A wide range of Buddha’s heads, what do you know?

Let’s talk about the shape first.


Barrel Pearl Head

From the shape, it is generally a bucket of beads. Generally, this shape is mixed with a bucket bead or a hidden shape of the beads, which is usually worked more, but there is also 108.

Alien Buddha

In fact, it can’t be said to be a shaped, the style of the Buddha can be very casual, some are designed to become a dripple, some are trapezoidal, style is generally used for hidden matching, it will be better.


Apple Garden Buddha

Due to the apple garden Buddha head, the side is narrow, so it is matched, the hidden shape is more, and it is more coordinated, such as the pills of the Sundy Moon, the apples of the coconut shell, is better.

Ball beads


This is also a common Buddha head. Generally, it is round, hidden, rounded wooden beads, and olive nucleus, mostly used this style of Buddha.


Carving Buddha

The Buddha’s head with the carving is also a popular Buddha head variety. The various styles of the carving are mostly small monk, Dharma, Bodhisattva. It is very casual, but if you match the film Beads, preferably on both sides, beads are rounded.

Simply talk about it from the material

Pine stone

Songshi is used as an accessory, which is a lot of fans who like. As a Buddha head, it is very beautiful, with light color, dark, is very suitable, especially with black coconut shells, compare the grade of the entire bead.




It belongs to Cinnabar and South Red, but general cinnabar is matched with the green stone.


Bodhi roots

Because Bodhi root white, general brown, black beads choose this kind of Buddha head, such as Big Kingkodhi, walnut bracelet, phoenix eyes, etc.


Bloody head

Due to the color of the 砗磲, the texture is relatively joy, with Diamond, Star Moon, Coconut Shell, etc. very well.

Amber Honey Wax Buddha Head

The yellow system of amber wax, with dark-line beads will be very beautiful, such as coconut shells, leaflet rosewood, etc., are the Buddha head of improved effect.

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