“The straw shelter gold is covered with Ye,” the most , is in the middle

One year autumn, ten miles of osmanthus fragrance. After a fall rain, the osmanthus on the corner of Chengdu is open. Regardless of daylight, the osmanthus is “stealth” on the tree, and strive to exude the fragrance of the heart. Sitting at home, walking on the street, floating, can’t play.

Xin Qiqi once shreddened in “Qingping”: “Bronze Gold Troubled. Everyone covered.” However, compared to gold’s tasteless, osmanthus’ s connotation and fun is more rich.

Although the gold foil into the dishes is common, it is quite “in the middle.” On the color and taste, the osmanthus in the entrance has a more exciting performance. As the most representative plants in the fall, osmanthus into the wine, it has become the autumn ceremony. In modern people’s recipes, osmanthus winemilled tea, osmanthus latte, osmanthus, beer, etc. early occupied the autumn drink market. Look, the light is not enough, but also let the lasaw taste the taste of the fall. However, osmanthus’ s food can be more quite more attention to this.

“Food” osmanthus scorpion and Shutai Jun loved the osmanthus candied cake

In the TV series “嬛 嬛”, there is a dessert existence from the head “brush” to the end, that is, Shen Xiangzhuang’s osmanthus coating. Rumor and Shen Xiangzhuang grew up together, this sweet and not greasy, osmanthus, sweet cake, also represents “eyebrow sister” in the heart.嬛 嬛 嬛 宫 宫 宫 嬛 年 年… 桂 桂 桂 桂 桂 桂 桂 桂 桂 桂 桂 桂 桂 桂 桂 桂…. After Shen Xiangzhuang died, the emperor’s emperor saw the osmanthus cake, and she could think of Shen Xiangzhuang. On the one hand, it is a thoughtful person, and on the other hand, it will also explain the sweetness of the entrance of the sugar cake.

Although the Shanduzhuang in the play is a Shandong, but the osmanthus coated cake is a local area of ​​Jiangnan pastries. Put, milk, white sugar, glutinous rice noodles stir evenly in the bowl, take a square mold, brush oil, and pour it into the six or seven points of the mold. Water open, steamed, remove it. Brush a layer of sugar, and then steamed for two or three minutes. Finally, it cuts the block, this osmanthus coating is the same. The fragrance of the flour, the glutinous rice is soft, the sweet sweet and sweetness of the sugar, and the lips are fragrant. If you want to give a greatestone, you can match a cup of oolong tea.

This seemingly simple dessert, “Red Man Dream” also has good preference. In the fourth eleventh return “栊 栊 雪 雪 红 红 大 大 大 观 园 园 园 园 园 园 观 观 观 观 观 观 观 观 观 大 观 观 观 观 观 观 观 观 观 观 观 观 观 观 观 观 观 观 观This is written in this back: “I saw it for a while, please use a snack. Jia Mother said: ‘Eat two glasses of wine, not hungry. Take it, take it here, everyone will eat.’ 鬟I heard, I went to lift two, and I have two small holdings. When I opened it, I have two orally: the lumen cake is the same in this box, the same is a loose goose oil roll. “

In the “Dream of Red Mansions”, there is still a dessert made with osmanthus: ostrolo sugar steamed new chestnut powder. In the thirty-seventh time, “Autumn Shuangzhai Jie Jihai Tu”, Baoyu, the gods of the gods, gave Shi Xiangyun to the silky agate dish, and the people also prepared two snacks: ” I heard that there were two small silk boxes. They were unveiled one, and they were installed in Hongling and chicken heads. There was a dish, it was a saucer ostrolo sugar steamed new chestnut powder. “

The chestnut is steamed, and the candy flowers and glutinous rice flour are added. Burn a pot of water, steamed the water. The chestnut soft glutinous hooded, plus the sweetness of the candy, and the entrance is delicate. I tasted two autumn tastes, and the mouth can also be satisfied.

In the Qing Dynasty, Yuan Mei described so described in “Baiyuan Food”: “The new chestnut is cooked, there is a pine fragrance. The chef is refused, and the Jinling people have a lifelong.” Autumn fresh chestnuts After boiling, there is a pine scent. I don’t know if this osmanthus is steamed new chestnut powder, it can also eat the aroma of the pine.

Chengdu people’s exclusive “味”

As a thing that will eat, delicious Chengdu, of course, there will be a sweet-scented osmanthus dessert. The new national osmanthus cake has more than three hundred years of history. It takes only the osmanthus as the main raw material, and the smell of the osmanthus can be reduced. Put the sugar fresh osmanthus with flour, glutinous rice flour, sugar, ripe oil, new osmanthus, taste, soft, after eating, linger, fragrance, long aftertaste. Xindu Guihua Cake is also awarded the sixth batch of municipal intangible cultural heritage in Chengdu because of its special process and historical and cultural value.

With the solution, Xu Wei is called “Ming Dynasty three-talent son”, Yang Shen is in the new city of Guangding Guohu, and the friends, the poem “Gui Lake will send Hu Xiaosi”, “Gui Lake” is also named. According to legend, when Yang Shen was sleeping in the study, he once met himself in the moon, and climbed a candlery tree, picking out the branches and returned to the study. This year, Yang Shenjin will take the champion. At the end of the Ming Dynasty, a small trafficking machine was moved, and the osmanthus, honey, glutinous rice flour and other materials were made into osmanthus cake, which was popular. According to legend, this is the origin of the new capital.

Although now the osmanthus tree on the lake, it is no longer more than 500 years ago, Yang Shenbeng, but the osmanthus “picking into the golden millet branch, plugging in the dark clouds”, and the aroma, it has never been Change.

“Drinking” osmanthus osmanthus tea, osmanthus wine

In addition to edible, osmanthus can also make tea bubbles. The blooming osmanthus will pick up from the tree, sieve the pedicel, soak the sterilization after salt water, rinse, drain. It is then blown with a hairdryer or is to be used. If you like to drink a sweet drink, you can make a osmanthus honey tea, that is, osmanthus and pouring rock sugar or honey are mixed, and then pour the dry glass can seal, stand for a week. If you don’t like sweet drink, you can store it directly in the glass after drying, drink with oolong tea, green tea, etc. A can of osmanthus tea, at least you can drink deep winter. The more smelting tastes, the more resistant to the cold winter.

The osmanthus can also go to the wine, and the Chongyang Festival has the custom of drinking osmovenous liquor. In the “nine songs” in Qu Yuan, “Jiu Song” mentioned: “Mushan is steaming the blue, and the rare wine is a pepper.” The “酒” is a good sacrifice. “Han Yu,” “” “” ” The osmanthus wine is golden and yellow, and there is a fresh freshness, and there is a white wine. Cao Zhi’s “Yushu Ying Yue, He Bo”, Su Shi’s “Rotten Buffer Kwat” “Everything I wrote to the wine, I can see the literati’s love for osmanthus wine.

“Lan Yun Chunyi, osmanthus autumn 皎 皎.” Osmanthus is often known as a beautiful and high quality character, Li Yu is praised in “leisurely, the fragrance of autumn flowers, Mo Can Tree Take the tree in the moon, the fragrance of the sky is also the same. “” Gui “homonym” expensive “, osmanthus open is just an ancient book of the ancient book, so people also use the” Fold “to use a metaphor for high school.

“碎剪黄金教恁小 都著叶儿遮了”最百搭的桂花,中闻又中用

In short, osmanthus has given too many good meanings, osmanthus, osmanthus wine, etc., but the ancient people often don’t stop here. The high quality quality of osmanthus represented is the reason why people are particularly in favor of it.

Text / Liu Kexin

Source / Cover News