. This field is “divergent” difficult, that is, in many calculations, it will get infinite results.

The Yong Zhenzi Lang and Shi Wen have been proposed to eliminate “divergent” difficulties, and the quality of electrons should be considered by electron and electric fields, and “reorganization” must be performed. The “reorganization” method can explain the abnormal magnetic moment of Lamm displacement and electrons.

17. Brochi-cholesterol and fatty acid biosynthesis field outstanding pioneer


American biochemist Brloch. Boulch is born in the Jews family in Silesia, has accepted good education from a small small. In 1930, he entered the University of Munich in Munich, Germany, and graduated from a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in 1934. Because the Nazi was governed, he was forced to flee from Germany to Switzerland, and in 1936, he went to the United States and joined US nationality. He served as Director of the Biochemistry of the National Academy of Sciences and won the famous doctorate of many famous universities.

Brooch has a deeper study in terms of lipid biochemistry and metabolism, which has made an outstanding contribution in cholesterol and fatty acid biosynthesis. Bulk and German biochemier Lvan jointly received 1964 Nobel Physiology or Medical Awards in Luan, Germany.

18, Brown – Pioneer of Organic Polybiotics

Herbert Charles Brown, famous American chemist, in 1979, shared the Nobel Chemical Award with Georg Viti because of the organic synthesis of organic synthesis. Herbert Brown is born in London, an Ukrainian Jewish family from Chatrimir. At the age of two, everyone moved to the United States. In the autumn of 1935, he started at the University of Chicago, the University of Chicago, USA. A bachelor’s degree was obtained in 1936.

During the Second World War, Herbert Brown and his mentor Herman Owen · Schlesinger’s cooperation, Brown discovered a method of producing sodium borohydride, and sodium borohydride available Produce single boron boron and hydrogen. He studied chiral borane compounds can be used to reduce certain organic compounds to give a pure asymmetric enantiomer, which is the first method of obtaining a pure asymmented enantiomeric compound at the time.


19, Haber – the father of nitrogen fertilizer

Fritz Haber, German Chemist, born in Breslan, Germany, Breslake (now Wroclaw, Poland). In 1909, it became the first scientist who created ammonia from the air, so that human beings came from the passive situation that relied on natural nitrogen and accelerated the development of the world agriculture, so I received the 1918 Swedish Academy of Nobel Chemical Award.

Hubble successfully designed a process flow for the device and synthetic ammonia suitable for high pressure experiments. This process is: blowing water vapor over the hot coke, almost equal volume of carbon monoxide and hydrogen mixing gas can be obtained. The carbon monoxide is further reacted with water vapor under the action of the catalyst to obtain carbon dioxide and hydrogen. The mixed gas is then dissolved in water at a certain pressure, and the carbon dioxide is absorbed, which is obtained by pure hydrogen. The water vapor is mixed with an appropriate amount of air and the carbon dioxide and carbon in the air to be absorbed, thereby obtaining the required nitrogen.

20, Founder of Wei Berbyl School

Andre Weiwei, is a large-scale math family in the 20th century, Jewish. One of the Burbay Group’s founders. He is the brother of Philosopher Simona Wei. He made a substantive contribution in many fields, and most importantly be considered an algebra geometry and a deep connection between the number of numbers. Wei Yi knows the European multi-language, he uses Norwegian letter Ø represents empty set. He also profoundly attains the history of mathematics, which can be seen from Burbak’s “Mathematics History”. The “Mathematical History” published by Burbak is what he proposed. In 1940, Liman guess for all curves was proved. In 1948, the famous Wei guess. Wei Yi won the Wolf Mathematics Award in 1979, won the Steier Award in the following year, 1994 Get Kyoto Basic Science Award.


