Zhang Tian love: , is not lost; when you destroy me, you are not annoyed.

The “cold side of the snow” in the “cold side of the snow” in the hot broadcast drama “cold side fox” Nangong servant, TV series “Peaceful Ark” hot Lu Yang, movie “I and my father” in the village Women’s big spring, just a few months, Zhang Tian love brought the multi-dimensional surprise. She gave her 2021, “there is still 30 points, still need to work hard!”

Zhang Tian loves 70 points for himself.

In 2015, a web drama “Prince Promotion” made Zhang Tian love red, and she still understands her girl. Thanks to the role of this, I am able to control and get the audience. “If she appears now I don’t necessarily have the time to play more than the speaker. “In the right time, the role is fate. Zhang Tian’s love has been looking forward to this kind of fate. “I only hope that I will leave some works later, I can leave some works.”

– “Winter in the snow” –

Role: Nangong is a very small outlook


“Snow in the snow” original, Nangong servant has a reputation of “the first beauty” in the world. As a player of Nangong servant, Zhang Tian Ai got a very high discussion. In the drama, she hit white, wearing a fight, the wind blows her face, the hair floating, the moment, very beautiful. Because of the particularity of this role, Zhang Tian love is very stressed, “” Excellent IP reform “really needs very courage!” She felt, “To try to match the original powder to the role, regardless of shape, action And in the heart, I have to understand and close the characters. “

When Zhang Tian, ​​the Nangong servant came to shoot, and he got a very high discussion.


In Zhang Tian, ​​it seems that no matter which actor’s Virgin Palace, the feeling of interpretation is different. She will also express this role through her understanding. “Nangong is a very small-fashioned person, but her inner has their own little nineteen, so there will be some very small expressions in the expression, such as listening to the tide booth. When Xu Wei opened the secret path, she would smir. “However, the emotions and language of the Nangong must restore the original, can’t do too much adjustment.”

I like to watch martial arts movies and martial arts novels from Xiao Zhang Tian, ​​”Jianghu, martial arts, and qi” is her yearning. The biggest challenge to the South Palace is also the “rivers and lake gas”. “This should be the role of my first play martial arts work. Do you not say it? Everyone has a river in the heart, so When I play this role, I really want to put myself in the rivers and lakes, bringing themselves into the people of the rivers and lakes, such as the look of the look. “

For Zhang Tian’s love, the most difficult thing to show “悍 in the snow is the Jianghu gas.


Some netizens commented that Zhang Tian, ​​a famous “Prince Primary Money”, and this Nangong servant has a “male and female”, but she believes that there is a big difference between the two characters. More, Zhang Wei is more interpreted that the role is hidden and not adapted after the role from men. And the Nangong is different. “Her character is not like color, and I also grow a little growing in the past few years, it will interpret the role more multi-dimensional.”


After the scene: Let the wine are happy, almost drunk “water”

The scene of the Nangong servant is also the first play of Zhang Tian, ​​who came into the group, saw the blower placed in the scene, Zhang Tian love is happy, “I used to shoot” Prince Primison “, it is already a few I didn’t blow it. “I blow it on the blower. She feels here, and the whole people have become different.

The overall shape of the South Palace, the crew of the crew, “When the makeup is also a big fee”, the light of Zhang Tian’s love has many choices, and I will try it out. I finally selected everyone. This. “In addition, makeup has also made fine adjustments. According to my face, the eyebrows are high or low, trying a lot possible.” The two knives in the play are genuine materials. “I sometimes throw it. Zhang Ruozhen, I can’t help but. “

“Snow in the snow” has a great job in the shape of the South Palace servant.

“Snow in the snow” is Zhang Tian Ai and Zhang Ruoxi, followed by the second cooperation after the “Love Evolution”. During shooting, Zhang Ruoyi will make a variety of foods when they are idle, and then sent to everyone’s lounge. “I think he found a method that can make yourself unzipped and let us enjoy delicious.”


Zhang Tian, ​​said that her favorite play is that the Northern Si Zi Xu Fengnian, who is in the old year, and Zhang Ruoyu, Xu Feng years, “in that time and environment, it is very feeling, there is not a nangong home. She has her own mission. Why is she here, there is a lot of stories behind it, so the heart is another layer of explanation and meaning. “When shooting, when shooting, with water wine, she and Zhang Ruozhen drink A lot of water, although it is drinking water, but the overall atmosphere is very like drinking, especially the feeling of “Jianghu”. However, because the two have drank too much water, they should keep running to the toilet.

“Of course, there is still a very happy thing to make me happy, this time I added WeChat of Hu Jun Teacher.”

