Dry flowers are placed home, the Japanese housewife actually played these tricks, decorative value big fortune

Use dry flowers to arrange home space,

Will you consider?


In Japan, almost every housewife will use it,

And there are also many unique decorative skills!

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Speaking of the use of plant beautification space, most people think of flowers, green plant plants; however, for busy office workers, often forget watering, fertilizing, and flowers in flowers, if they are often replacing it is also overhead.

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Therefore, local space is used to use dry flower arrangement, which is not worried about the situation of boy, the use period is longer, and the beauty of plants can be appreciated in the four seasons, and it is cheaper than flowers. So, in general,

Dry flowers are durable, durable, low, cost-effective … and so on

The value of the decoration space is even surpassed.

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However, I also know that some people don’t want to use dry flowers because of feng shui, but it is a way to solve, and this is a little talking. First, let me pick up from the floral plant, because it is related to whether the flowers have successfully become dry, and continue to play the role of beautification space.


What sag is suitable for dry flowers


If you plan to make your own dry flowers, you must first filter it when you purchase flowers, please master the following basic principles.

1. Pick a lot of flowers, or flowers that are easily lost.

2. Select the stalks and stronger flowers.


3. Flowers of the big petals, or flowers made up of many small petals.

Recommended 1: Hydrangea

Hydrangea is a common dry flower species, which is most suitable in its numerous varieties, and “Anabel” is best for “Anabel”, because it has low water content, just a few days, it will quickly dehydrate Dry.

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Recommended 2: Rose

Larger roses of petals are also very suitable for making dry flowers. It is suggested that the drying work is hanged before the flowers are not fully blocked, and remember to remove the thorns on the stem, avoid drying after drying.


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Recommended three: lavender

Dry lavender after drying, not only still retains the petals color, but also the fragrance can last for a while. It is recommended to pick a variety of flavored varieties.

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Recommended four: thousands of red

This flower consisting of many small petals, in addition to having a variety of colors that are convenient combined with, and still maintain a bright color after drying.


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Recommended five: Star Flower

The star is similar to the thousand-day red, which can keep a bright flower after dry, and there are white, yellow, purple, pink and other colors, which is very easy to use, is a dry flower that is not easy to fail.

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Recommended six: cotton


White cotton and dead branches are very suitable for use in winter arrangement, and soft touch also gives people a comfortable feeling, so it can also see its trace on the partial Christmas wet.

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Recommended seven: eucalyptus

In addition to flowers, the branches of the eucalyptus are also loved by the Japanese housewife; except that it is a good flower, it is also very good looking at the eucalyptus branches. In addition, it itself also exudes fragrance and helps to improve the quality of life.

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In addition to the above plants, including the golden sticks, crystal flowers, silver fruit, full star …, etc., are also suitable for dry flowers. As for the uncomplete flower, there is


Tulips, gerbera, big cosmos, etc., because the water content is high or the petals are thin, it is more suitable as a general “cut flower” appreciation



Drying plants


In general, the flower shop has bought ready-made dry flowers, and the price will be cheap; but if you have to make dry flowers, there are several points to pay attention.


First, choose the full flowers, plants

First, pay attention to the flowers, green plants, whether the appearance is intact, do not have withered conditions.

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Second, remove excess leaves

In order to accelerate dry, the portion of the blade is retained; and this can be reduced by moldy chance.

Third, choose not sunshine irradiation and ventilation

Choose no sunshine directly illuminate, dry place to dry, avoid the exposure of the sun to expose, deformation, and fading.


Fourth, the plant “hang” is dry

After looking for a good place, hang them will hang them; routinely, about one to three weeks.

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V. Supplementary recommendations

The drying process is most afraid of air wetness, which is easy to cause plant molds and failed;

The weather is fine, the low humidity is very suitable for drying work

Otherwise, artificial drying can be used, put the flowers, branches and leaves in the sealed tank, and then filled with silica gel desiccant, waiting for about one week; but this method is limited to the size of the container, which is suitable for small flowers.

