This year is a full of wearing: “Coat + Sweater”, hipster warm, the tide is all

In the end, I went to the end of the year. I don’t know if I have a small selection. I always feel that this time is a year, the winter season, the most test fashion blogger is in the time, because of the autumn and winter demand It is necessary to be stylish and thin, and there must be a certain warmth.

In summary, the superimposed formula of “Coat + Sweater” this year will be very in line with these autumn and winter demand, but whether it is a coat or sweater is a single product with a certain thickness.

Although the level and warmth of the level, although it is said that it is not necessary to say, it may face a bloated and more fat.

So today, Xiaobian is going to come with everyone, how to put “coat + sweater” this warm formula, is thin, if you are interested, don’t go away.


“Wear Tips for Dabo + Sweater”


1. The big pear shape is far from this set of

In fact, Single Sanitary Sweater This piece, its version is relatively loose, leisure, and the fabric is thick and hard, so it is very uncomfortable, the body, the whole person, will look bloated and strong.


It is also a hooded sweater, and even the thickness of the thickness, but one of the upper body is wearing, there will be more slimming effect, and the lines at the neck look more more.

But it is not a big chest wearing sweater, it is no, Apple figure can choose a brown shirt sweater, because the cardigan will not be like a pullover, because it is not in force or fabric hard.


The cardigan has a natural drooping and personal amplitude, with a deep color in the inside, and the cardigan exposes the darkness of the apple, there is a more slight effect.

2. Neck starrs don’t wear hooded sweatrooms


Because the garment of the coat is overlapping the sweater, it will push the hat, so that the neck is short, causing the face to look big, especially in the hustle and strict wear of the winter, there is no trace ” “White” The whole person looks more fat and short.

Especially when your coat has a thickness, the fabric is a hair or Teddy, the inner ride should choose the style of the hatred, the hair is best tied, so that the complete neck line will be significantly Thin effect.


3. Thin Weapiki is better than thick sweater

In fact, many people think that autumn and winter are smashed, it is more important to wear inside. In fact, it is a key to slimming and highlighting.


Therefore, it is slim and depends on the sweater. We just mentioned that the fabric of sweaters was more hard, so it was not too thick as it used to take it. Otherwise, it plays a role in the coat. Sentimental.


“Coat + Sweater with Popular Trends”


1 boots, old shoes are popular

Coat + Sweater This kind of no excessive emphasizes the body curve, the style and the domineering wearing a facts is what we now say, and the matching of shoes is also trending.


The boots are the popular items in the formula, try to choose long boots, such as knight boots, not only can the role of warmth, but also draw the overall line ratio.


Sweater is a single product of the generic wind, so the single product that is joined to the sports wind is no problem, the invisible old old man shoes are very good choice.


2 high-quality short sweater

The most straightforward way of small children is to highlight the waistline, the proportion of the shape, in the “coat + sweater” wear, you will work hard on the sweater, choose the short sweater and high waist pants, ie It can shape perfect ratio.

3 superimposed shirts rich layers

It is said that it is in detail, using the shirt in the sweater to increase the level, this time you can’t choose too long or a complicated style, otherwise you will win, simple basic paragraph, reveal neat collar and The corner of the corner can make the wearing a bigest layer.

4 sweater


The set item is also a day in the day, and it is very good to solve the novice whitening will not match the embarrassment. It can also make the busy people get the simple “fast food” to wear, the sweater in the coat is wearing, but also the European and American fan .

“Take Guide”


1 coat + sweater + jogging pants


Because people ‘s life philosophy changes, wear a gradual leisureization, and the bias sporty trousers of jogging pants are gradually being popular.

Moreover, the looseness of jogging pants is still a pretty good effect on the cover. I suggest that you choose a slim style when choosing jogging pants, but not loose and fat style will be more slim.


2 coat + sweater + jeans

Jeans is a hipster single product, which is a unique fabric to form a comparison of other single product fabrics, so that we will take over a high level of level.


Denim Blue also has an effect of impulsiveness and neutrality. Here, everyone needs to remind everyone that the looseness of jeans is determined by height.

The high child can choose to easily drag the loose, but the short child will choose a slim straight or tight version, so that “relaxing” wearing a contrast is not compared.

3 coat + sweater + wide-leg pants

The looseness of the wide legs is to let you have a lot of pants in winter, reaching warm effects, coats and sweaters are relatively thick, so wearing a “lightweight is urgent”.

The fabric of the trousers will choose a thinner, and the suit pants are right, and the perpendicularity and slim are Nice.


4 coat + sweater + skirt


Skirts and enthusiasts see here, long skirts have a good slimming effect for friends who are crude and wide.

The half skirt can also choose a thin satin or chiffon fabric to reduce the weight of weighing. Here, Xiaobian will give you a wake up, just about the tall son, the high child can not show an ankle, do not leave white, but the little child is best to show an ankle, which will be more high.

In addition to this approach, small children wear short skirts to create a more high effect, but this time is best to open the coat to wear, show the horizontal level will have a more significant effect. .

The article is over here, I don’t know if everyone gets get to coats + sweater to wear a template. I want to keep warm and fashionable, I must keep in mind the “small knowledge points” mentioned in the article.