Is the bed really worth buying? After reading these points, no later

I don’t know if you have encountered this problem, I feel that the bed is wrinkled. It is necessary to store it. It will also affect the good mood of the day. It is really a waste of time and tired. Instead of spending time every morning, it is better to choose a simple way to let the bed no longer crumpled. It is only necessary to solve this problem with a suitable bed.


What is the difference between bed?


For bed, many people are not very understanding, simply, the bed is directly covering the protective cover on the mattress, which is not easy to wrinkle compared to the bed line, not easy to slip, and more fit the mattress.

Most importantly, it is easy to protect the mattress and easy to clean. Many beds have also made special processes, which can play waterproof antibacterial anti-mite, perfect responding to baby urine, spit milk or big aunt’s side leakage, etc., sensitive skin can also be used.

Picture homemade

Through the above comparison, we can find that the bed is equivalent to the upgraded version of the sheets, practicality and durability are higher than the sheets. So, what should I choose if I want to buy a bed? Let’s take a look.

How to choose between bed?


The bed is mainly made of cloth. There are many materials on the market. Cotton is more common, breathable, bamboo fiber has antibacterial, deodorant and other effects, many products can directly contact the body, suitable for infants and children Sensitive skin population. With the change of the season, it is necessary to adjust the thickness of the fabric, you can choose a multi-layer construction fabric, which can also play a warm effect while breathable.


Selected style

At present, there are also many floral pattern, such as stripes, large jacquard, lattice or solid color, etc., can be selected according to the home style and its own preferences.




Some beds are directly in contact with the body, and sleep time is also generally longer, so you need to choose a brand that is safe and quality assurance. Do not blindly consume due to low prices, three-no-bedding without testing and quality certification can not be used. If you have a bit tangled on your brand, you recommend you to choose Imbloo Waterproof and Mrotteer Antibacterial Bed.

Why recommend IMBLOO

First, physical anti-mite waterproof diaper, protect family health

The most important thing to choose the mattress is practical, and there must be multiple functions. IMBLOO anti-mite bed can effectively prevent waterproofing, blocking allergens from the source, so that the family will not be infringed by the mites, when you encounter the baby’s bed and spit milk, you don’t have to pick up your hair, your own physiological You can still sleep at ease. Health physics blocking, the antibacterial rate is greater than 99%, and the authority detection shows that the cleaning function is not reduced.


Second, breathable will breathe, not easy to breed bacteria

I believe that many people will feel puzzled with waterproof and breathable. I feel that I can do waterproof, then there is no breathability. In fact, breathable needs to make a certain force, such as “will breathe” IMBLOO breathable molecule, which can achieve waterproof and breathable double function, can quickly evaporate excess water in the case of not boring, do not give bacteria to raise any opportunities.

Third, comfortable and durable, healthy companionship every day

IMBLOO is selected to take advantage of the prolute fabric, and the anti-mite has two compact grinding fabrics and bamboo fiber. It has repeated cleaning friction, the machine is not deformable, the cycle is longer, let health sleep companion Every day.

Fourth, many authoritative institutions detection, environmental safety system testing, showing products to meet the requirements and in line with maternal and child A class, that is, infants can also contact, no formaldehyde, fluorescent whitrinant, no love aromatic amine, no Will stimulate the skin, no too sensitive, baby and adults can use it with peace. The most important thing is that IMBLOO’s bamboo fiber sensitive muscles can also be used directly, and they are not afraid that they are allergen.

Change the sheets of the home, choose an IMBLOO anti-mite bed, solve the mattress hygiene troubles, and you will be clean and flat, it is time to think about the health of your family ~