Sweater + skirt, coat + boots, autumn and winter, the oldest CP, too beautiful

Girl, good afternoon ~

As the saying:

“Look in the body in the summer, look through the fall!”

When autumn is crazy, you can’t learn something.


Look at the thin ~

Cr. What are you?

like what

“Surrounding”, “improve the waist line”, “Tongue”

Wait, isn’t it what I gave you all day?


Cr.woods Muzi / Zhou Xiaoyu oo / Xu Tatin / Peace SHERRY

But there is still some sisters say not look enough, I haven’t learned, I want to see more warm and fashionable wearing a road ~

Cr.jolie classmates

Ok, it will give you all one today.


Autumn and winter practical wear cp list

, This time you will not say it anymore ~

Sweater + jeans

These two CPs really don’t worry! Half of the autumn and winter is contracted by them, and it is casual and leisure. The key is to wear and thin!

Cut Sherry

Most classic

Pure color sweater + wide-rapid combination of jeans is very suitable for autumn and winter

Because the color of the version is the basic paragraph, so we are very friendly for new hands ~

Three wood three wood

Advanced version,

Strip bottoming shirt or shirt inside the sweater

, Revealing the corner of the most inside, will not change the style positioning, but when you look at you is a worker!

A small detail:


The color of the sweater is deep, the color of the jeans can be selected, and the whole is more American retro far.

A u T u m n




The hooded sweater has a hat, and it is more appropriate to stack it.

It is better to put the stack in the lower body,


Jeans rolls




And sweater hierarchy socks

, The echies between the items are reflected!


Cr. three eyelids

In addition, the natural round neck sweater is in jeans, first clarify the waistline; then

The jeans of the front fork will extend the line of sight.

, Try the proportion of legs as much as possible ~

Cr. three eyelids

This year’s fire


Horseshoe and sweater

The chemical reaction is also very interesting.

Wickn velvet’s horseshoe pants weakened calf thick and warm

, Large sweater cover furkle wide flesh,

Pear-shaped figure

Sisters quickly learned!


Have you found it?

Officially learned suit


When you encounter no boundless sweater, it has also been relaxed.

And even if you are comfortable, the joining of suits is not affected.

Grasp in color

Is it not very simple to match?


瞧 乔 乔 y





Sisters, I also gave you an example:

Direct tooling pants are very friendly for all kinds of legs

Just add one



, Little feeling is very in place ~

Cr.sssslin / three wood three wood

Want to wear


Feeling, direct

A complete set of sports sweeping trousers

It is very harmonious to overlap the single item or stand in it.



A set of sports sweepstakes can choose to close the feet, and the material should be thick, so it will not wear a pajamas.

Cr. 米

Of course, girls who are biased in the lower body can also choose

Wide legs

, As long as the upper body chooses to bring a style of sweater, it is the same effect ~

CR. Draw Wind / Ssslin

Shark pants and sweater

With the match, the southern sisters can try, shark pants instead of light legs, keep warm and thin!


Some girls, I want to wear a year in four seasons.


Autumn and winter are both want to have the wind and want the temperature, what should I do?

It is better to add a pair

Stylish and warm boots



Although the autumn and winter short skirt is not worn, it does not affect the love of fashionation to it.

Choose some

Cartridge, leather, etc.



Boot boots or knight boots

Southern winter is so fashionable ~

Cr. Three eyelids of people / woods

The daily diligent skirt is a bias, like a design, like

Xiuqi Shoot thin pointed ankle boots

Package skirt, onk skirt

Just a woman taste ~

The style of the shoes determines the style of the shoes, we can match the right shoe based on the style of the skirt.


Cowboy skirt with brown toned knight boots



Although it is a long boot,


Boots are close to the leg lines

If you don’t have a short time.


There is also a denim dress, saving time with an effect.

Boots color and dress color

, Isn’t that what we often say is the following legs? !

In addition to denim skirts, British flavor


It is also an important item that is rich in autumn and winter ~


Select on the color of the boots, as long as

Tone according to the skirt and overall

It is very good to look at it.

The simplest is


Warm-tone wear and brown boots



Cool toner and black boots

While the white boots are not striking, the tone is mixed ~


Cr. three eyelids


Of course,

Pable in the most eyegap


Also arranged you!

The big skirt is in the thick leggings, and it can’t see a pair of boots.

Cr. White Big Fei / Three Eye Leather

But pay attention, when autumn and winter is mixed with pleated skirts in the long coat,


Skirt can grow through the coat


The side of the pleated skirt is exposed, and the wearing level is rich.

White flying

and also

More warm velvet, knit skirt


These are all kinds of autumn and winter, the cold, choose the most basic long boots, gentle temperament, come ~

Cr. three eyelids


Autumn and winter

Floral dress

Nothing, as long as the color of the coat is clean,

Follow the external intensity

It is very resistant ~


The color of the drafling skirt can echo the boots,


Dark-dominated skirts wear black or dark brown, light skirts choose naked or light coffee.

The last one can be said to be

“Selling Quality”

Wearing the ceiling ~

Soft lazy sweater + three-dimensional cool coat

How to wear how it is!

First recommend it is

Keep warm face small collar sweater

. The collar will pile up to cover the fat double chin,


Streamline design coat stacking outside

This quality is very expensive!


Slough fat

Sisters can wear

Detached feet sweater



Put into the trousers or take a thin belt

, Then the coat is open

Highlight waistline

This will not feel bloated in this way ~


Cr.slyviami / Xia Ning wants to travel

Color match, we are from the simplest


Internal and external collusion

Start, this is more integrated, and the novice is easy to get high-level feelings.

Cr.Nancy sleeps today? Nan Nan


Bold bright collision can try new patterns, as long as

Not isolated on a color

, Let the rest of the accessories

There is echo on color

, Is not surprising to the whole to see ~

CR. Xia Ning wants to travel


For example

The whole body is black single color adjustment

It is difficult to feel boring with ordinary earth colors or no color lines.

It is better to try this year.

Green Honey Bee Color Long Fork Sweater


From the top to bottom, it is black, but after adding the bag of the color system, there is echo inside and outside, and weaken the strange feeling ~

CR.NANCY is sleeping today?

If you still don’t dare to try, then

Low saturation printed sweater

Start, match


Color coat

There is a point but also low-key.


Cr.sissi Chen

In addition to the head sweaters,


Sweater cardigan

You can also join this combination.


Especially knit cardigans with small lapels, and the collar of the coat is full of detail ~

There are lapels of knitting cardigans, more suitable for non-collar coats; there is a coat of the coat, I still recommend it with the round neck or V collar, wear without the development ~

Cut sherry / Xu Tetin

I still feel that it is not warm enough, then


Change the woolen coat into lamb hair




Sweater to replace a thin and soft material

Don’t be thick + thick = tiger’s back bear waist!

The last surprise wear it! Who said sweaters can only wear inside the coat,

When a shawl is on the outside


, This is not warmer!

-The End-

Ok, today I will summarize the three real wear and good-looking clothes, and your autumn and winter can have both wind, but also have a temperature!

Now that you are all matching now, hurry to tell me in the comment area!


Point “Looking at” and commentary, I will smoke a gift to the Qiang Jiji Po.


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Cr.jolie classmates


Three wood three wood

Three wood three wood

Three wood three wood

A u T u m n


A u T u m n

A u T u m n

Cr. three eyelids

Cr. three eyelids

Cr. three eyelids

Cr. three eyelids

Cr. three eyelids


Cr. three eyelids






White flying

White flying