– Life –

Big Spring, Luyang, Am, Challenge and Breakthrough

In the past 2021, many works participated in Zhang Tian, ​​concentrated in the second half of the year, except for the moment, the “snow in the snow”, there is still a broadcast “Peace Boat” and a gift “I And my father “” ride “. “The Boat of Peace”, the big spring in ‘Father’ is a hero in their respective fields, can play them, I am very honored to me. “

Last year, the movie “I and My Life”, “Take the Wind”, Zhang Tian, ​​subverted the image to play a big spring.

In the movie “I and my father”, Zhang Tian love first challenged the character of the village, and did not hesitate to play ugly. The skin of the skin, the lips and even the teeth were specially treated. The original eyebrow also repaired some of the added part Rustic. Although it is affected, the big spring drama is not much, but this is also a breakthrough in the field of performance.

In the TV series “Peaceful Ark” starring her with Chen Kun, she played a female military doctor Lu Yang. The drama tells the story of Luyang and a colleague to save the wounded wound on the “Peaceful Ark” hospital. “We are like a large-scale documentary”, every role in the drama has prototype, “through and these prototypes, they feel the people, they are immersive performances.” Zhang Tian love also learned here. Many medical knowledge, “For example, I can create themselves now, including some sudden faints, do five minutes of emergency measures.” This is the first time and Chen Kun cooperated. “He is very focused, it is also very humorous.” I will take the initiative to solve my tension. In fact, he also carries a lot of pressure, but it will use a kind of way to express, and there is no trace of performance, as a counterpart play, his state can drive me. “

The Women’s Medical Road in TV Series “Peace Ark”.

Last year, Zhang Tiancai also carried out another co-name TV series “Amqi” adaptated by another costume IP, the drama tells the Nanshan Opened Women’s General Ammi Red Dressing Mathery and became a story of a generation of women’s God of War. Once again, an intersteous female role again, Zhang Tian, ​​said: “Nangong and Amay, one is quiet, one is moving. Nangong is a very focused person, the goal is clear, strong. And Amai is a life desire Very strong, jump up every day. “From the perspective of character, the mission of the two people is different. Amai began independent life from the age of 10, with a strong survival skill, not only alone, but also protects friends around him, is a person who can trust and help people. “Although usually in order to maintain a good physical state Zhang Tian loves frequent fitness, but after I took three months of “Amgen Iron”, she still feels physical overdraft. The film, the director often ridiculed her like a golden monkey. She said that she is really hard to go into Amai, but I still want to try to make the lives of Am, and have a tenacious side of her.

Last year, Zhang Tian loves the TV drama version “Amien from Army”.


“I actually like to shoot the costumes. You can learn the etiquette norms in each historical period, including the characteristics of jewelry, walking posture, these are very interesting.” Zhang Tian love said.

After the “Prince”, you will know what you want.

Familiar with Zhang Tian’s love will find that she reduced a lot of work outside the play. “I hope that through the work, let everyone see me, I hope to wait for me to see this life, I can leave some things.”

In an interview that once, she said: “Not every good role gives me, I can do.” But she still expects the role that everyone remembers again. “Playing a role, not only on your ability to perform, but you have a deep understanding of life and yourself, so that you can pick different characters, I want to encounter one you can handle in the current age. Understand the role. “

As a famous name, “Prince Promotion” let Zhang Tian love it and red, and let her see what you want.

It was mentioned that she had a “Prince Promotion”, “I understand it, I have some childishness, she appears. If I change it, I don’t definitely play at that time. I like the audience. “Zhang Tian Ai Qing fortunately he always kept awake, even after a night,” others will boast: you are beautiful! But I am clear, today’s status is not very good. I want to know what I want. When others praise me, it will not be lost, others will not be too annoyed. “She kept a good shape, as their professional literacy,” Every morning, everyone is today today. Beautiful service, makeup, blow hair, choose a dress. But when you remove this, are you very beautiful? I think this is what you should be pursuit. “


Returning to life, discovering beautiful

Outside work, Zhang Tian love is a person who loves life.

After each period of work, Zhang Tian love will try to return to himself. In life, she often has some strange monsters, such as recently she fell on the assembled furniture, assembles a shelf or sofa to bring her great satisfaction. “I also like online shopping some strange strange things, such as cable, wire, try to put the TV machine and install it.” She still wants to go to a store to sell the ring when they don’t work, “I think Look at what kind of girl is coming to choose a ring, feeling their happiness, what is the mood and status of customers when they buy things, what is the relationship between boys and girls, these are very good for me? helpful.”


Beijing News Senior Reporter Zhang Kunyu

Chief Editor Wu Dongni School of Zhao Lin