Autumn and winter, is your heating bar ready?

“Solution you want to know the heating rod use related issues”

How many wataphan should my fish tank?

Generally, a liter of water 1 to 2 watts, such as 100 liter of water, can choose from 100W, 150W, 200W. If the fish tank like 500 liters should be bought two 300W heating, or 300W and 500W. I remember to buy two bodies during purchase, and I have a job. Even if it is broken, it is not possible to use the fish tank to be lost.


Is it good or stainless steel?

I have been using a glass, I have bought a stainless steel, I have been broken for three months, maybe I am lucky. In addition, this stainless steel was found to rust. Preliminary analysis may be because of the cause of the fish tank or the cause of this quality. In addition, I often see the event that the stainless steel explosion breaks the cylinder, I still continue to use the glass.

How is the heating rod to select a split or integrated?

The split type is that the temperature is thermally controlled and the heating body is separated, and the heating body is heated separately, most of which is a plastic box, a temperature display. Controlled heating from an external controller. So adjust the temperature of the fish tank is very convenient.

One integrated is integrated, as long as the water is inserted, it can be used, the price is cheap, the structure is simple, and the use is convenient. In addition to adjusting the temperature is inconvenient, there is basically no shortcomings.

For my personal experience, it is also possible that I bought cheap junk goods, the split format is electronic control, and the fish tank cabinet is moist, love is bad. I bought two temperature controls, I used it for a few months. Instead, the result of the form is relatively simple, plus the design of waterproof water. I personally recommend one integration. There is no shortcoming except for the inconvenient in temperature adjustment.

Is the same raid fish tank, is it a number of small watts than the large wattage?

It is not, according to the law of conservation of energy in junior high school. Whether you use small tiles or a large wattage, it is necessary to heat this water. Small wattage has low work efficiency, long working hours, high working efficiency, short working hours. Both give the fish tank once a degree of water temperature, the required power is the same. So there is no need to choose a heating rod that is insufficient due to the power consumption. Instead, the heating effect is poor, resulting in a specified temperature in the specified temperature.

Where should heating rods? How to put work efficiency is high?

No matter where it is released, you must abide by a principle: a large amount of water flow must be passed on the basis of not erecting a hot rod. In this way, no matter how it is placed, it cannot be placed, no matter where you can put it in a low water flow or still water. The most common heating rod is an integrated, the temperature is in the heating rod, if it is placed, the heated water will naturally rise, the water temperature reaches the requirements, and the heating rod will stop working. In fact, the temperature of the fish tank has not been heated. It is also possible to put the heating rod in the places where the still water flow is.

For example, in general, the upper filtch can be selected from the lower water outlet, and the side filter is placed back (the water blows heating the rod), and the back filter is placed on the side. So under filter? The average person will choose to put water pump area, this is true, but there is no good thing! Many people are placed in the bottom of the pump area, which is not correct, because the place is often a weak water area, and should be placed in the overflow trough of the pump area. Some people say that I can’t let go of the cylinder, then close to the outlet or water pump suction, make sure the water pump’s water absorbing flow can take the heat. There are also people in the bottom filter cylinder. As long as you use the water to blow the heating rod, there is no problem. As long as there is a water flow, you can take away the heat on the heating rod. If you are afraid of fish, you can give the heating rod to bring a set, how to bring me, don’t teach you.

How can I save some winter? How to insulate fish tank?

There is nothing to save, the key is how to heat the fish tank, first of all, to cover the son, whether it is filtered or a fish tank, it has to be covered, which can reduce water evaporation, and the water temperature will naturally keep it. Then try to improve the temperature in the room, for a lot of cotton on the Internet, this effect, can not be said, but the meaning is not big, because the conditions for the temperature rise method are strict, the thickness of the temperature is sufficient, Just like the fridge.

Why didn’t you get the designated water temperature heating rod?

There are several reasons: 1. Indoor temperature is too low 2. Filter is lost. 3. The temperature is not allowed.

If the room temperature is only 16 degrees, set the heating rod temperature 32 degrees, and the actual temperature may only have 28 degrees. Even if you give you a cover, you can only go to 30 degrees. This is my experience that I have experienced in a small cylinder playing in a winter.

If you filter it with a drop, you set 32 ​​degrees, actually only 28 degrees, not to mention the problem of low ambient temperature.

The final is the thermometer, your room temperature is not low, like a 26 degree room temperature, set 32 ​​degrees, why does the thermometer show 30 degrees, heating the rod does not work? This is to verify that the thermometer is precise and whether the position placed in the heating rod is a still water area.

Why stop working in a few minutes, the water temperature is not reached?

It is necessary to check if there is a problem with the position of the heating rod, and there is a water flow near heating rod? Does the heating rod are erected? If there is no water flow through the heating rod, the topical temperature of the heating rod will be higher than the temperature of the fish tank, so the heating rod will stop working, and after the local temperature flows, heating again, affecting the effect of heating. The reason why the hot water is flowing upwards, and the temperature is in the heating rod, so it will also stop slowly. As long as you re-put the heating rod.

Why is it still working?

This is basically broken. If the water temperature exceeds the four degrees set by the heating rod, it is still heating, basically heating the rod temperature is very bad, and does not stop. This can only be changed.

Why is it best to have two heating rods?

This is a prevention work, preventing suddenly suffering from winter, and another in the fish tank, let you have time to buy a new. Like a fish tank in my house, nearly 1000 liters of water, I am 500W. The third year is still working. And the company’s fish tank, 600 liters of water, two 300W. Of course, I also tried out of the body, that is, the temperature controller is not in the water, but maybe I am lucky, it is broken for three months.

How long does heating the rod?

I have seen the instructions on this issue and have no time to write. However, some information on online general written 3 to 5 years of service life, and some articles have written two years to change, the causes of hot decline. As for this, there is really no research, mainly without equipment to test. However, you find that your heating rod is not hot, then you should change it. I am in the winter, I will try the heating rod every month. Although it is a bit difficult to believe in this, it is a bit difficult to believe, but in fact a day a day is washed filter cotton. At this time, it is not very tired by checking.

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