Domestic toys “Silly” for 20 years! After reading foreign puzzle toys, netizens are crying.

A few days ago, I chatted with my family’s small prostitute video, I found that she now played, the electronic piano toy, compared with the childhood toys in 20 years ago, in addition to the shape of the shape, there is no improvement.


For example, the big bruises have been singing “Happy birthday”, “violent ventilation”, or the name of the United States.

After 80, the toys played after 90, after these years, 10 were still playing.

For domestic toys, even parents say,


“Just play to buy domestic production, you have to play more fun and practical, or you have to buy abroad.”

Is there such a domestic children’s toys and abroad?

For example, the design of Japan is known as “humanized”, and it is fully standing in children’s toys. Not only have unexpected cerebral caves, but also entertaining. They tried to let the children learn a small knowledge in the process of playing.

After reading the following puzzle and interesting toys, you will understand the differences.


On the back of cardboard, you are the transformers

A set of Diy toys created by the thick panel for Switch, almost redefined the game, detonating a circle of friends.

From a plate of cardboard, you can take your child to create a piano that can be played, a fishing rod, even can be opened, motorcycle …

For example, this wearable robot set with a backpack and goggles. Connect the Switch to your TV, you can use it to play various physical games. ▼ ▼


The carrier is not moved by the motor + wheel, but is moved through the vibration of the game handle.

This remote control car that is free walks, it can be assembled for about 15 minutes. ▼ ▼


This piano is more difficult, about two hours. ▼ ▼


Special place is that it is a complete 13-key cardboard piano. As long as you press the button, you can make a sound and play the music.


You can also assemble various knobs, create a variety of different electronic sound and tones, you can unlock the super multi-player. ▼ ▼

You can also be a fishing rod, which is connected to a rope and Switch display. If there is a fish on the fish, the fish will vibrate, if it is not in time, the fish will run away. ▼ ▼

If you feel that you are not playing, you can also apply the color on your cardboard, to develop new models, to program new games, and is very helpful for children’s creativity. ▼ ▼

A set of cardboard toys 70 US dollars, including game tribes and cardboard.

Of course, you must use the heaven’s handheld, and Switch is now selling at 2000. For families without Switch, this cardboard DIY toy is still advised.

Origami will also play

Hard cardboard, paper, is a simple and easy material, and it is also easy to produce inspiration for creative bursting.

In Japan, origami is considered to be national quintessence, and it is also solemnly included in the education content of school education. From the handcrafers of kindergarten primary school, the teacher starts to teach the origami of the children system.


Origami not only increases the fun of the baby, but also helps children cognition graphics, understanding the space orientation, establishing the concept of geometric objects, enhancing the ability of space thinking and the ability to think in an orderly thinking, and loves to play origami, mathematics can also learn better.

Sony has launched an origami program toy that walks the ball, I hope that the children will develop intelligence in the process of playing. ▼ ▼

This black technology new toy “TOIO” platform

1 host, 2 square robots, 2 control loop bracelets and a drawing.

It looks flat, but the game is changeable.

Simple waving bracelet, you can control square ▼

In the drawings, the production tutorial of 19 bionic robots is introduced, and the paper parts are cut, and the corresponding model is made, put it on the square robot whose digital measurement, connect Bluetooth, can move ▼ to move in the control of the bracelet


Crawling worm ▼


Leisure pace ▼

Scratch of the ball ▼


Monitoring Eagle ▼

The way is very diversified, the way the game is also changed, you can program it yourself, you can also play complex relay game ▼

This origami programming toy has just been listed, the official price is at 1000, Sony Black Technology has always been inconvenient, only purchasing is to have adopted.

Dynamic organ origami toy

Compared with Nintendo, Sony’s two smart paper toys, Dynamic paper toys designed by Sino-Village are much more.


Sino-Village is a top-level paper master in Japan, created its genre – dynamic origami.

He is purely manually, folds a variety of interesting model paper toys, with a clever organ, can move, simply like “living”.


For example, this “penguin bomb” invented in the village. At first glance, it is a paperboard, throwing it on the ground, turning into a shake-shaking penguin ▼

I look so complex origami toys, how is it designed?


This is actually borrowed with the traditional mortal structure of my country, using paper and paper splicing, through the bottom of the bottom, let the paper toy rapidly change.

In designing these origami toys, the village is open, especially like “the” stalk “in the work, and the moment they are opened, usually there will be another new form of things, amused everyone.

For example, split peaches, fried Tao Tailai blade, white blade ▼

Fairy tale creativity of “small red hat”: Eat a small red hat ▼

Cinderella wants to go to the ball, the fairy woman gets a pumpkin horse for her.


The fan of the village can be said to all over the world, he created the origami series, writing paper toys into the book, follow the tutorials, the hand and children can make the same paper toy.

Under the efforts of domestic publishing houses, the paper toy books in the village finally introduced the mainland, and domestic children can also experience the sediment paper toys.


[Focus at the end of the text]

Some friends are more difficult, in fact, our domestic Chinese introduction version has been specially improved, and it is also equipped with a material package, 15 minutes ~ 1 hour can make a finished toy.


This set of origami books uses advanced die cutting crafts, and paper molds are just gently. This eliminates the need to use the knife scissors to be scratched, save a lot of time, safer.

On the paper sample, it is also very intimate, and the child understands ▼


After the paper mold is cropped, it will use counterweight and elastic material, rubber bands and tweezers can be found in the material package, and only have a few 1 yuan coins.

Children can get up very quickly, and personally complete a paper toy that can be moved.

The number of different projects in the book represents the difficult index, and when there is a key step, there is a special video for detailed demonstration. A total of 18 dynamic paper toys can be made, and it is possible to make it enough.


Japan’s price level, the same origami book in Sino Village, selling 260 in Japan, is not a sea premium. Now introduced the Chinese version, pricing is 128, and the participation is only 99.

Whether it is to play my child, or send people, I have some creative, I have a heart. You can order the link below to order:

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Amazing down the chin dynamic paper toy in the village open origami book 18 3D stereo toys


¥ 99