He Huihui: From the “door-to-door” to “Merchants”, he uses practical actions to prove

“Tired is a good thing, we are not afraid of tiredness, afraid that there is no company to visit, the target mission is not completed.” Said the enrollment work, Shenzhen, China’s resident investment work member, Wang Gao Industrial Zone Merchants Cadres He Huanhui.


In order to fully integrate into the Dawan District, accelerate the high quality development of Hezhou, in November last year, Hezhou City established the Shenzhen Resources Merchants Team, He Hui became one of the teams sent to Shenzhen.


The municipal party committee, the municipal government held the city’s park construction and investment promotion of the promotion of the meeting of the Municipal Party Committee Secretary Li Hongqing, presided over the meeting and speaking

For He Huihui engaged in planning construction and land acquisition, the investment in the resident is a new challenge. After all, the investment promoters are not easy. If you want to make up the business, you will be more difficult, but He Huihui is not difficult to scare, he firmly believes that Hezhou has such a good location advantage, resource advantage and transportation advantage, it is entirely possible Undertake a large amount of industrial overflow of the transformation and upgrading of Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau Dashang District.

On December 3, 2018, Mayor Lin crown listened to the Working Group of China Baoan District, Shenzhen, China.


The investment project involves financial, tax, business, etc. expertise. Because I am worried that I can’t do this work, I’m standing in Shenzhen, He Hui is actively learning related knowledge, doing notes, and also learning to have a colleague with rich investment experience, hoping to launch the investment work for China. .

He Huihui has a colleague who has rich experience in investigating experience.

Although I have done a lot of homework, but in the beginning of Shenzhen, everything is not so smooth. According to the target task, the first week collects corporate information. Everyone must contact 100 target companies in the second week, He Huanhui requires himself to contact 20 companies through the phone every day, and visit 3 companies. No one, there is no shortcut to go, He Huanhui uses the most stupid way – according to the Shenzhen Enterprise Address Book a family contact, please listen to the plan, as scheduled, seem simple work, actual operation not easy.


Zhang Xiaofen, deputy director of the management committee, Huanhui, the investment staff, Zhang Lijing visited Guangdong Shunde Red Mudfang Company


“I often hang up the phone. I started more than 20 calls at the beginning. A company didn’t intend to let us visit, the psychological strike is very strong.” How to communicate effectively with the company, how to collect interested companies? The difficulties in front of He Huanhui are larger than expected. Road problems, waiting for him to think, go to practice, go to solve.

He Huanhui told us: “It is not afraid of suffering, not afraid, not afraid of the spirit of” shackles “, is not good to invest in work.” Once I went straight to the country, I didn’t enter the corporate gate, I was stopped by the door of the door. . Under the continuous questioning of security guards, He Hui is actively facing forward and security communication, saying that he has appointment a certain business boss, and the security guard is released. He said that during the investment process, he can’t encounter a self-challenging place, revealing the horse feet. Even in this company is unsuccessful, another company can also be able to be discouraged, it is necessary to have a spirit.

China Merchants Huanhui visited Shenzhen Xingyu Longguang Technology Co., Ltd. Li Sheng General Manager

By slowly exploiting, He Hui is beginning to have its own investment skills. Before calling, you must check the information of each company and prepare for your work. How to find investment information? He Huihui and the investment team learn to use the network tool “Investigation” to find, followed by the Tongxiang WeChat group, start the resource search mode, and start the unique investment practice. By continuous learning and contact, Hohuan’s businessman knows more and more.

China Merchants Huanhui visited Shenzhen Finny Poem Decoration Art Co., Ltd. Liao Hongde

In the process of investment, He Huanhui slowly learned to use the resource information, excavate and discover the target enterprise resources in his hand and actively visit the door to visit, and find that there is a business information that does not meet the settlement of Wanggao Industrial Zone, actively communicating with other resident working groups. According to statistics, after the introduction of him, there is Hengyi Electronics, Yaoxing Electronics, Xingqingxin Electronic 3 interested companies will settle in other parks in Hezhou.


China Merchants Huanhui visited Shenzhen Xingqing Xin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


In the investment work of up to two months, He Huanhui also has its own work summary. He said: “Although the work is hard but full of challenges, there is a sense of accomplishment.” The foreign exchange experience experience of more than two months has made him summed up a lot of experience. He said that the foreign investment is a very hard work, often facing the situation outside the various expectations, the plan always can’t change the change, need to constantly adjust, and need the coordination of the entire team. The investment is impossible, and it is necessary to constantly accumulate, often reflect on himself, change the way of communication, and clarify the investment in China, in order to advance in the investment work.

Zhang Xiaofen, deputy director of the management committee, ZHANGLIAN, ZHIHIANDA, Zhang Lijing, Shenzhen Tianshan Cloud Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

According to the statistics of the Hezhou City Promotion Administration, Zhang Xiaofen, deputy director of Wanggao Industrial Zone Management Committee, led the garden to promote the spirit of “desperately intertwined”, ” Investigation, discussions, etc., focusing on Guangdong entrepreneurs, the park’s strengths, development opportunities, key investment projects, investment promotion preferential policies and Hezhou cultural tourism situation, and actively carry out docked negotiations, and promoted a batch of projects into the park. The Merchants Small Team has visited 214 companies including Shenzhen Xingyu Longguang Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Xingzhan Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., including 148 people visiting 66, excavating to Hezhou inspection enterprises have 48 people, intention to Hezhou’s investment companies have 32. As of January 15, there were 4 contracts for the Mangao Industrial Zone Management Committee, and the investment volume reached 5.525 billion yuan, which laid a solid foundation for the whole power.