In “Little Relie”, Jiang Xin and Song Jia back bag is the most correct way to open a commuter maturity.

The recent hot broadcast drama “small house”, I don’t know if you have a beautiful wood? As a honey sister in the secondaing, it is chasing the end from the beginning. In the drama, Jiang Xin and Song Jia played a pair of “halfway sisters”, and their drama became a topic of many temperament moms and white-collar hot discussions. Special them in the play bag, making many priests soul.


Talk to you today, which big-name and niche bags that appear in “Little Square”, give a reference for hot moms chasing fashion quality.

First, I said Jiang Xin. Jiang Xin calculates the famous representatives of the microves, plus the skeleton, giving people a touch of tiger’s bear waist. Fan Shengmei in “Happy” in my impression may be that she is more thin in the hot broadcast of the world.

“Broad” Mrs. Jiang Xin


At the “Xiaosheng”, Jiangxin, who has played, finally broke through the magic of “Fan Shengmei”, and wished to marry a rich second generation.

She finally lived at least every day to buy anything, I didn’t have to look at the extravagance of luxury, and I didn’t have a fat man. In the drama, she contributed a lot of big bag.

1, big name Chalec

In the play of my husband and children, she dressed in her. With this year’s popular blue white printed shirt with black Chanel large wandering bag. Although there is no ladies of the lady, it is also a rich wife in the small family.


This package is the fragrance Gabrielle series, which belongs to the 2020 early autumn. Black calf skin with fragrant landmark metal logo chain, is a wild. And the size of the large size is relatively large with Jiang Xin’s height. This is only sold at 3.4W.

2, big name – Prada


This red PRADA package also appeared many times in the play. Simple in the air, the wind is very suitable for commuting. The red high saturation emission is in the match of Tian Yu Light, everything is just right! It’s not easy to be ignored. The size of the medium number is perfect with Jiang Xin’s large size, and it is not compressed.


The official website price of this package is 1.67W.


3, big name – how to have fewer gucci

This classic old flower wine god package has a “golden years” in these years, and Ni Ni also has the same paragraph.

The classic model of the big name should never step on the pit, and it is closed. But the price is very fascinating, and the hit rate is high is also a hard injury. The GUCCI handbag price in Jiang Xin drama is 2.1W.

The flat-wondered Loro Piana Tott package, the market price of 1.6W, this Tott package is suitable for daily daily. For example, buy vegetables, visit supermarkets or take children. In the drama, Tian Yuyu took this package out of the temperament of buying vegetables. Also in the “Golden Years”, Liu Shishi also interpreted with the same paragraph. Of course, Liu Shishi took out the soft sister paper temperament of the light dance.

4, big-port-portce pink Messenger bag

Versace This pink Messenger bag, the average person is difficult to control! First, the pink is too chop, only cold skin can be neutralized and pink, plus pink and the girl feeling, the temperament requirements of people itself are also relatively high. However, the pink bag tested in Jiang Xin drama, although there is no stunning; but it is not too disgusting. She still uses a simple white inlet shoulder shirt and “my mother” feel.


This package market is above 1.35W. In fact, I personally don’t recommend 30 years old + the beauty into pink; skin is beautiful, except for big legs.


Workplace female elite – South Wei


In “Little Strike”, the South Phaments of Song Jia played the Marketing Director. When I came, I came with “everyone,” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” Annual salary of 800,000, 8.99W bag, 250,000 cars, live 240 flat houses. Calculate the representative of urban beauty.


Jiang Xin, who is in the drama to marry the rich second generation, is a complete number of roads, her niche brand, light luxury, and luxury single product have appeared. Her unique aesthetic and quality of her independent women are highlighted.

1, white-collar entry level —

Tory Burch

Tory Burch is very popular in China in the past few years. Especially after Haitao and purchasing, Tory Burch became a lot of entry-level brands that were beautifully entered into the pit luxury! Design simply atmospheric, take the middle elite route. The price is up and down. In the play

South China is interpreted


Tory Burch Ella series canvas Tost bag, very type!

This package of official website is 4.85K. It is also suitable for daily and workplace.

2, female elite is not allowed – FENDI

Fendi’s spliced ​​bag of this crocodile skin, is considered by many people to be Hermes Birkin package


Alternative. But to tell the truth, the price of 8.99w is really not average person to buy.

