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Mountain entered U4 is a series of receiving performance, strong and durable or applied to site-on radio products.

It seems to integrate all the latest technologies, the appearance is cool, and there are many functions. Although

It is a mono radio,

But its 7 watts (4 watts of battery power supply) provide a good extension, strong sound. Below is a long functional list, including:

First, function

1. FM, medium wave and NOAA meteorological band with early warning functions (all 7 NOAA meteorological frequencies) can be received.

2, can prevocate 20 radio frequency (5 frequency modulation 1 band, 5 frequency modulation 2 band, 5 medium wave segments, 5 meteorological bands).

3, built-in Bluetooth wireless audio stream playback, with indicator – can be easily paired with NFC technology.

4, automatically search for the station (can search up or down).

5, LCD screen with backlight, easy to identify information displayed.

6, shockproof.

7, with clock, can be automatically pair by FM RBDS functionality.

8, 2 sets of alarm timers, can be set to boot up when the alarm is alarm or the radio timing.

9. You can set the volume of the alarm to start the alarm or the radio timing.

10, adjustable snoring timer.

11, adjustable sleep shutdown.

12, adjustable greedy function.

13, adjustable tuning steps.

14, bass and treble adjustment.

15, the loudness switch.

16, built-in AC power cord, easy to survive.

17. The cage box provides all-round protection.

18, IP64 certified dust-proof waterproof.

19, audio input socket (standard mini jack).

20, can be used with a normal battery or a charging battery (6-section 1 battery).

21. There is an LED indicator display when charging.


22. With a USB charging output jack (a type A USB jack, output current is 1A), can charge mobile phones or other USB devices.

23, DC power adapter socket (12V, 1.2A)


Although the mountain entered U4 has the above functions,

It is very easy to use, the power button, the sound, and the tuning frequency knob, the button of the pre-store is standard, and the silk screen is clear. Special button controls specific features,

For example: meteorological warning and a tapping timer. Other menu options have made good integration, easy to select.

For example:

The bass and treble control (+ 5 / -5) are transferred to the sound knob. The automatic search frequency function is started to press the tuning knob.

You can also manually tune the knob up, then, when you press it next time, it automatically searches frequently or down the direction … can search automatically or down the frequency is really great. I hope my car radio can also do this.

Pressing the Souce or INFO / MENU button to enter other menus.

In the boot state, press the Source button to switch between FM 1, FM 2, medium wave, meteorological band, Bluetooth, and audio input function – simple. In the shutdown state, Source can enter a variety of setup modes, such as tuning steps.


The INFO / MENU button can enter the RBDS settings and turn the loudness.


The battery compartment has a small slide switch to set U4 to use standard batteries or rechargeable batteries.

U4 is a radio with abnormal functions. It provides all the features that people can think of in this type of machine, and even beyond people’s imagination.

For example, a built-in AC power supply can be external 12V power supply, you can use a common vehicle power adapter, you can use 6 standard or rechargeable batteries, and there is a built-in charger (

Can charge charging battery on the machine – Translator’s Note)


The machine also requires a 2-section 5 battery to power the clock and frequency storage function.

Other features include: NOAA meteorological band with early warning function, USB can charge other devices, automatically set the frequency modulated RBDS function of the clock, and other common timing functions, such as alarm clock, greedy function, and even Take the function and audio input socket … This feature is still very long.

Second, meteorological warning

The following comments apply to all NOAA meteorological bands with a warning function. This is a potential to save lives. When there is a disaster weather, its value is not exaggerated. but,

Please note: When activating the warning mode, the radio is in the state of “waiting to receive” warning signal, if information is available, will inform you in the first time. In other words, the radio is actually constantly receiving the signal, and it seems to be in a shutdown state when the warning information is not arriving (in fact. “Translator Note). This means: If you have to use a warning mode for a long time, you should use an external power supply, otherwise your battery will eventually be exhausted.

As I said, this is suitable for all radios with battery, and I have not seen the relevant introduction in the instructions, so I want to mention it here.

Three, performance

U4 provides an energetic, loud voice that is perfect for large rooms, outdoor or noisy workplaces,

No matter where you use it, it’s wonderful, full of sounds can meet your taste, which is benefited from the functional diversity it has, and the simple tone control is controlled with switchable loudness control …

This is really a radio. Shanjin Company claims that this machine is super-flexible – with a cage made frame, as well as through certified dustproof, waterproof functions, I think this is actually.

The medium wave reception performance of U4 is very good, and 3.5 stars can be rated as 3.5 stars in my medium wave comprehensive evaluation system.

This means that its performance is better than many other similar radios, and its powerful medium wave reception performance and the sound of the stick make most portable radios in the market sound inexpensively.


The FM reception performance of U4 is said. In fact,

The FM performance of U4 is very excellent, and it can be rated as 4 stars in my FM comprehensive evaluation system (full score into 5 stars – translator’s note). However, it is limited to that short, 6-inch inclusive antenna,

This design is obviously durable. For radios used in harsh environments, the standard metal trolley antenna is always bent or broken. For a rough radio, this encapsulating antenna is a reasonable choice. However, the short size limits the number of radio signals it can receive. It’s not too bad … it only is not too sensitive to the wedge signal outside the city, it can be received. Fortunately,

For those who want to modify U4, better FM reception performance, the method is simple. Find a non-long, lead or 2 to 4 feet, one end with a wire with a crocodile clip, put the lead wire on the metal base of the antenna root. Another approach is to find a 2 to 4-foot wire, from 4 to 6 laps on the u4-encapsulated antenna (no need for any actual electron contact), such antenna can be the frequency modulation sensitivity of U4 To other top-level FM strong machines, and there is little cost or no cost.

If you don’t want to toss so,

You can also try to expand the AC power cord (regardless of whether you use AC power supplies, just expand) … This is also effective for lifting the sensitivity of the receiving weak signal.

However, you usually don’t have to do this unless you want to listen to those very weak signals … Most users will find: The own antenna is sufficient to cope with general FM reception.

In addition to the modified antenna, the FM rating of this machine is 4 stars, and if there is no modified antenna, the FM score is 2 stars.

There are also many places worthy of people.


It is an ideal radio in large rooms, workplace or outdoor area,


In these places, the skin is durable, and the sound is full of the most important measure. At the same time, U4 is very flexible, and there is a lot of convenient functions.

It is as strong as the same radio I have seen, it is difficult to damage. Overall, it is one of the best radios I have seen.

Recommend this machine!


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