2021-2022 autumn and winter women’s shoes trend

The shoes have truly changed and excited the inspiration of clothing. Although some of the clothing trends in this season makes many people feel confused (from “revenge high heels” to the slippers you can wear outdoors, designers re-conceive what is truly comfortable, interesting shoes, and how to bring them to consumption By). This year, the so-called “ugly shoes” fashion trend is

Furry boots, thick-cut wood and pointed sneakers.


Unlike the popular sneakers a few years ago, there were all high-heeled shoes from Chanel Do, all kinds of high heels. This high-heeled shoes are quickly known as “revenge high heels”. Other shoes trends in the fall of 2021 look like wearing a whole day. For example, Oxford Shoes, Ballet Flat Shoes seem to be popular again this season. Decoration on footwear also reached a high height – thick gem, tie. With so many different shoes design, all the autumn and winter 2021-2022 shoes trend are a real interesting thing! Study these clever skills and identify the most popular design, listed them in this list On, for 2021 shoes trends into new vitality!

Tight boots

The tight skirt may get more and more unopened, but tight boots? That is completely another thing! The trend of the shoes in the fall of 2021 seems to be a combination of leggings and boots.

Prada and Peter Do (Peter Do) focused on the simple high heels of the line, and Schiaparelli selected a sculpture-style shoes, starting from the golden thick shoe, then curved the leg. Marine Serre also designed this style of shoes, using popular print trends, hide the designer’s logo in the work.

Lazy boots


A few years ago, knee boots may be the most popular main product, but in 2021, the knee boots were replaced by a relaxed and fashionable lazy boots. Lazy boots and windbreaks, skirts, jeans, dress, and any clothes you wear look great!

On the show, the Shoes of Monolo Blahnik – it is a truly combination of lazy and boots trend. Gabriella Hearst and Khaite have designed some great lazy boots for this autumn and winter shoes.

Ballet flat shoes

From Audrey Hepburn, Bi Ji, Bremen to Kate Moss and Taylor Swift, etc. have passed through ballet flat shoes. In the last season, Simone Rocha is one of the few designers designed to design this style as inspiration (and a Victorian doll). However, this season, the eternal shoes came back again, Valentino (Valentino) launched a classic Rockstud design, Dior (Dior) also used this shoe trend, launched a mixed letter combination design.


The shoes that are high heels and sculptures may be very popular, but comfort is always the first.


Coach, Coach, to make slippers more suitable for outdoor and gently enter this trend, and only (chloe), it is necessary to continue to enjoy the plush comfort of the slippers, and show people to people’s truth Can match elegant dress. Other designers who like slippers also have Otuzarra and Proenza Schouler, the former makes the fluffs into dramatic effects, the latter combines socks and slippers to create Ultimate comfortable shoes.


Oxford shoes

Your grandfather’s favorite shoe will become one of the popular shoes trends in 2021.


On the show, British wind appeared in Armani store, most designers choose to match high-heeled shoes or match the flat Oxford shoes. Evergreen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Real power.

Furry boots


The furry boots look like a UGG boots, but it is all fur. This pair of boots first appeared on the fashion show in Celine, and then appeared on the fashion show of Chanel and Miu Miu. Boots look like a snowman’s feet. It is also a comfortable and interesting perfect combination.


Metal boots


It seems that it will be metal fashion. If you don’t believe me, then look at the metal high heels boots of Paris! However, if you want to find a pair of not heavy, you can wear the boots you walk everywhere, Dresia Van Noten, Gil Jil Sander, Peter DO and Victoria Beckham have designed silver boots.


And knee boots


And the knee high-heeled footprint is a real power declaration, although the knee high heel and the footholds may be a classic, but this youth revolutionary style does have a lot of different styles in autumn in the fall of 2021. Designer Kim Shui uses this trend of shoes in her series, blue leather and calf, and combination of knee and long boots. When Khaite focused on making black high heels, Jeffrey Campbell used a complete 60-year style, white crocodile skin and square.

Rainbow shoes

If you happen to read an article about Pan Tong 2021 autumn colored articles, you will know that highly saturated hue occupies dominant in the fall in autumn. The shoes are the same! In Alberta Ferretti, the bright hue is particularly popular, they use rich green. Prada uses purple tone, and VETEMENTS uses bright blue. However, these brands are not the only brand that uses rainbow-like shoes! Givenchy, Loewe, FenDi, also used bright tones in the upcoming new season shoe series.


From the sequins skirt to handbags, this pair of shoes have also been favored by people.

On the show, Carolina Herrera is set with a careful pattern on black boots. Vetements sprinkles jewelry and colors on boots, etro sews on their boots, Prada drops sequins on shoes.


Lacing design

With the popular tailor of this season, the belt sandals have become mainstream. Dior launched complex and asymmetrical shoulder straps, while Molly Goddard used the shoulder strap to create a bow and diamond pattern, entered a highly detailed side. Proenza Schouler designed a shoe suitable for winter, showing us the perfect match of this shoe and socks and leggings.


Thick shoe


Thick surface shoes are undoubtedly one of the most popular shoes trends in the fall of 2021. This stable and comfortable style is easy to popular in autumn and winter. From Prada to Molly Goddard, Alberta Ferretti to ULLA JOHNSON, a variety of different styles of shoes have appeared.

Wooden foot shoes

Like furry boots, the pointed sneakers, the thick bottom wood is also included in the trend of “ugly shoes” in 2021. Despite this, these shoes from Denmark are still popular because they are comfortable, perhaps because they are controversial? The winter series of shoes include Sandy Liang, Simon Miller and PH5. If you like this style, you can consider matching loose jeans or long skirts to create a casual style.