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Canvas shoes high help


Canvas shoes are light, whether it is a travel or exercise, will be one of the best choices. Wear a pair of lively, playful, colorful canvas casual shoes, easy to walk in the grain fragrance, the maple leaf gradually shackles, it is a very wonderful enjoyment.

Canvas shoes have a long history in China, from the earliest canvas shoes, canvas shoes in the form of canvas shoes, to today’s mini painted canvas shoes, sports casual canvas shoes, high-strength canvas shoes, technology is quite mature, the output is also large .

Today, two kinds of canvas shoes are to:


Thick adhesive, upper, lacquer, lace, shoes to help all-inclusive ankles high canvas shoes can be described as the real class of the entire canvas shoes, it has become a “business card” of the type of canvas shoes. The same color color design with this style is also a “newspaper cloth”.

High-top canvas shoes in the torque, set young, fashionable, simple, leisure and other canvas shoes, long life, has always been the traditional style of global canvas shoes. Because there is a rich fabric from the plain color, lattice, special patterns, there are full layers, half-neck, rubber head, leather, etc., whether it is with trousers, shorts, long skirts, short skirts Square.

Low help

The low-top canvas shoes are also known as “shoe” and “lazy shoes”, because even the lace is just loose snoring, the lace is more functional just squandering. “Vase”, lazy people can be freely wearing shoes, without having to bend.

Low-to-help canvas shoes are also worried, almost everything can be tested, and don’t pick people, the long legs can wear it, and the short-legged beauty should be very beautiful. Compared with the people in the canvas shoes, the low canvas shoes are more lively, more and more free, more free and cute. Colorless shoes, the color of the transformation of the colorless canvas with the “most variable” foot to become a “patent”.

Canvas shoes are not only the embodiment of cultural tension, but also the extension symbol of lifestyle.