Good value, honest, honest, handsome guys, boys spring and autumn three-piece set!

Written US Tao baby clothes summary


Give Daihai Tao’s clothes, the United States is coming from Carter, Jinbao, etc. I got some for my son. I feel that my baby can wear it. I finally came out to open light appreciation!

Before the Carter and Oshkosh B’Gosh, the clothes of these two brands are still very good. Size is also very suitable for my baby, we are currently 2 years old, still wearing Oshkosh B’Gosh nominal 18m size fleece jacket, 24M clothes feeling again, wearing a fall and winter, no problem, thin baby is really savings !

Nautica brand introduction


A little running. It is prepared today is the two clothes of Nautica.


The Nautica brand is founded in the United States by a Chinese-owned designer Zhu Xinyi. The name of Nautica (Nodika) is from Latin “Nauticus”. Its clothing philosophy is an advocacy of ocean life, rich in natural color, both full of vitality and unrestrained. Since 1983, the DATICA brand founder and Chief Designer Since the time of 6 pieces, Zhu Qinhao has developed Nautica into a complete life fashion brand.

The above, the science time ends here.

Although it is a Chinese designer found, the Nautica gives people the feelings, like CK, TH, Levi’s, Lee, etc., has a rich American casual style, involving various fields such as clothing, shoes, and bags.

Nautica Nota Boys Spring and Autumn Three

This set of bought is more early, I bought it in 2014. It will not have long time, and the experience in Meiyao’s clothes is not enough. I don’t wait for what discount code, I don’t think it feels like, the price is more appropriate. It is entered, and the price is calculated that the postage is about 21 knives. At present, Meiya has been removed.


Look at the real thing. Fresh unpacking, bought back, has not been removed. . . Haha, I almost have a tragedy as the shoes you have previously transferred. Nautica’s packaging bags are all machine seals, unlike other brands such as Carter, are pasted tape.


Sweater + shirt + jeans three-piece set, very handsome. At that time, I was mainly seen in this sweater.

Look at the top. The zipper is open, the small lapel, the pattern is a little college style?


back. The position of the printing in the cuff and the body is still touched, and it is neat. Some of the clothes are always aligned in this pattern of stitching, it looks very awkward.

Open the zipper, surprise! I thought it was a sweater, the result is actually a jacket of a piece of cotton! I don’t know why I have a feeling of “earning”. The thickness of the casing is not thin, and the cave is thick than the Carter you bought before.

Tags on a coat. About ingredients, 100% Cotton written. At that time, the baby was 7 months. He often saw that all the comments said that the doll clothes of the US emperor were too small, and such a set would inevitably wear it to be lined, decisively bought 24m.


shirt. Simple dark blue neck.


More regrets that the shirt is not cotton, and how much it is in the coat. Maybe because there is no reason for the water, the hand feels more hard.


jeans. The feeling of the first eye is that the pants is really long … The actual wear effect is also the case, tragedy.

Ingredients label. It may be a bit unclear, and it is also 100% cotton.

Finally, look at the wearing effect. The little baby is falling for a week, the body is 88cm, the weight is 12.5kg. Please pat.

It can be seen that the clothes are obviously larger (the autumn clothes inside are embarrassed). Shirts are not worn. The jacket sleeves are longer, and they took a piece of autumn clothes and a small vest. It appeared very empty. After several times, I added a sweater, I feel that this dress is more Hold a few There is no problem with the pieces of shirts. The waist of jeans is slightly loose, but it is still barely to hang it on the waist, and the trousers are long, and the tragedy is too long, and it is very uncoordinated. Perhaps foreign baby takes it as low waist pants, okay, can only wait for the baby to try again. This dress is a 2-year-old autumn and winter, it is no problem. Can you support it in the spring of next spring? . .

In general, the three-piece set of more than 130 yuan can wear the baby for nearly a year, and they have been able to have a spring and one festival.

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