How to arrange dry flowers

In Japan, the dry flower is used to arrange space is not limited to the living room, the restaurant; we will treat it as a decoration, you can see where you can, but will make the decorative effect more level and change through different display methods.

Practice 1: Cotton rope hanging

Take a cotton rope, take a small flower string (tied) and hang on the wall, self-contained a beautiful landscape.

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Or, like this owner, a lace is wrapped in dry flowers, and then use the log clip to hang the flower hanging on the cotton rope, and a little lovely breath is deeply loved.


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Practice 2: Hanging on the branch

Change the cotton rope to a tree branch (or float) and hang on the wall, instantly fluttering a touch of natural style in a moment; this method is better than using a cotton line, hook … and other tools, you can make a new breath.

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Practice 3: Use the picture frame to become decorative painting

Paste the picture directly on the wall and hang the dry bouquet, turn the decorative painting. Especially on the white wall with the log color box, and only the dry flowers will show a clean comfort.

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If it belongs to a strong sense of space, just like this arrangement, echo the black wall with a black picture frame, so that dry flowers become the focus of visual.


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Practice 4: Plug in glass vase

Insert dry flowers in a vase, is the simplest arrangement; where the transparent glass vase helps to completely show the lines of the stalks, the branches, and the decorative effect is more remarkable.

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If it is intended to arrange the corner space, especially on the ground, in addition to choosing a large vase, the size of the dry flower is bigger, it will not be ignored, effectively play the decorative function.

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Practice 5: Ceramic vase single plant

The ceramic vase refers to the style of retro style, just as shown in the picture; it is very suitable for placing the spatial space in the country style, European style, and only needs to plug in a single plant dry flower to play a beautification. Small suggestions, this kind of vase is very suitable for “eucalyptus”.


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Practice six: flat on the plate

If your wall can’t be caught, there is no good-looking vase, so simply use the tray! Moreover, different shapes, materials of materials are different; like a long tray with black gloss, create a low luxury and calm atmosphere.


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If you change the disc of the wood, you can match the lace, but there are more lovely tastes.

Practice 7: Place in Fuji basket

The natural material of the Fuji basket is very matching with dry flowers. Therefore, grab a place in the basket, you can pay a lot of the earth. If there is a basket, you may wish to hang on the wall.

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In addition to the vine basket, there is also the same effect using the straw basket; if the basket is bigger, put more embroidered balls, the decorative effect will be better.

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Practice 8: installed in a glass jar

If the bottle of the beverage is very beautiful, remember to keep it, you can use a container that places a dry flower. As shown in the picture, a colorful dry flower is placed in a cork glass jar, and it is very beautiful!

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Or, like this owner, put together with cut flowers, make space decorations more enrichment, and is also the way to welcome the housewives.

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Practices Nine: Treatment of plant specimens

Like the specimen, it is a baby oil that is modified in the transparent sealing tank, which makes the dry flowers in the cans become more influential, and is a very popular practice.

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Especially when the dry flowers float in the glass bottle, you can shake at will, which is cute and angry.

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Practice Ten: Hanging near the chandelier

Whether it is on the table, on the medlar platform, near the chandelier is suitable for hanging dry bouquets; and can take an isometric macout, presenting a regular beauty.

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When the night came, the ceiling reflected the shadow of dry flowers, and the space showed a different atmosphere.

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Dry flowers

Finally, talk about the problem of dry flowers. On the traditional concept, dry flowers are equivalent to “moon”, “wither”, and the surface presented is not good; if you care about this, try the following methods to achieve the role of avoidance.

First, put it in a well-ventilated window

Good ventilation, sunshine window, is a good place to place dry flowers; one is under the sunshine, the dry flower can present more changing gestures, and the other is flowing through the air, and the impressions are not good. Attention.

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Second, based on the orientation to choose a dry flower color

Second, it can be improved by a position. Like the North is suitable for red dry flowers, the northeast is white, yellow; as for blue, green dry flowers can plan in the southeast, and the south should be the protagonist in purple dry flowers.

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Dry flower layout,

It can also play the effect of painting dragon.


So don’t be limited by the word “dry”,

Use it, you can beautify space,

It can also extend the use period, you can get!

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