In the play, she wears 1194 yuan Ellassay white bunch of lupine dress with this 8.99W bag, but also falls generous, elegant temperament. In fact, the white bag of milk is not very good in many people, but in the workplace commute may be the most unlike wrong, and it will not appear too much color.


3, MAX Mara


The name of the MAX Mara coat is out of turn. From the stars to a famous manager. Compared with the visibility of the coat, Max Mara’s bag is slightly mighty. When the play is in the southern and south, when he will participate in the child’s parent meeting, the 6800 yuan MAX Mara Whitney medium package is still very simple.

This striped shirt is also from -Ellasy, the official website is priced at 599 yuan. These clothes are not expensive, but with her body, there is a kind of cold and transparent temperament. She is compared to other film and television dramas, the female elite moved to give a Hermes, and the full set of luxury adds … The South Pan of the drama seems to be more grateful and actually.

(Happy Yuzhong, Di Di, frequently attacked Hermes)


After saying “Xiaolu”, Jiang Xin and Song Jia, the bag of sisters. I want to alone Cue recently because of the variety “Mom, you are so good” and once again let the fashionable spiritual big cousin Liu Wen. Her gas field is really absolute.


(Excerpted from the variety screenshot)


Her simple atmosphere is not expensive, the fashion taste of the high-level sense, can give us some insights and reference. In particular, many of her performed in March, let the beauty of “Bao Guan Baiko” have a reference for pit or pulling.


4, DISSONA-China brand

The big cousin performs a french ax in the early March, with a refreshing white shirt and blue jeans, lazy in small practice.

Dissona’s bag pursues delicate, elegant and quality. So the style is very knowledgeable and luxurious. Suitable for the beautiful age, the price is extravagant. This official price like Liu Wen is 2298 yuan.

5, there is less than Chanel

The fumes’ bags have almost no chances of stepping on the pit. As long as the economic conditions are allowed, how do you get a beautiful package? Liu Wen’s black sheep skin strapless package is one of the most classic styles of Chanel. It is also a relative to the value.

The current market price is over 4W.


Another fragrant MINI package appeared in her airport show, we pass it. It is not a practicality, and the concave shape is good.

6, fashionable bursting – Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen has been known as a fashion world. The single item he designed has an inexplicable drama aesthetics. Exaggerate, but unshirk; stylish but recognition. For example, Liu Wen’s black bucket package.

This CURVE series bucket package is branded. The bag is designed to increase the hard ambient on the shape of the bucket. It is said that the design is inspired by the Alexander McQueen commonly used strap style tribe. This package is priced at 1.19W up and down.


7, low-key luxury -Moynat

Moynat did not have LV in the domestic visibility of the French luxury bag brand in China. But it is indeed a 5 year earlier than LV. All bags are purely manually produced and have very little daily production. The style is chasing the ultimate craft and minimalistic design, low-key but very late, Monaco Wang Hao is one of the most famous female fans in this brand.

Liu Wen’s back is like a sad color of the saddle bag from

Moynat’s Loulou Bag series, the package is very suitable for the daily age and our daily people.


Before, when the London fashion blogger Camille Charriere street, she used Moynat bright yellow Loulou Bag bag, with a light-colored basic costume, and I can’t say a record. And the bag of Moynat is the key to this LOOK.

Speaking of saddle bags, big brands have made a corresponding series in these years. The shape is similar, but the respective care of the respective is injected. for example


Chloé This KISS series calfskin bag.

Carving the wind metal handle is its logo, the shape makes people think of the contour of the female lips, a little inexplicable 暧昧; the compact and small contour and minimal design aesthetics, so that the high level of the entire bag is very strong. Of course, the price is also advanced -1.19w.


Dior’s saddle bag should be calculated on the shape of the most restored saddle. This shaped design, bold and avant-garde. But it is very sought after. But the average person is actually not very good, although its fashion is super.


If you want to have a designed minimalist high level in daily, it also takes into account a practical saddle bag, I personally still like the UK’s small brand Zatchels. With the Anglas head of the cowhide, there is no more metal decoration throughout the bag, the facade is very hard, smooth, but it is not soft and beautiful. It is very suitable for urban aging.


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