87m2 has a baby home to live into a model, the whole house is transformed, too practical

Today’s case is the first home of SHIYVEN, so she and gentleman are extraordinary, and everything goes.

Because Mr. is relatively busy, in addition to taking into account the work and taking the baby, the renovation is not a giant, all of them are responsible, no matter the cold winter, I have time to run.

The main materials are self-purchased, and the detailed list, meticulous to each outlet, use.

In addition, Shiyven will have a pit that he stepped on him, summarizes his valuable experience, and there will be a good thing in each space.

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It is a Almighty House owner.


SHIYVEN’s House Socket Some Form

Don’t look at the 86m2 live 3 people, it sounds more than enough,

However, the layout of splitting zero is made, so that some space utilization is not very high, and the activity space is also squeezed.

Therefore, the designer will be dismantled from the living habits of the house owner, and in the large space, let each place linkage.

design team

: Evening wind design studio


Housing type

: Three rooms and two halls, one kitchen, one bathroom

House area

: 87.55m2

House location

: Chongqing North

All spend


Transformation of the former

▼ ▼

Original apartment map

The original household square is positive, there is no angle space of the chicken rib.

But the utilization still has improved room


For example, a long and wide bokeeper, the inner balcony, the inner balcony, a little waste of 3 people …

Original apartment problem:


Spaceboard space is very limited

Kitchen narrow

, Life balcony accounts for a lot of space

After putting down the furniture,

The aisle of each space is very narrow

The inner balcony, which is given by the developer, low utilization

Insufficient storage space

After transformation


The modified changes in the unit is not large, but more still around the “home main line”, according to the living habits of a family.

There is a child, and the owner hopes to keep her the largest activity space.

Where the utilization is not high, simply simply use the space,

Creating more events, not feeling more, and there are more storage places.

Reconstruction highlights:

The position of the kitchen is uniform refrigerator to piring

, Accommodating next high short two shoe cabinets

The narrow kitchenette opened the balcony, did a 4.5M long L-cabinet


, Double the area

Living room demolished

, Incorporate the balcony,

After both sides, the laundry and debris are made.

The master bedding knocked out the original toilet, made a L-type one-wall cabinet

Maximize storage space

Children’s room, doing a connecting cabinet

Desk extends to the boiler window

The inner balcony is removed from the wall, and the window is ready tatami.


And into the book


Because the porch area is too small, they have to push the wall to the kitchen.

, Occupying the position of the original refrigerator, even more space

, Made a high one

Dwarf shoe cabinet.

Before and after the entrance

Both sides of the shoe do not do the top, is

Avoid entering the door to generate a pressure sensation

The leaves can also be used to do decoration.

Dwarf cabinet does not use white

It is to consider the items that often put out the door, it is easy to get dirty, and the original wood is more dirty.

Skin film cabinet door soft and smooth

, Matching the adaptive leather handle, simple and clean.

Under the shoe cabinet, it remains suspended, which is convenient to accommodate the shoes often wearing, but because it is too heavy, it leads to the deformation of the hanging counter.

The house owner tips,

Do this is suspended, you can do support on the inside of the wall.

Increase durability and do not affect beauty.

The porch is done, and the tile is paved, and it is better to do it.

The junction with the wooden floor is also a transition to the mysterious gay restaurant.

living room

After entering the line, it is a guest restaurant, of which

As a photo wall that is positive on the corridor, it is partitioned as a living room and restaurant


The photo wall is backed by the European board, and then uses the universal gum to put the cork pad.

Because it is wider and high, it takes a lot of power to stick, the cork pad is easy to remove, and later, it will be cleaned with the dust duster or the vacuum cleaner.

But the effect is very gratifying,

Softwood steps are natural, with side green plants, simple and comfortable

. Memorary, ticket, photos can be spiked,

It carries a good memory of a family here.

In order to expand the child’s activity space, the original sliding door of the living room was removed and the balcony into the living room.

Balcony is sealed with landing glass

The field of view has become open, and the light is taken.

Because the shielding requirements are not very high,

Only a layer of tulle curtains, light and transparent

Perfectly hidden in the ceiling groove.

The side of the room has walked a new wind pipe, 110cm large caliber, one into one, there is really a view,

I simply use the wooden ornament, so that the ceiling is saved.

