The corresponding function of the key in the car, how should novice know the inside of the car

I believe that friends who have just taken driver’s licenses, the biggest difficulty is the various buttons on the center console. I don’t know what the buttons correspond. These buttons should be used, although the driving school coach teaches some, but the central control So many buttons on the stage, there is no time to teach you to know, so I still don’t know how to use it right?


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Then take the most commonly used Santana to use, let everyone know, the button inside the vehicle corresponds to what is the function, first start from the door, the knob that opens the handle is to control the rearview mirror, through the narrow road section When you can rotate the knob to “L”, the left rear view mirror can be adjusted to “R”, and the right rear view mirror can be adjusted to “0” is the adjustment function of the rear view mirror. The button on the armrest is mainly used to control the windows and door locks, “1-4” is used to control the four windows alone, the main role of “5” is a key to lock the window, “6” is the open lock. . The button next to the audio under the door is the inside trunk opening button.

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The button on the steering wheel is generally more specific, the left area is the control volume, the above is the volume “+”, the following is the volume “-“, left and right for the upper and lower songs, the middle is the mute button. The right area control button is a Bluetooth phone, menu switching, voice control, determination, and option to switch. The multi-function buttons on these steering wheels are in driving, they can be controlled directly on the steering wheel directly. Figure 6 The tie rod is used to adjust the direction of the steering wheel, which belongs to manual, and there is an automatic, just need to adjust the steering wheel angle by the movement of the switch.

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The left side of the steering wheel is controlled by the fixed speed cruise and partial light. The most on the upper button is used to control the fixed speed cruise, the above is the recovery / acceleration, the following is the setting / deceleration, the top half of the lever is the uppermost semicircular knob is fixed. The speed cruised switch, the middle part of the lever is a high-light, and the most reliable is the turn signal. Figure 8 From the outside to the outside, the front fog light, the back fog light, the light is closed, the light is automatically controlled, reveal the wide light, the headlights, when they go to the headlights, pull the middle position to open the vehicle Rear fog lamps. The knob next to it is used to control the height of the headlights, and there are three gear positions to choose.


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The right side of the steering wheel is the wiper adjustment. The front and rear figures can open the wiper. From top to bottom, it is high-speed continuous scraping, low-speed continuous scraping, intermittent, closed, scraping, the first thing is the frequency adjustment button, left It is low frequency, and the right is high frequencies, and then the lever is dial in the direction, and can be sprayed three times.


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The left side of the instrument panel is a speedometer, and the white scale is a safe speed, and the red scale is a dangerous speed, but there are also green scale regions on the tachometer of some vehicles, and the green area is the most economical interval of the engine. In general, the vehicle starts, the speed will reach around 1200-1500, when the engine is working properly, the speed will fall to about 800 revolutions, when the shift is changed, it can be converted to the left and right in 2000-2500, usually, as long as the speed Don’t be too high, don’t be too low.


On the right side of the instrument disk, the left button of the intermediate portion can be pressed, and the hour can be displayed in the middle small screen. You can make specific selection by the right button, then press the left button, it can be adjusted to the minute, but also through the right button for specific Select, then press the left button to switch to the next maintenance kilometer, then press it once, show the vehicle the first-time information, there is outdoor temperature, hour mileage. At this time, you can adjust to the mileage by the right button. If you want to return to the hour mileage, you can press the button to press the key, and finally attach a Santa’s indicator map.