Attached: Outstanding people with Jewish blood

Crack Russian Jewish Mathematians of Pangolai Deals – Perelman

Botany ——- Arrows


Doctors and educators ——- Jen 201us Krick

1914 Nobel Physiology and Medical Award Winner —– Brani

Immunology founder —— Elli West

Discover people with chlorophyll ——- Willstate


The founder of modern molecular biology —— companies

God of life ——– Lesinstein

Founding the biologist of DNA – Arthur Cohenberg

Nobel Medical Award Winner ——- Laj

Sprint of the Lush Gotetta Garden —— Frank

Authority of phagocytosis —– Meichikov

Anatomy and pathological masters ——ha


Dermatology expert ——– Carbo

Dermatologist, Ugna Tunners —– Upa

Medicine and Sumberger Disease Disease —– Sumberg

Dermatology expert, founder of La Saha Ointment —— Randa

One of the discoveresses of penicillin ——– Fleming

One of the discoverer of penicillin ——– Flori

One of the discoverer of penicillin ——– Qian En

Store of streptomycin ——– Kaximman

Discovery of scientists in respiratory activity —— Heinri

Nobel Defense and Discovery Human Blood Type – Carl Landstein

One of the founders of the famous American astronomers, Planet Research Society – Carl Sargan


Organic Chemical founders —— von. Bayer

Chemist —– Lai Xi Shi

The actual inventor of airship —— David. Shuhuazi

The inventors of the helicopter —- Henry. Ferna


German lyric poet and essay – Heinrich Hene

Mozart’s most perfect song-style master Mendelsson Bartadi

The founder of modern art, the main representative of Western Modern Division – Picasso

The nasal ancestors of modern literature is the pioneer of expressionist literature – Franz Kafka

Comedy Master – Chaplin


Famous diplomat – Henry Alfrad

Famous Movie Director – Steven Spielberg

Famous movie star-Heida Rama


Founder of the World – Razaru Ludwig Chemen House

British classical political economics completion – David Li Jia

Big criticist in the 19th century – Brandeas

Great thinkers in the twentieth century, political theorist – Hanna Allen

Third Generation Psychology Practice – Abraham Maslow


International Relations Realism School Master – Hans Morgan

Morgan Corini original monologist – Signzler

Great innovators in novel art – Pruster

Israel contemporary poet – Yuri Kiwi Greenberg

Writers’ writers – Stan

Great Literature in the world – Zwigger

Nobel Literature Award, Soviet Writers – Pasteenak

Big “reporter” writer – Elanberg


Master of Pan God – Sbinosa

Weber Symbolic Master – Casil

Master of Philosophy – Wetgenstein, Marcus, Flom, Luccoo, Popper

Epic who creates contemporary Jews – Erange

Jewish writer – Maramud

The most outstanding novelist in the contemporary United States – Sol Bell

Literature Poet – Mei N

Tragedy poet – Mandel Shitm

Jewish poet – Abraham Map

1910 Nobel Literature Award winner – Haishu

“Watcher” – Selinger

Small Theme Works Master – Ai Xingge

American writer in the era – Meller

The first person of “black humor” literature – Heller

1991 Nobel Literature Award Winner, South African Literature Famous Woman – Gordimer

“The first generation” Surfers and the collar leader – Kingsberg

Psychologist – Brotzki

“Anne Diary” author – Anne Frank

Pray for poet – Rilke writer

Nobel Literature Award winner – Thomsman

Early short storyist of Soviet Union – Babie

Israeli Symphony Founder, Poland Violin – Bronislav Hubelman

Italy Command Master, the First Symphony Orchestra Director – Tuscani

Russian merit artist – Leonov

Oscar Best Director – Roman Polanski

Two Oscar Emperor – Dastin Hofman

Hollywood movie – James Franco

The youngest shadow in Oscar – Adrian Braud

Famous founders of jeans —– Li Weish Strus

Roselide Financial Group – Roschild Family

Mobil Petroleum Founder – Lockefeller Family J.P

Morgan Datong Group – Morgan Family

Goldman Sachs Transnational Bank Holdings Group – Goldman Sachs

Reuters founder – Paul Julius Reuters


The world’s largest film entertainment company

Estee Lauder Cosmetics Company – Mrs. Estee Lauder

British Cam Company founder – Marcussee

Intel Company Founder – Andrew Grov

Disney actual controller – Michael Esner, etc.

Jewish World’s largest network company Google Created – Sergei Balin

Founder of Dell Dell, Dell Dell, USA – Michael Dell

Founder of Quantum Fund – George Soros

Starbucks Coffee Global Group founder – Howard Schultz

CEO of Facebook – Zachberg