The color number is also the same color number with wooden doors, door covers, and the skirt line, and keeps visual unity.

On the left and right sides of the balcony, the laundry and debris cabinet are placed.

The laundry and loose coat are all completed here. After hiding in the mouth, it is not disadvantageous from the outside.


The debris cabinet mainly makes daily cultivation area, with cave plates and hooks to make full use of vertical space

The zero basement is set. Paper towels, laundry fluids are all grouped together.


The long cabinets opened on the left side, specially used to place cleaning tools,


Socket reserved in advance, just charge the vacuum cleaner

The second black wood is the sofa of the living room, and even both bed comfort.


The SHIYVEN is a long time, but 2M size is too short to the male house owner. One day, I accidentally found a new 2.4m style, decisively, I feel that everything is worth waiting.

Ink green plus the wick, add a rena touch to the house.

The sofa sleeve can be completely disassembled, easy to clean, and you can change the fabric in the summer, and the color is changed.

South Lauscript wall light

The house owner has a heart to make a long time, and finally replaced the lamp originally swayed.

Retro shell, make the time in the space are more strong


. Disadvantages is that there are some troubleson in the adjustment angle.

The side is later, and it is backup, simple and light.

It is also convenient to place it in the corner just right, move to the sofa, which is used as a table or desk.

Gray corduroy leisure chair, and sofa echoes each other, and it is practical. Compared to single sofa and chaise chairs,

Small space is replenished with a casual chair, and more flexible.

Dinning room

Only 1.3M side cabinet is the highest use of users.

: The countertop is released, as a simple water; place the book, potted plants and hanging paintings, become a decorating corner; uncommon tableware supplies, it is stored in the cabinet.

Changhong glass door, different drawers, plus transparent body,

Let this corner are visually enriched

1.6M table is equipped with 4 windshaches, enough to cope with a family of three daily dining

For the aisle to reserve sufficient space, the children run at home and can be unimpeded.


White tablecloth with fine texture is waterproof and oil-proof material, very well managed.

It can also be used as a office, study area, a table.

Dining table, floor, door cover, skirting line, new wind, wall clock, and even the table’s foot cover, all wood brown, a harmony.


White tablecloth can highlight the color of cutlery and meals

, Put a bouquet, put on the light, sit around, no more than this

Warm scene



Home cooking is dominated by bursting, so give up the open kitchen. Metal frame glass door can be very good to the cigarette, but also keep it transparent.

The sliding door selection tail is more convenient to clean.

The original refrigerator position, even gave the porch cabinet, the refrigerator was placed on the side of the stove.

Out of the stand and refrigerator leaves approximately 30cm countertops

Avoid high-temperature baking refrigerators, adjacent to the wall is also the same.


The operating desk is thus become limited, simply opens the living balcony, create a L-kitchen, length of 5.5m in length

, Dishwasher, garbage processor, oven, microwave, can be placed.

Sink faucet is a clean water integrated, the whole house water purification is used in Belt, and the cooling ultrafiltration is directly drinking water.

The garbage processor is installed under the sink, and the dishwasher is installed.

These three major pieces have made happiness, and the owners are strongly recommended.

The kitchen storage arranged clearly, can be on the wall of the wall, can enter the cabinet, IKEA storage system, put a spoon, a fork is placed.

The bottom of the chassis cabinet adds a few light induction lamps, and replenishes the spotlight source.


Master bedroom

Because I feel

Three people are also enough to use a bathroom.

So I knocked out the main guard wall, seal the drainage, and the pipe packaged the soundproof cotton, and it was incorporated into the entire bedroom.

After the space is connected, it can be created to create a whole L-type cabinet.

All clothing and blocked can be put down, no need to entangle the problem of season storage.

The long side cabinet is in the depth of 560mm, after putting down the bed, the aisle space is limited, so

Abandoning the thickness of the bed, choosing a small half-furniture bed, and then make a fake bed with a half wall wooden finish.

Finally, it is also possible to remain 65.5 cm as the passage.

The dressing table is from the source of the source, the color value and the practical combination. 1.2M width, amazing storage,


The mirror is covered, you can also be used as a desk.


Small and cute table lights, as reading the lights before going to bed, is just right here.

The source bedroom is rich in light source, very else:

The vine chitinant lamp is light, and it will not pull the low level, which is oppressed.

The groove of the bed ceiling, makes hidden light bands, light rays and intention

The bedside table is low, the length of the chandelier can be adjusted on demand


The dressing table is higher, put a small lamp, highly suitable and not space


Ikika head cabinet from IKEA, although the single product is high, but the owner feels that the room is somewhat not, the switch sound will be large when sleeping, and it will consider replacement into solid wood.

I have to pay attention to noise problems when I prefer Iron bedside tables.


In order to give the daughter’s largest activity space, children’s rooms have no beds, but as a game house.

But considering the practical function, or has a wardrobe and a desk.


The table has been extended to the boiler window, solving the load of the cabinet

At the same time, when taking into account the tutoring of your child later, parents can sit on the boiler window.

Drawers are bounced with a compression, simple and profit. The cabinet is combined by white and wooden.

There are 藏, avoid visually monotonous

It is very convenient to take items with children, and the opening of the bottom is particularly intimate.

The only is not enough is that the room light is dim, and it is impossible to make full use of natural light.



The study is also a guest lying, even if there is no lonrees living, it should be taken seriously.

The position of the bed is originally a balcony, which belongs to the development area of ​​the developer, and the utilization rate is low.

Simply knocking the middle partition, sealing the window, and can be used as a room, and the storage space is not even smarted.

In order to maintain a sense of space,

The designer moved the position of the door, the cabinet was just behind the door, and the entire wall can be used to accommodate.

Considering that the bottom of the cabinet is not opened, the desk is left at the bottom of the desk.

Open grid on the left side of the desk

Avoid moving things on the desk each time.

Bloom can be flexible to regulate light

To create a work or reading brightness, it is appropriate.



The bathroom is more restraint, in addition to the wooden cabinet of the bathroom, and the black metal of the shower room, the rest is white, quite clean and bright.

IKEA bathroom cabinet adopts the rear seduater, maximizing space, two large drawers, enough to put down all items of three.

Extended mirror cabinets can expand visual space while also a storage helper

Easy to do the countertop no deer, reduce cleaning work.

It is also because of the rear water, it is difficult to buy a large basin that matches the bathroom cabinet. It is currently used, and the depth of the basin is still a bit shallow.

So with Kvk’s Japanese to pull the dragonfly, bubble the water to prevent somography, it is also very convenient to wash the head here.


Because the bathroom is small, the windows are also in the kitchen,

In addition to the wind and ventilation, the ceiling is added, and a ventilation fan is applied to ensure smooth ventilation.

After staying in a new home, Shiyven is always careful, for fear of chaos the overall style. Designer Cause:

There is a “home” that has a firefighter, only the design is not popular, and it can only be called “house.”

Later, the house owner gradually understood:

Don’t have a burden on design, delicate yourself, you can turn “house” into “home”

. It is actually the essence of the home.

Finally, I live in Fan.

Providing overall decoration services including design, construction, main materials for Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, have served more than 6,000 families in the past five years, customer reputation and praise are far from the leading industry.


If you have a demand for decoration, welcome to me ~


Good object

Store / brand

Door handle

IKEA Yostenes

Decorative paintings

壹 二 山

Vase and dried flowers



Coffee, a few

Small half-furniture

TV cabinet, single chair

Foam small mission

floor lamp

Light light fixture


Two black wood

wall lamp

Nan La


dome light

Unmature lighting


Ai Mingli Lighting




Water dispenser



Dining table, dining chair






Water heater

Energy rate

Hood cooker

Fang Tai

Garbage processor



seasoning box

Miki Japanese home



Bedside table


IKEA Nikby

Vine chandelier

竹 苑 flagship store


Bedside chandelier


Dressing table


desk lamp

office chair

IKEA Long Philler


Mirror cabinet

Fangzhou Bathroom Brand Shop

Bathroom cabinet


Panel Light


Wind cover, ventilation fan



Pull tap


▼ ▼


▼ ▼





living room








Dinning room


Master bedroom




Small half-furniture

Small half-furniture

Foam small mission

Light light fixture

desk lamp